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New Directions Impact Report 2019

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A packed report that enables New Directions to share examples of our work with a wider audience and the impact that it has upon the lives of those who we support. In this year’s report we celebrate our 69th year.

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New Directions Impact Report 2019

  1. 1. IMPACT REPORT 2019 Rugby Mayor’s Charity 2019 Community Café Independent Living Winner of Festival Of Trees 2019 New Directions Rugby Ltddirectionsdirections Charity No: 1005302
  2. 2. WELCOME FROM OUR CEO OUR MISSION Paul Tolley Supporting people to: • Make their own choices • Improve health and wellbeing • Engage with the local community • Increase independence and daily living skills • Improve their quality of life Number of people using our services every day 160 It has been a great honour to take over as Chief Executive Officer at New Directions and build upon the work and achievements of this fantastic local charity. I am bursting with pride over the work that we carry out here on a daily basis. I am also critically aware that we need to share examples of our work with a wider audience and the impact that it has upon the lives of those who we support. In this year’s report we celebrate our 69th year. Our history is exciting, our growth and innovation has led to us not just being a high quality social care provider but also becoming a significant employer within Rugby with over 163 staff supporting 160 people with a diverse range of support needs. From respite to supported living, from day opportunities to employment support, from transition support to end of life care, here at New Directions our staff and all of our services have one thing in common - they all go above and beyond to make sure that we provide the highest quality person-centred support. In the last year we have launched our modern facility ‘Kings Court’ comprised of 13 one bedroom apartments, which are making a huge difference to people’s lives, increasing their levels of independence and helping the people we support to fully engage in the local vibrant community that Rugby has to offer. Kings Court is now full and inside this report you will get a glimpse of the journeys that people have been on to increase their skills, networks, connections and independence but most importantly to have fun! Our future is even brighter, in the coming year we will be opening Queens Court, which will provide a further 15 one bedroom independent living apartments in the heart of Rugby. I would like to thank all of our staff and volunteers for the incredible work they do, they are passionate about supporting and empowering people to be as independent as possible to lead full and active lives. I would also like to thank all of our funders, partners and donors who have made the work we have carried out in the last year possible.
  3. 3. We provide holistic services where people with diverse disabilities can access the services they need when and where they need it. If people’s needs change, we respond by giving more or less support as they require it. People are supported to visit their friends and attend events in any service and we welcome their families and friends to get actively involved in our services too. THE NEW DIRECTIONS DIFFERENCE Luca has been with us for several months and has reduced the amount of support he needs dramatically as his independence has grown. Luca said, “I enjoy living on my own and having my own space and being independent with my own things” Susie is supported in her own home and various services at New Directions. She once lived in one of our residential homes and is now thriving living independently. Susie enjoys spending time with her father, which we support her todo,andhasbeenattending our day opportunities service for many years. Susie has made friends and visits Poppy Place regularly, especially when they have a visit from farm animals. Number of locations support is provided 12 Susie benefits from several of our services
  4. 4. New Directions currently provides the following services and accommodation in Rugby Residential Services Poppy Place: A registered residential home for 7 people Vicarage Road:A registered residential home for 6 people Supported Living Services Gateway Court: A supported housing scheme of one and two bedroom homes for 20 people with communal space/gardens Richmond Court: A supported housing scheme of 11 one bedroom flats with a communal room/gardens Lennon Court: A supported housing scheme of one and two bedroom homes for 11 people Kings Court: A supported housing scheme of 13 one bedroom flats 27A: A supported living flat for three people 27B: A supported living flat for two people Individual Flats: Two separate flats in the community for three individuals who live on their own with staff support Respite Services Milner House: A registered respite/short stay and transition service for up to 3 people at a time, with currently 35 people using the service. Community Choices Network Day Opportunities Service: A day opportunities and activities service currently supporting 45 people in our venue at the Exchange and in the community. We also have a community allotment and community cafe Community Venues The Exchange: Modern ground floor community space, with rooms for hire in the evenings and weekends Head Office: Conference room and formal meeting room Coming soon! Queens Court A supported housing scheme of 15 one bedroom flats CURRENT SERVICES
  5. 5. We supported Kyle this year to achieve his goals. He has been on holiday, attended music concerts, been on various day trips and enjoyed what the local town centre has to offer. Kyle is developing his cooking skills at home and likes to socialise with his friends. Kathy enjoys swimming. She has been working to reduce the swimming aids and is training to receive her ‘Alpha Award’ at The Jubilee Centre for sports in Rugby. With assurance and support she is succeeding and can now swim for 10 minutes and float. OUR VALUES * CHOICE * INDEPENDENCE * EQUALITY Hayley has learned about “Health and Safety” and good hand hygiene for her Volunteer role at Moriarty’s Café. She has gained confidence through meeting and greeting customers. Her improved confidence is helping her in other areas of her life, including taking part in the dance group at our day opportunities service. Hayley Kyle This year Tina has raised vital funds for MacMillan Cancer Support by opting to go for an extreme buzz cut at a local hairdresser. Tina Kathy Tina said, “I have never done anything like this before and I wanted to do something for a good cause.”
