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Andalusia Healthcare Marketing Strategy

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Hospital marketing made easy
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Andalusia Healthcare Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. ANDALUSIA MARKETING PLAN 2018 2/19/2018 tantawy 1
  2. 2. Healthcare Marketing What is healthcare marketing Health care marketing is about creating trust between the us direct consumer. 2/19/2018 tantawy 2
  3. 3. Healthcare Marketing What is healthcare marketing Health care marketing is about creating trust between the us direct consumer. Building trust Core elements Technology: building on our CAPEX Professional: building on our doctors, exclusive and VD Knowledge: by knowledge transfer, awareness campaign and education 2/19/2018 tantawy 3
  4. 4. Health care patient journey 2/19/2018 tantawy 4
  5. 5. Lead journey 2/19/2018 tantawy 5
  6. 6. Marketing MIX 2/19/2018 tantawy 6 Product: multiple specialty healthcare service and hiring the best doctors and communicated the VD programs. Focusing on critical specialty as cardiology and transplantation. Price: busy market makes it harder to use penetrating pricing strategy, using value based pricing building on aftercare service and premium treatment. People: Internal and external, organization culture, customer service orientation. All should match the bench mark in to match our positioning as a premium healthcare provider Physical evidence: CAPEX and internal branding Process: service delivery quality, introducing loyalty and care programs to elevate the image. Promotion: targeting consumer perception about our services/brand maintaining top of consumer mind with consistence communication.
  8. 8. Current Online Voice and Reviews 400K Likes and Followers
  9. 9. Current Online Voice and Reviews Speedy Response Rates
  11. 11. Target Audience Patients of Class A/B • 32% of total internet users in Egypt use connection to get information related to health issues . • 95% of Egyptians prefer Arabic as the language of choice when browsing online material.
  12. 12. Our TA at a glance Ages 18 - 29 Ages 30 - 49 Ages 50 - 64 Ages 65+ On Facebook, 87% of this age group is present, which grew by a modest 3% from 2013. When it comes time to tweet and #hashtageverything, They are the leader on LinkedIn at 31%, up 4% from 2013 Instagram trends are interesting as usage increased significantly over the past year and is especially popular with this group The age group of 50 to 64 year olds are coming around to social media and technology, with some platforms reflecting this more quickly than others. For example, they only make up 12% of Twitter users, and 12% of Instagram users however, 63% are active on Facebook. Similar to the other age groups, those 65 and older are participating most often on Facebook with a 56% usage rate. What is different is they had the largest increase in Facebook usage at 11%. While the lower aged groups have slowed or dropped off Facebook, this group is growing in usage. This age group also uses social media at high rates as well, coming in second behind the 18-29 age groups in all areas except LinkedIn. Younger age groups are more likely to Post or Share content than to Like or Comment, whereas the reverse is true for older cohorts — on the basis of both daily and weekly reach.
  13. 13. Healthcare benchmarking According to Hubspot’s 2015 Report: The average number of posts published per week on all platforms in the healthcare industry is 7.68 posts. Currently we post about 70 post/ month Hence we should never do less than 8 to achieve a strong online presence.
  14. 14. What Others Do - Cairo • Al – Salam Hospital: No online presence. • Dar Al- Fouad Hospital: 100K Likes and Followers
  15. 15. What Others Do - Cairo • Saudi German Hospital: 130K Likes and Followers
  16. 16. Digital marketing situation 0 20 40 60 80 100 Fans Own Posts Interactions TotalInteraction Rate Fans Change Rate Vezeeta.com ‫ﺃﻧﺩﻟﺳﻳﺔ‬ ‫ﻣﺳﺗﺷﻔﻳﺎﺕ‬- Andalusia Hospitals Saudi German Hospital - Cairo Dar Al Fouad Hospital name interactionR ate Vezeeta.com 0.002248 ‫ﺃﻧﺩﻟﺳﻳﺔ‬ ‫ﻣﺳﺗﺷﻔﻳﺎﺕ‬-Andalusia Hospitals 0.00084 Saudi German Hospital - Cairo 0.001012 Dar Al Fouad Hospital 0.01414 2/19/2018 tantawy 17
  17. 17. Conversation status 2/19/2018 tantawy 18 BU Reach Spent $ Spent L.E Social Leads Web/app Total Leads Web/app Total 4,307,971.00 4,920.69 88,572.42 1257 7186 8443 7186 CPL 70.46 10.49 Visiting Program Total Received Data Waiting Leads Outbound Calls Conversion rate % Total Revenue Revenue / Call Actual 2397 0 2397 7% 5,475 2 Target 2,100 0 2,100 15% 157,500 75 Achevement 114% 0% 114% 43% 3% 3% social Actual 798 0 798 5.2% 10,535 17 Target 1,548 0 1,548 10% 37,062 24 Achevement 52% 0% 52% 52% 28% 71% Digital Marketing Mobile App & Website Total Received Data Waiting Leads Outbound Calls Conversion rate % Total Revenue Revenue / Call Actual 3223 0 3223 33% 372,062 120 Target 3,879 0 3,879 35% 325,047 84 Achevement 83% 0% 83% 93% 114% 144% Community Marketing Leads Total Received Data Waiting Leads Outbound Calls Conversion rate % Total Revenue Revenue / Call Actual 236 0 236 0.5% 70 0 Target 2,000 0 2,000 1% 6,900 3 Achevement 12% 0% 12% 45% 1% 9%
  18. 18. Feb digital ROI 2/19/2018 tantawy 19 Targeted Audience Targeted Leads Cost / Lead Budget Targeted Confirmed Conversion Rate Value 3,025,000.00 9,598.00 7.00 140,000.00 2,939.51 30% 719,850 social Digital Total Actual CPL 70 12 10.00 convertion rate 6% 33% 28.95% contribution 15% 85% 100% volume 2100 11900 14000 Value 31,500 981,750 1,013,250 CPV 7.2375 cost % 14% Very expensive post per one
  19. 19. Conclusion • Andalusia Hospitals have the strongest online presence among other more well known hospitals. • However, Andalusia name is not well known, the reviews are mostly negative about the healthcare service and the campaigns is almost done in the same informative way.
