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Task 4

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Task 4

  1. 1. TASK 4 Jess
  2. 2. When I was creating my first page layout I had to stick to the 3x3 grid, and I decided that I needed to find 6 random paragraphs from the internet for my idea to work. I found images on Spain, and I decided to place them at the op o the page and the bottom to space everything out. To get the images into the grids I had to use the rectangle frame tool, and place an image in. I could hen change the size of the box and the image to get it to look how I wanted, then I made it fit one or two of the grids. I experimented with different pictures, and with different text layouts. I believe that the finished layout works the best because it sticks to the grids, and it shows the text as columns.
  3. 3.  These are two examples of when I was allowed to experiment more with the layout. I believe that the first example works best because it looks unique and different, because I was made the title much bigger then it should and change the opacity so that the text can be read. The two images are almost the same size, which I believe is different and experimental.