  6. 6. MAYOR’S CHARITY 2019-20 THANK YOU TO OUR PARTNERS New Directions is very pleased to have been selected as one of three mayoral charities for 2019-20 along with Rugby Autism Network and Rugby Dementia Support. Cllr Bill Lewis chose ‘Respect’ as his theme for his year in office; respect for each other, where we live and the environment we share. The Mayor of Rugby visited Gateway Court to listen to St. Marie’s School Choir singing Christmas carols for people we support and staff in 2019. It was a fabulous event enjoyed by everyone who took part including members of the audience who were singing along. • iForce (Part of Eddie Stobart Logistics) • Futures Unlocked • Rugby Library and Museum • Overslade Care Home • Wellingtons Nursery • Rugby College • Rugby School • Rokeby Primary School • The Prince’s Trust • Benn Partnership • National Citizen Service • Safe and Well • Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service • First Response Team • British Red Cross • Ian King - Design Out Crime Officer • Pawprints • Community Nurses iForce (Chose New Directions as their charity of the year) NCS The Challenge (Promotion and Fundraising)
  7. 7. SUPPORTIVE ACCOMMODATION For more information about all our services Tel: 01788 573318 Email: admin@newdirectionsrugby.org.uk We enable people to live in their homes, choosing the support they need, where and when they want it. We support people in accommodation suited to their needs to access opportunities, resources and the local community, whether they are developing or regaining their independence. Richmond Court The perfect balance between a traditional and modern setting and situated on the edge of the town centre. Living in these self-contained flats offers easy access to all of the amenities that Rugby has to offer. Kings Court Self-contained one bedroomed flats for people who require supported living. Situated in a prime location near the town centre and local amenities, with bus routes and Rugby train station close by. Gateway Court A complex of purpose built houses and flats providing people with their own ‘front door’ in a homely setting. With its sense of community, Gateway Court enables people to live the life they choose. Poppy Place This beautiful residential facility was specifically designed by architects to support people with increasing or higher support needs. Our residents are encouraged to continue to live as independently as possible as their physical or mental health needs increase.
  8. 8. INDEPENDENT LIVING Harry moved from his family home into his supported living home in 2018. “I’m living the dream. I never used to admit I had difficulties, you know what, but I think I’m a lot more independent since I’ve lived here! It’s been a rollercoaster year it has for me - it’s been fantastic, my life has been more opened up. I’ve met a lot more friends. I like my freedom best” Kelly’s needs changed in 2019 so she moved from her own home into one of our supported living flats. She has made good friends and has settled in well. Kelly said, “The staff are very good and help me a lot. I like to go into town, it’s near. I really liked going to the theatre and going to places to eat too.” We believe that people have the right to choose how they live their lives. Many people choose to make a bold statement with a tattoo. Seb who lives in one of our supported living flats chose to take the plunge. Seb said, “Being independent makes me feel more confident about making decisions in all aspects of my life.” For more information about our Supported Living services Tel: 01788 573318 Email: admin@newdirectionsrugby.org.uk Kelly (left) celebrating her 60th birthday with her sister Tracy
  9. 9. FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS 65 Number of people living in our supported living homes 15 Number of new homes coming in 2020 Rose took a day trip to London and enjoyed herself so much she decided to stay for five days! Rose had a fabulous time. She went shopping, sightseeing and went to a show. Rose is looking forward to more trips away in the future. After the great success of Kings Court we are pleased to announce the opening of Queens Court in April 2020. This accommodation complex has 15 self-contained flats and is based in the town centre. Our waiting list for these apartments is growing and is a testament to the continuing need for our modern, person-centred living accommodation. FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS
  10. 10. DAY OPPORTUNITIES AND SKILLS Katharine wanted to create posts on her blog independently. She says, “I enjoy learning new skills on the computer and choosing what I want to write about. I can now save pictures and I can also follow the steps to save with support.” Katharine is also learning about money and would like to work in a shop. She says, “I am learning about coins and counting. I can count up to twenty and use counting songs.”gs.” Working with numbers, fractions, weights and measures make some everyday tasks much easier for Rose, Michelle, Tracy, Fiona and Bob. They all enjoy cooking as part of Cooking Group at Community Choices Network. Katharine Michael says about learning photography, “I will have an album to display my photos soon. This will show my style and my understanding of photography as I progress. I will be able to show my skills of focus, editing and display images” 58 For more information about Community Choices Network Tel: 01788 577586 Email: ccn@newdirectionsrugby.org.uk Finding practical uses for fractions Weekly activity sessions delivered at our day opportunities service