  20. 20. OBJECTIVES 2/19/2018 tantawy 22
  21. 21. Andalusia Strategic Objectives This image cannot currently be displayed. As mentioned on the corporate’s website
  22. 22. 2018 Objectives • Raise Andalusia Brand Awareness. • Elevate brand image • Raise Educational Awareness in an entertaining and engaging way. • Achieve higher conversion rates – higher number of FB page visitors convert to patients. • Increase engagement through increased shares and tags. • Increase Recommendations and referrals We need to position Andalusia Group as the healthcare awareness online ambassador to its patients.
  23. 23. 2018 Objectives Aligning business goals with Marketing Goals Business goals Social Goals Brand awareness Reach Positing Consumption word of mouth Share, like, re-tweets Leads Actions Sales Conversation
  24. 24. STRATEGY
  25. 25. Campaign type Branding campaigns Awareness campaigns Specialty campaigns 2/19/2018 tantawy 27 Outdoors Radio Social Digital Radio Social Digital Blogs events Social Events Communicationchannel
  26. 26. 2/19/2018 tantawy 28
  27. 27. Brand architecture Andalusia Group Healthcare General Hospitals Clinic Specialized Dental Derma (women health) Kids Health related Pharmacy Laps Non health related Events IT HR Restaurants 2/19/2018 tantawy 29
  28. 28. Content • Content types as below: 2/19/2018 tantawy 30 Branding content • (descripting the main trust pillars) Awareness content: • depends ion seasonality and international days to create awareness campaign matches the specialty we are focusing on Specialty campaign • based on specialty situation needs
  29. 29. 2018 Tactics - Branding • In addition to Andalusia Group Logo there has to be an Andalusia Group Slogan. • Each healthcare utility (hospital/Polyclinic/Dental clinic) will have its own color code to be implemented in design in order to facilitate use experience.
  30. 30. 2018 Tactics - Posts • In addition to our existing posts types we need to add the following: 1. Teasing and Revealing Posts. 2. GIFs. 3. Online Games competitions with offers to increase engagement. 4. Successful Case Studies/Success Stories. 5. Someone was in your shoes (‫ﻣﻛﺎﻧﻙ‬ ‫ﺣﺩ‬ ‫ﻓﻰ‬ ‫.)ﻛﺎﻥ‬ Where previously treated patients offer tips and advices and share experiences with new patients. 6. Connect with the experts. Every month the medical experts offer 1 hr every 2 weeks of live chat with the visitors to answer their questions. 7. “A day in the life of Dr. “ – sneak peek into the Dr’s hospital routine.
  31. 31. 2018 Tactics - Posts • In addition to our existing posts types we need to add the following: 8. Info graphics 9. Graphics 10. Quote Cards 11. How Tos – eat healthy, stay fit, etc.. In simple easy ways. 12. We dare you/ Andalusia Betet7adak Photo competition with a different theme every month based on a different specialty. 13. Blog with articles written weekly to educate patients. • In the beginning we could start by topics of our choosing. • Then we could ask the audience what do they need to know more and we write about it in a creative and engaging way. 14. Online Community.
