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DevOps and Drupal

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Devops  For Drupal
Devops For Drupal
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DevOps and Drupal

  1. 1. VSHN AG The DevOps Company Basel Drupal Meetup 4.8.2016 Aarno Aukia CTO & Partner
  2. 2. 10.6.2016 VSHN AG | http://vshn.ch 2 About me ● MSc Computer Science ETH Zurich ● Security Operations @ Google ● Co-Founder & CTO @ Atrila GmbH (Security Operations) ● Co-Founder & CTO @ VSHN AG (DevOps & Cloud-Ops) ● @aarnoaukia ● http://about.me/aarno ● Aarno.aukia@vshn.ch ● Talk to me !
  3. 3. 10.6.2016 VSHN AG | http://vshn.ch 3 About VSHN ● Swiss DevOps & Ops Company, 14 people in Zurich ● Building the tools and work9ows for self-service ● Managing web applications in any cloud We are cloud-agnostic: we run on AWS, MSA, GCE, DO, Hetzner, OVH, SafeSwissCloud, Cloudscale, Exoscale and on any on-premises Enterprise private cloud
  4. 4. 10.6.2016 VSHN AG | http://vshn.ch 4 Customers
  5. 5. 10.6.2016 VSHN AG | http://vshn.ch 5 What the heck is DevOps? ● Collaboration: Development (Dev) and Operations (Ops) ● Bring agile software engineering methods to operations – Automation: infrastructure as a code, versioning/rollback – Testing: continuous integration/testing/deployment ● Bring operations engineering experience to developers – Scalability: independent microservices – Production insight: monitoring/logging/metrics ● Together: make the application's owner happier
  6. 6. 10.6.2016 VSHN AG | http://vshn.ch 6 Software Delivery Automation
  7. 7. 10.6.2016 VSHN AG | http://vshn.ch 7 Initiatives & projects
  8. 8. Welcome to amazee.io
  9. 9. What is amazee.io?
  10. 10. What is amazee.io? Drupal Platform as a Service (PaaS) Big differences: 1. Hosting anywhere Already operating in 4 countries (CH, USA, SA, UK) and clients server 300+ Sites From small to big 2. Local Development Environment Exactly the same as development and production sites
  11. 11. Local Development Environment
  12. 12. Local Development Environment Based on Docker Lightweight and faster than Vagrant/Virtual Machines Very easy to use, no knowledge of Docker required Exact same configurations as development and production servers: Drush, Drupal Console, Composer, Node.js PHP 5.6, PHP 7, Nginx, Varnish, MariaDB MySQL, Apache Solr
  13. 13. Connect & synchronize a remote site to local
  14. 14. Connect and synchronize site to local Leverages Drush and Drush site aliases Drush connects to amazee.io API to get information about sites Everything via ssh public/private keys (no passwords) No need to know username, passwords, server names Site Names = Git Branch names Your own names of sites!
  15. 15. Deployments
  16. 16. Deployments Based on GIT Use own Git Hosting (Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, own Git Server) Only requirement: Git read access & Webhook on Git push Additional deployment tasks definable inside .amazeeio.yml file Or: Use your own Continuous Deployment Infrastructure
  17. 17. Demo -
  18. 18. Deployment workflows
  19. 19. Deployment workflows No forced merging or branching workflows by amazee.io Complete freedom for Developers (GitFlow, GitHubFlow) Integration with TravisCI, CircleCI, Jenkins or other build systems possible Bonus: Start amazee.io Docker container inside TravisCI build and run automated tests!
  20. 20. Infrastructure
  21. 21. Infrastructure Two different tiers: compact and cluster
  22. 22. Compact One Instance Very fast Limited redundancies 99,5% Uptime Like Local development Environment
  23. 23. Cluster Orchestrated Instances Fully redundant No single point of failure 99,8% Uptime Business critical sites
  24. 24. Pricing
  25. 25. Pricing Part A Flat fee per month based on amount of production sites Includes two development sites Additional development sites for small fee
  26. 26. Pricing Part B Volume based pricing (pay what you use) Based on combined hits of all production sites Not based on CPU or RAM or Pageviews Every single request on servers count as a hit Servers will instruct browsers to cache assets and not request them again
  27. 27. Pricing Pricing allows to scale to any size (no Enterprise levels) No cost per Developer Apache Solr for free HTTPs and SSL Certificates for free See pricing sheet on https://www.amazee.io
  28. 28. amazee.io on-premises
  29. 29. amazee.io on-premises Complete amazee.io hosting stack on any server in the world Client’s datacenter Cloud provider of your choice (AWS, Digital Ocean, Rackspace, you name it) Ubuntu LTS Completely integrated into amazee.io deployment system Pricing per instance instead of sites and hits, see pricing sheet on https://www.amazee.io
  30. 30. Get started
  31. 31. Free Trials! 1. Get your site running locally (see step by step on docs.amazee.io) 2. Contact us for Free Trial Dev Site
  32. 32. slack.amazee.io docs.amazee.io