  11. 11. When did you start volunteering? I started volunteering for New Directions in January 2015 and I work alongside the Admin Team in Reception. What do you do? I empty files, do the shredding, empty bins and recycling, check first aid boxes, hand out the post and print from the computer. What do you like about volunteering? Everything, I love it! Why did you start volunteering? I want to help the Admin Team with the work. My dream job is to work in an office and I’m getting experience to boost up my skills. What do you like about volunteering? Getting the experience. What do you want to learn? Making spreadsheets, filing, shredding, computer skills, sending emails and using the phone. Mark said, “I volunteer at Poppy Place making tea and coffee and doing some gardening. I am also the Archiving Volunteer at Head Office for 2 hours a week. I help put together the history of New Directions. I really enjoy my role and being part of the Admin Team on a Wednesday afternoon. I have also learnt a lot.” Bobsays,“Ilike helping New Directions. I keep going at the allotment. I enjoy it and I see the plants grow. I like Poppy Place helping. I have learned about the charity and see everything on the Facebook page too. It makes me happy. I enjoy it. There is a lot to do. I can help.” PEOPLE WE SUPPORT WHO SUPPORT US Kelsey (Volunteer Administrator) Paul (Volunteer Administrator) Mark (Volunteer Archivist) Bob (Volunteer) Number of people we support in paid work or volunteering 23
  12. 12. MILNER HOUSE HELPS TRANSITION Chris is really enjoying his new home. He gained the daily living skills he needs through sessions at Milner House. Lucy has been working on healthy eating planning with the staff team when she stays at Milner House. This includes choosing the healthy option and being involved in the making of the meal. Lucy is also supported to include exercise in her daily routine by walking, swimming and attending Zumba classes. Jason has been working on developing his cleaning skills at Milner House; mopping the floors in the kitchen and bathrooms, emptying the dishwasher, washing up, cleaning the surfaces in the kitchen. Jason was also particularly keen to learn how to change his duvet cover. Lucy Jason For more information about our respite services at Milner House Tel: 01788 878914 Email: admin@newdirectionsrugby.org.uk Chris moves on from respite to his own home in supported living Chris said, “I feel a lot more free, I can come and go as I please and I’m much more happy. I’m learning how to cook and lock the doors. I can go to the gigs a lot more because I dont have to get the taxi.” Families received a break from caring 30
  13. 13. RESIDENCY WITH US Denise said, “I like to make cakes and apple crumble with help. The panto that visited us was good. My brother saw it too and he enjoyed it.” Ian at MCM Comicon Maureen and Trevor at Gateway Club Denise in the community Art therapy with Paint and Glaze Good rating in all our CQC reports 100% The people we support are at the heart of what we do. In our residential homes we go the extra mile to enable people to have an active life and do the things they enjoy. We enable people to go on holiday, attend events and be part of the community. Many of our residents take part in ‘Rugby Gateway Club’ events where they meet friends and socialise. This year we have provided activities within our residential services including Paint and Glaze workshops and pantomimes. For more information about our residential services Tel: 01788 544624 Email: admin@newdirectionsrugby.org.uk
  14. 14. COMMUNITY INCLUSION Every individual is supported to live their life to the fullest in the local community. Key to the success of this are the partnerships and connections that we have developed over many years with a whole host of local businesses, employers and companies across Rugby who are making their services not only accessible but inclusive. Sophie has moved out of Richmond Court into her new supported living flat where she is really gaining her confidence. She used to only go into the community with support but her mindset has changed along with her home environment. The people she lives with have influenced her to take the extra step and she now whizzes around the town on her own without support. Sophie Judith, Linda and Sam enjoy a break and have become regulars in our local cafés
