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Identity Fraud: Targets

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While it seems that adults are the only victims of identity fraud, this isn't true. Minors and children are also prime targets for scams such as identity fraud.

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Identity Fraud: Targets

  1. 1. CHILDREN ADULTS 1.3 million children have their identities and personal info stolen per year. 17.6 million adults are scammed every year, just in the USA. Common motives are social security info, accounts for websites, and bank accounts. 50% of the victims are 6 or younger. Reasons include tax fraud, new accounts, and credit scores. 2.6 million elderly are victims of fraud each year, in total losing 36 billion dollars. V E R S U S WHO'S IDENTITIES ARE STOLEN Consequences are harsh.� A ruined credit score will haunt victims for their life. Identity fraud will lower credit scores and leave debt, sometimes in the millions.