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  1. Presentation: Multimedia: Lecture ENG: Bare Student Name: mohamed
  2. ANIMATION • Guided By:- • Ms. Monika Varma
  3. Animation • Animation is the process of displaying still images in a rapid sequence to create the illusion of movement. • It refers to moving images. • Each can be used to make both 2D or 3D images.
  4. Types of Animation • Three main types of Animation: 1. Traditional: Traditional animation involves drawing every frame of a film by hand 2. Stop Motion In this process, animators manipulate and photograph objects one motion and frame at a time. 3. Computer Generated: Animators can also use computer software to create films and models, which is generally faster than the traditional method.
  5. 2D animation focuses on creating characters, storyboards and backgrounds in two-dimensional environments. 2D animation created using computers and software programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Flash. These animations may be used in advertisements, films, television shows, computer games or websites. 2D Animation
  6. Types of 2D Animation Two types: 1.Cel Animation: Cel animation is based on changes that occur from one frame to the next. 2.Path Animation: Moves an object along a predetermined path on the screen and the path can be a straight line or have a number of curves.
  7. Example of 2D Animation
  8. 3D Animation  3D computer animation is a type of animation created by making and manipulating a digital model in a three-dimensional (3D) graphics program.  3-D Animation involves three steps: 1.Modeling – the process of creating objects and scenes. 2.Animation – the process of defining the object’s motion. 3.Rendering – the final step in creating 3-D animation. 3D animation involves the creation of key frames, which are modified and adjusted to create a final animation.
  9. Example of 3D Animation
  10. iiiiiiiii The first Indian 3D animated film is Roadside Romeo - 2008 D Animation in BollywoodMovies 3D Animation in Bollywood Movies
  11. • • 24FPS Animation Awards is a celebration of animation excellence and recognition of the best animation talent in India Awards and festivals
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