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The future of hardware in Africa

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Presented by Anna Lowe, co-founder Kumasi Hive at the Africa Technology Business Forum, London 22nd June 2016

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The future of hardware in Africa

  1. 1. The Future of Hardware in Africa Anna Lowe AFRICA TECHNOLOGY BUSINESS FORUM LONDON, 22 JUNE 2016 io innovations
  2. 2. What do we mean by hardware? NO INTELLIGENCE SMART TEK Mechanical Cassava Harvester Sensor-based Soil Testing Automated Climate Control
  3. 3. Why is hardware important for Africa? SUITABILITY IMPACT ECONOMY EMPLOYMENT
  4. 4. Why aren’t there more hardware startups in Africa already?  Solomon Odong’o Maxwell – Emali Creations
  5. 5. What is happening to develop hardware in Africa right now?
  6. 6.  Incubator Kumasi Hive: Makerspace & Innovation Hub in Ghana Events  Makerspace  Training  Incubator
  7. 7. What needs to happen for hardware to fulfil its promise?  Funding prototypes  Education & access to equipment  Connectivity
  8. 8. Where will hardware have the biggest impact?  Agriculture ~ mechanization & information  Energy ~ access  Healthcare ~ cost & remote expertise  Manufacturing ~ scale KLAKS 3D – 3D Printers from e-waste Arthur Zang – Cardio Pad Paygo – Smart LPG metering
  9. 9. Thank you Contact details are available for all the startups mentioned  Anna Lowe anna@ioinnovations.com @annawillcreate