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  1. Dream furniture Inc.
  2. History of Dream Inc. Dream furniture, Inc. is a United kingdom brand Manufactures smart furniture, tables, beds, chairs and much more A broad range of different sizes The only smart furniture maker with manufacturing presence in the Uk
  3. History:  The first Dreams store opened in 1987, in Uxbridge  today there are 170 stores nationwide  The company has its own purpose-designed mattress factory  currently employs around 1,500 people, across a network of retail showrooms  The head office, known as Bedquarters, is located in High Wycombe, England
  4. Dream furniture website
  5. The Brand and The Products furniture mattresses beds chairs tables
  6. Product description • When it comes time to buy new office furniture to furnish a new office or re-furnish an old office, you're the best judge of what will work well for you. You know what you need to make your office complete. dream Furniture provides high quality office furniture and help you to make an informed choice • Along with this now families are moving towards the smart furniture and a modern looking furniture and the dream furniture exactly provides what people need, • It also produces on consumer’s demand. • It is based on customization as well.
  7. Products :
  8. Strengths:  Value added (smart) furniture which is completely new in the local markets.  Multifunctional use age of products.  Transportable and relocate able as whole  Fully equipped and compact furniture.  Lower prices than competitors.
  9. Strengths ( continue):  Suppliers of raw materials are available.  Customized and designed furniture.  Availability of wood seasoning tools.  Online buying service.  Mattresses are available
  10. Weakness:  Fluctuating prices of raw materials  Constraint of technology.  Time taken for manufacturing customized furniture is long.
  11. Opportunity:  Trend of living in flats is increasing and people are looking for cheap living solutions.  Technical up gradation for example inducing the RFI technology in the furniture.  International exhibitions.  Income of middle class id rising.  Furniture design centers.
  12. Threats  High cost of raw materials.  Changes in the economic conditions like increase in the rate of inflation.  Import of low price articles from China and India.  Networking and linkages of cluster players of this market.
  13. Dream furniture:  Operating in the furniture industry, has acted as an innovative institution, sensitive to the environment in the national and international competition environment and globalizing world.  Our environmental wastes continuously, working with continuous improvement philosophy as per the legal laws and regulations, documenting all our activities and sharing the same with our society.  Company has adopted the basic policy of meeting customer requirements in an economic, well qualified, secure and timely manner
  14. Segment • flats • bungalows • Offices (companies) • schools • Colleges • universities Target group • Upper middle class • Nuclear families • companies • Upper class Market Segmentation
  15. Turkey The country is situated between Europe and asia. Ankara is the capital city Istanbul is the most populous and economic center.
  16. Basic Socio Economic Data Total Population 77.7 Million National GDP $9,221 Economic growth rate in 2015 ( 4 % ) 17th largest country in the world in GDP terms
  17. Istanbul, turkey market • Largest and most populous city • 14.7 millionPopulation • Plays important role in economic development • US$301.1 billion • ranked 29th in 2011 for most urban city Economy • On silk road. • The mix of culture, • 68% population lives nuclear Other information
  18. Furniture in turkey Most of the people are living in urban cities Very civilized with modern touch furniture they use It is the customization trend in turkey regarding furniture Despite of rather expensive equipment, thousands of people are buying smart furniture but not what they are expecting.
  19. Target Market in turkey offices flats bungalows schools unversities Smart Trend relevant Upper middle class
  20. Strengths of Istanbul Market central location in tukey political and financial stability excellent public infrastructure highly educated workforce high productivity Modern with cultural mix city purchasing power amongst the turkey is high in istanbul
  21. Challenges for foreign investors Economic Competitors Substitute products
  22. Economic Challenges Difficult to compete with large economies of scale Hard to handle all levels, more experienced firms are able to disperse New entrants suffer a severe cost disadvantage Significant amount of assets needed
  23. Competitors Challenges Istikbal is the strongest competitor with almost 40 and above % market share Istikbal furniture has most number of outlets
  24. Istikbal furniture  Istikbal whose foundations were laid with door-window manufacture in a small carpenter shop 1957 started to produce furniture ranges such as door-window, cupboard, bedrooms, table-chair till the 80s.  Stikbal mobilya, sustaining its leading position in the furniture industry with the experience of the years and 50-year history of success since the year 1957,  Creating new expansions by being one of the reputable brands of turkey with its product range, design differences, quality perception and after sales services.
  25. Istikbal furniture  Istikbal, combining its products designed without making concession of comfort and quality with elegance for those who want to create difference at home
  26. Competitive advantage  Modern classy furniture  Strong and durable construction with bearable costs.  Elegant Style  Will completely transform your living space & in time delivery  Excellent Craftsmanship  Unique Design
  27. Process of raw material to finished dream furniture Raw material receiving processing seasoning warehousing shipping
  28. Dream furniture famous in: This also had got the project to make furniture for big brother 6 and 7 season. And channel 5 furniture.
  29. Dream furniture achievements  Awards:  As a nationwide sleep specialist and bed retailer, Dreams has won:  Nationwide Bed Retailer of the Year 1994  Furniture Retailer of the Year 1996  Furniture Retailer of the Year 2000  High Street Recycling Champion 2008  British Safety Council – International Safety Award 2015
  30. Finally:  Dream furniture is doing good in furniture industry  With innovations  High technology instruments  Comfortable mattresses  Online going viral  Needs to tap into other markets in the world.