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How to Evolve and Grow Your Culture Through Employee Recognition

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Check out the presentation slides from Future Workplace's webinar featuring Deborah Sanders, HR Strategist at Ericsson. Ericsson began their employee recognition journey in 2013 with Achievers and the rest is history.

From mobile capabilities, a referral program, social and rewards recognition, and even celebration cards, Ericsson has seen positive results when it comes to employee recognition and engagement since implementing Achievers within its organization. Their program "E-Star" has made it easier and faster for employees to recognize another for outstanding work.

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How to Evolve and Grow Your Culture Through Employee Recognition

  1. 1. More Than Social Recognition Ericsson Program How to Evolve & Grow Your Culture Through Employee recognition Deborah Sanders
  2. 2. Ericsson Internal | 2016-07-19 | Page 3 • Recognize and be recognized • Personal, team and organizational objectives • Identify and encourage high performers • Woven throughout organization • Impact customer satisfaction with engaged employees A Culture Of Recognition
  3. 3. Ericsson Internal | 2016-07-19 | Page 4 Program Objectives • Impact employee engagement • Reinforce high performance culture • Align with our values and strategy • Drive performance and behaviors • Attract and retain best talent
  4. 4. Ericsson Internal | 2016-07-19 | Page 5 Program Focus •Influence team behavior to impact business results •Make recognition easy •Showcase behaviors for career success •Impact employee motivation •Encourage team collaboration •Visibility of achievements
  5. 5. Ericsson Internal | 2016-07-19 | Page 6 Innovation Framework
  6. 6. Ericsson Internal | 2016-07-19 | Page 7 Employee Referral Program Receive an award for your successful employee referrals recognized through E-Star for helping Ericsson grow! To see all open positions, and for more information, please CLICK HERE
  7. 7. Ericsson Internal | 2016-07-19 | Page 8 Fleet Drivers are scored on metrics and recognized Incentive For Fleet Drivers
  8. 8. Ericsson Internal | 2016-07-19 | Page 9 Emergency relief Program Employees Impacted By Natural Disasters or Catastrophic Loss/Damage
  9. 9. Ericsson Internal | 2016-07-19 | Page 10 Success Story •Launched to promote Culture of Recognition •98% Employee – Manager activation •65% Awards = Social recognition •32% = Points based •Positive Employee Engagement Survey Scores •Analytics Capability
  10. 10. Ericsson Internal | 2016-07-19 | Page 11 Our Journey Continues Link Recognition to Employee Experience Promote Recognition Culture Ongoing Program Enhancements Employee Appreciation Nurture Positive Environment Build Commitment Celebration Cards Mobile Apps Spotlight Successes Align Talents & Efforts to Business Results Measure Results Strategy Link Enhance Brand
  11. 11. Ericsson Internal | 2016-07-19 | Page 12