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Application Insights - Real time telemetry for your cross platform applications

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Using Application Insights across various platforms including Web, Universal Windows Platform and other mobile platform such as Android / iOS Apps. Identifying and Solving real time problems with Application Insights. How to leverage the data from App Insights to Power BI for better data driven decision.

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Application Insights - Real time telemetry for your cross platform applications

  1. 1. Real Time Telemetry for your Cross Platform Applications Abhijit Jana Consultant, Microsoft
  2. 2. Agenda • Understand the importance of collecting Telemetry data • Getting started with Application Insights • Leverage Application Insights across various platforms • Identifying and Solving real time problems with Application Insights • Monitor and analyze the telemetry data
  3. 3. Why collecting Telemetry data is important ? Development Operations • Understand how the app is doing • Understand your app usages. • Identifying the app crashes • Debug and fix production problems first. • Analysis the data to understand your end users • Plan for improvements • Make an impact
  4. 4. Introducing Application Insights Detect Issue Quick Diagnose Fix the Problem Understand the Usages Continuously Improve Provide a powerful insights view of your App Collect Telemetry Data Store and Process the Data • It’s Fast • Configuration is very easy • 3600 View • Powerful Insights • Data driven built in analytics • Powerful diagnostics and usage insights • Lots of tooling support for Visual Studio 2015 • Out of box experience
  5. 5. Summarize – Application Insights Performing Available Succeeding
  6. 6. Platform Supports - Application Insights Web Apps Mobile Apps Services Open Source ASP.NET , ASP.NET MVC , Universal Windows Apps, Mobile Apps , JAVA / J2EE, iOS, Android, Node.Js, Ruby, Python …
  7. 7. Recap • Powerful and easy way to track the application availability, performance •Monitor and analyze the telemetry data to understand your customer better •Identify crashes, exception, dependency failure faster than ever. •Resolve problem faster •It’s Fast •Configuration is very easy •Support ‘almost’ any app & services Collect The Telemetry Data Triage and Resolve Problem Faster Built in Analytics & Powerful insights Data Driven Decision
  8. 8. References Related references for you to expand your knowledge on the subject • https://azure.microsoft.com/en-in/documentation/articles/app-insights-get-started/ • http://abhijan.me/appinsightstips technet.microsoft.com/en-in aka.ms/mva msdn.microsoft.com/ Developer Network
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