  32. 32. Digital Media type Own media Earn media 2/19/2018 tantawy 34 Website Blogs articals Social media
  33. 33. MARKETING PLAN 1. Business Objectives What company want to achieve 2. Marketing Priorities The top area of focus for marketing leadership 3. Marketing Goals What marketing will contribute to business objectives 4. Key Actions How the marketing strategy will be executed 5. Dependencies and Risks What must be addressed for the strategy to work. 2/19/2018 tantawy 35
  34. 34. 1. Business Objectives Brand equity Market Penetration Specialty focus Elevate brand equity and become in the top of consumer mind as a leading heath care organization. Fixing the current image Using our diversified services, aim to penetrate the market using our core trust factors Targeting the right consumer using the right channels generating an effective lead generating tools. 2/19/2018 tantawy 36
  35. 35. 2. Marketing Priorities Brand equity Market Penetration Speciality focus Marketing task Priorities Marketing task Priorities Marketing task Priorities brand development high Care program medium Speciality campaings medium Welcome Program high Recruitment of new users high loyality program medium 2/19/2018 tantawy 37
  36. 36. MARKETING GOALS 2/19/2018 tantawy 38
  37. 37. 3. Marketing Goals Objective Marketing task Impact Output Activity Readiness Brand equity brand development improve brand image and perception in consumer mind, recruiting new consumer from current target segment OPD rate increase positive perception - Brand Identity - Positioning (TRUST) - Branding campaign ready: Strategy, plan Not ready: creative Welcome Program organization awareness directed to new and current customer, clarify or heritage and core trust elements custamized (PER SPECIALITY) welcome program to be shared with targeted users via CRM and throw marketing campaign - CRM awarness campaign - recorded massage - videos and inforgraphs Ready: platforms not ready; materials, specialty welcome program 2/19/2018 tantawy 39
  38. 38. 3. Marketing Goals Objective Marketing task Impact Output Activity Readiness Market Penetration Care program increase consumer loyality and ensue the appropriate follow up in post care phase - cross sales - create advocate - increase retention - follow up card - follow up by speciality ready: patient journey Recruitment of new users as a health care service, experience is the most effective way to recruit new users. improve sales, recruit new consumers, speciality awarness, elevate brand image. - Road Show activity - internal and external event Ready: event teams, activity plan 2/19/2018 tantawy 40
  39. 39. 3. Marketing Goals Objective Marketing task Impact Output Activity Readiness Speciality focus Speciality campaings increase our chances to reach effective leads by targeting the consumer in the right place - OPD volume - referrals - recruite new users - speciality analysis - speciality campaigns - digital CRM - pro-concertion team Ready; cairo proconverstion team. Not ready; speciality analysis, speciality campaign loyality program maintaing the current consumer in the care loop by continmasly communicating the sercives and extra value per visit ( cash discout in not recommended) value added program and communication platform, creating +vs word of mouth, cross selling - CRM platform - engaging channnls (blogs) - Ready; CRM team. Loyalty program - not ready: communication platform 2/19/2018 tantawy 41
  40. 40. KEY CAMPAIGNS Branding campaign ( mass comm.) Awareness campaigns (events / training based) Specialty campaign (digital monitoring) 2/19/2018 tantawy 42
  41. 41. ACTION PLAN
  42. 42. 2018 Plan Phases/Quarter Jan DecFeb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4Phase I Phase II Phase III Phase IV Branding /awarness • Outdoor Teasing and Revealing Campaign. • On ground Service Improvement in all hospital facilities. • Online Teasing and Revealing Campaign matching with the Outdoor Campaign Re-inforcing and Retaining • Building brand loyalty from old customers through offers and sharing with them the feel of partnership. • Maintain online content with on-going amendments. • Driving online users to on ground hospitals and retaining current customers. Word-of-mouth driven customer acquisition • Building customer trust through sharing customers reviews and successful treatment journeys with Andalusia. Informing & Engaging • Informative and Engaging content in a creative way regarding many medical topics. • Competitions. • Driving online users to on ground hospitals and retaining current customers.
  43. 43. Branding campaign Campaign name your trus in its place Type branding campaign objective organization branding Duration Q1 Q3 Q2 Q4 Main Specialty Segment channel Task Definition Message Venue Budget OPD all Digital Ad word targeting healthcare heywords your trus in its place All unit 80,000.00 IPD Social hospital recognition, service awareness your trus in its place 200,000.00 Lap Roadshows awarness about health your trus in its place 40,000.00 Event awarness about health your trus in its place 60,000.00 Outdoors branding your trus in its place 1,400,000.00 Radio branding your trus in its place 360,000.00 SMS branding your trus in its place 1,200.00 2,141,200.00 2/19/2018 tantawy 45
  44. 44. DEPENDENCIES AND RISKS 2/19/2018 tantawy 46
  45. 45. Dependencies and Risks Dependencies: - Specialty analysis - Cross departmental cooperation Risks - Competitors actions - Team misplace - Unqualified caliber - Subjective evaluation and KPI 2/19/2018 tantawy 47
  46. 46. THANKS Tantawy Special thanks to digital and content team 2/19/2018 tantawy 48