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Session on "Misconceptions we learnt due lack of innovations!! " by Sanjay Kumar

Sanjay Kumar delivered a session on "Misconceptions we learnt due lack of innovations!! " at #Seleniumsummit21.

Sanjay is on a mission to make testers and developers life easy.
He has invented and created the SelectorsHub and ChroPath single handedly which is being used by more than half a million testers and developers in more than 180 countries and almost in every software company of the world.

To know more about #SeleniumSummit21 please check : https://seleniumsummit21.agiletestingalliance.org/

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Session on "Misconceptions we learnt due lack of innovations!! " by Sanjay Kumar

  1. 1. @SanjayKumaarr Primary Sponsor SelectorsHub Misconceptions we learnt due to lack of innovations!!
  2. 2. @SanjayKumaarr Primary Sponsor SelectorsHub We should write our own XPath & selectors. But What is the right platform to verify them?
  3. 3. @SanjayKumaarr Primary Sponsor SelectorsHub XPath & Selectors for DOM elements?
  4. 4. @SanjayKumaarr Primary Sponsor SelectorsHub Selectors for SVG elements?
  5. 5. @SanjayKumaarr Primary Sponsor SelectorsHub Selectors for Shadow DOM elements?
  6. 6. @SanjayKumaarr Primary Sponsor SelectorsHub How to install SelectorsHub and use? 1. Open selectorshub.com 2. Click on the Download button and install the selectorshub in your browser. 3. Restart the browser and enjoy using it.
  7. 7. @SanjayKumaarr Primary Sponsor SelectorsHub This is absolutely FREE to use, no license required. https://www.patreon.com/sanjaykumar_selectorshub
  8. 8. @SanjayKumaarr Primary Sponsor SelectorsHub SelectorsHub Achievement 1. Being used in more than 120 countries. 2. Became no. 1 XPath & cssSelector tool in All browser Store. 3. Start appearing in engineer’s LinkedIN profile. 4. Got more than 20000 downloads. 5. Engineers call it LIFESAVER Innovation. 6. Trainers start suggesting and giving training on SelectorsHub in the platform like Udemy, Training Institute and youtube.
  9. 9. @SanjayKumaarr Primary Sponsor SelectorsHub Huge thanks to all the SelectorsHub Sponsors & supporters.
  10. 10. @SanjayKumaarr Primary Sponsor SelectorsHub My heartfelt gratitude & Thank You.
  11. 11. @SanjayKumaarr Primary Sponsor SelectorsHub Sanjay Kumar Creator of SelectorsHub & ChroPath https://www.youtube.com/c/Selectorshubthexpathtool https://www.facebook.com/SelectorsHubCreator @SanjayKumaarr https://www.linkedin.com/in/chropath-creator/