  15. 15. SUPPORTING FAMILIES “We are all delighted how Leanne has settled in, this is entirely due to the amazing support she received from all the staff at New Directions, nothing is too much trouble and her lifestyle is now so much richer, rewarding and fulfilling. Knowing Leanne is happy, healthy and safe is a transformational and priceless benefit to her friends and family. The whole process towards independent living went very smoothly. Even when there have been minor hiccups they were dealt with so professionally by the New Directions team that it has significantly increased Leanne’s confidence and our peace of mind.” Martin - Leanne’s father For more information about how we support families and carers Tel: 01788 573318 Email: admin@newdirectionsrugby.org.uk “I am really happy with how Trevor has settled in to his new home. The support he has received is good and he seems really happy. I am very pleased. When Trevor’s brother Keith passed away New Directions helped with the funeral. This stopped me from having any worry.” Thelma - Trevor and Keith’s mother Trevor and Keith’s Family Leanne’s Family Jennifer’s Family “Since moving to her new home with the support of the New Directions team, Jennifer has tried really hard towards improving her life skills. She is relishing ‘living like an adult’ away from the family home. Given Jennifer’s ongoing needs, this opportunity would absolutely not be possible without the reliable and regular daily support from the New Directions team. Jennifer absolutely loves being able to have ‘her own place’ and feels it puts her on a par with her siblings.” Suzanna - Jennifer’s sister
  16. 16. PICTURE HIGHLIGHTS Day trip to Weston-super-Mare (Summer 2019) Animal Encounters (Overslade Care Home) St. Marie’s School Choir (Christmas 2019) Winner of Festival of Trees (St. Andrew’s Church 2019)Books Beyond Words (Rugby Library and Museum)
  17. 17. Number of new staff49 training courses 1,127 We provided Formal qualifications achieved or in progress by our staff 8 Number of staff 163 31 6 INCREASING OUR WORKFORCE Ben (Delivery Service) Ben moved in to his Supported Living home this year. He set up his own delivery service for us where he would come to Head Office, collect the post and deliver it to all our services. This had been his goal since transitioning to Supported Living. As you can see from the picture he even had his own uniform for his Delivery Service. Ben is happier in his own environment and has styled his own flat with everything that defines his personality. Whilst his independence skills are expanding alongside the support he wants, he is developing his confidence and enjoying his own company. ENCOURAGING GREAT IDEAS
  18. 18. FOND FAREWELLS We enhance the lives of people we support from the age of 16 to the end of their life. We know that death is a natural process and provide palliative care in people’s homes. We also provide bereavement support for those who need it after someone has passed away. We said farewell to four of our longest standing residents. Ernie, John, Tony and Keith hold a special place in all our hearts and we will remember them fondly, celebrating the times we spent with them. John was well known in Rugby for many years. He would stand at the top of Bilton Road watching the traffic and telling anyone off who went through an amber light. Ernielovedtosocialiseandthoroughly enjoyed parties and music. He loved to play the ‘bones’ at any occasion and didn’t mind if he was in tune or not. Ernie John Tony loved animals and enjoyed it when people brought their pets in to see him. He was a quiet, gentle man who had a love of all things Disney. Tony Keith Keith enjoyed socialising and had a warm personality. He loved planes, liked to watch air displays and visit museums. Keith enjoyed his real flying experiences.
  19. 19. LOOKING AHEAD New Directions Rugby Ltd newdirectionsrugbyltd @CeoRugby New Directions Rugby Ltd The future for the charity is certainly bright. Social care is a vital, challenging and rewarding sector and we want to increase our range of partnerships with local businesses, charities and statutory organisations seeking to increase the independence of those who need support to live independently. 2019 has seen New Directions recognised as one of the Mayor of Rugby’s official charities. This has been a huge benefit to us, both in terms of fundraising and increasing our visibility as a local charity. At New Directions, just like any other Health and Social Care provider, we put measures in place to protect the health and wellbeing of those who we support and our staff in light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As the pandemic progresses we will continue to implement each section of our flexible response plan as appropriate - keeping life as normal as possible for the people who we support. We are also preparing for our 70th year celebrations in 2021 and are very eager to make it a bumper year for the charity. If you think you could help us to increase our impact even further, perhaps as a potential partner organisation, company, trustee, fundraiser or volunteer, we would love to hear from you. • Fundraise for us • Collaborate in partnership • Volunteer • Apply to join our team Tel: 01788 573318 Email: admin@newdirectionsrugby.org.uk www.newdirectionsrugby.org.uk directionsdirections Work with us
  20. 20. directionsdirections Charity No: 1005302 New Directions Rugby Ltd 27 Bilton Road Rugby, Warwickshire CV22 7AN Tel: 01788 573318 Email: admin@newdirectionsrugby.org.uk * CHOICE * INDEPENDENCE * EQUALITY *