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  1. Management V.S Leadership
  2. 1 The Leader The Manager Which is more important? What are the key skills of each type?
  3. 2 Manage things & Lead people
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  7. 6  Leadership role: applies to people by provide inspiration, create opportunities, energize people, and make key choices ; sending a value standard messages to people which they then follow or use. If you want to lead employees to very high performance, treat them with great respect and not like robots, thus leading them to treat their work, their customers, each other and their bosses with great respect.  Management role: is how to (planning, organizing, directing, reporting, budgeting…). Actually it is focused on effective deployment of resources, systems, and processes, to make things happen and keep work on track; to supervise endless details and engage in complex interactions that are routinely part of any development...
  8. 7 Management Leadership Based on facts Based on ideas Finds answers Rises questions Solves problems Creates challenges Learns via training Learns through experience Tactical, short-term horizon Strategic, long-term perspective Goal orientation Feeds the imagination Narrow and more limited Seeks alternatives Running an organization inspiring people to run an organization
  9. 8 Leadership Skills Motivation Recognition Coaching Rewarding Counseling Creating Management Skills Territory management Budgeting Sales meetings Performance evaluation Recruiting/selecting Training Record-keeping Time management People Skills Verbal & non-verbal communication skills Relationship skills
  10. 9 Subject Manager Leader Acting Doing things right Doing right things Essence Stability Change Focus Managing work Leading people Seeks Objectives Vision Approach Plans detail Sets direction Decision Makes Facilitates Power Formal authority Personal charisma Appeal to Head Heart Energy Control Passion Persuasion Tell Sell Likes Action Striving Wants Results Achievement Conflict Avoids Uses Direction Existing roads New roads Truth Establishes Seeks
  11. 10 Leaders Synergy Managers Provide Vision  Empowerment  Provide resources Seeks Opportunities  Achievements  Reduce Risks Inspire  Teamwork  Coordinate Creativity  Innovation  Provide Structure Do Right Things  Effectiveness  Do Things Right
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  13. 12 Values Ability Motivation Communication Mission Vision Goals Team- building Creati- vity Ethical Decision- making Diversity Mgmt. Communication is the bridge between effective management and leadership Business Functional Areas
  14. 13  Key concept:  Management is working in the system, leadership is working on the system.  Managers gain authority by position, leaders gain it by influence & character.  Every manager should be a leader, and every leader must know management.  Both Leadership and Management Functions are important to maximize the opportunities for success.
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  1. You need both. The old proverb says that leadership is doing the right thing; management is doing things right. The difference between the two is not as sharp as the saying would suggest, and both are required for effective corporate growth: leadership risk creates opportunities while management strictness turns them into tangible results.