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#ATATalk - Episode 1 : Session on Selenium Exceptions by Pallavi Sharma

Pallavi Sharma delivered a session on Selenium Exceptions at #ATATalk - Episode 1

Pallavi Sharma is acting as a coach, writer, speaker and owner at 5 Elements Learning where she collaborate and work with many learning enthusiasts and mentors around the globe and use her polyglot skills. An avid learner, she likes to keep herself updated to latest trends and technologies by attending conferences and workshops, and life has been kind enough to provide her with such experiences.

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#ATATalk - Episode 1 : Session on Selenium Exceptions by Pallavi Sharma

  1. 1. Agile Testing Alliance - Confidential - Copyright -2013-2021 Agile Testing Alliance DevOps++ Alliance Exceptions in Selenium By-Pallavi Agile Testing Alliance - Copyright -2013-2019
  2. 2. Agenda Define Exception Types of Exceptions in Selenium Replicating a few types and handling them
  3. 3. Errors and Exceptions Throwable Error Exception Checked UnChecked
  4. 4. What is an Error • Errors – An unexpected condition which could be caused by a programmer of the system due to lack of resources. • A programming error can be categorized into 3 sections Error Programmer Syntax RunTime Logical System Irrecoverable
  5. 5. What is an Exception • An issue in the program that causes disruption in the normal execution of the program • Recoverable • They can be handled using various programming keywords • Generally classified as checked exception and unchecked exceptions Exception Checked UnChecked
  6. 6. Exception in Selenium • A class called as WebDriverException is defined. • This class contains all the exceptions implemented which can occur while working with Selenium. • This page contains the details of the selenium exceptions – https://www.selenium.dev/selenium/docs/api/java/org/openqa/s elenium/class-use/WebDriverException.html • The above information and examples will be shared using Java as a programming language
  7. 7. Packages -WebDriverException • org.openqa.selenium • org.openqa.selenium.devtools • org.openqa.selenium.firefox • org.openqa.selenium.grid.distributor • org.openqa.selenium.grid.web • org.openqa.selenium.interactions • org.openqa.selenium.json • org.openqa.selenium.remote • org.openqa.selenium.remote.http • org.openqa.selenium.safari • org.openqa.selenium.support.events • org.openqa.selenium.support.ui
  8. 8. org.openqa.selenium • ElementClickInterceptedException • Indicates that a click could not be properly executed because the target element was obscured in some way. • ElementNotInteractableException • Thrown to indicate that although an element is present on the DOM, it is not in a state that can be interacted with. • ElementNotSelectableException • Thrown to indicate that although an element is present on the DOM, it is not selectable, and so is not able to be interacted with. • ElementNotVisibleException • Thrown to indicate that although an element is present on the DOM, it is not visible, and so is not able to be interacted with.
  9. 9. Cont.. • ImeActivationFailedException • Indicates that activating an IME engine has failed. • ImeNotAvailableException • Indicates that IME support is not available. • InvalidArgumentException • InvalidCookieDomainException • Thrown when attempting to add a cookie under a different domain than the current URL. • InvalidElementStateException • Indicates that a WebElement is in a state that means actions cannot be performed with it. • InvalidSelectorException • JavascriptException • NoAlertPresentException • Indicates that a user has tried to access an alert when one is not present.
  10. 10. Cont.. • NoSuchContextException • Thrown by ContextAware.context(String) WebDriver.switchTo().context(String name)}. • NoSuchCookieException • NoSuchElementException • Thrown by WebDriver.findElement(By by) and WebElement.findElement(By by). • NoSuchFrameException • Thrown by WebDriver.switchTo().frame(int frameIndex) and WebDriver.switchTo().frame(String frameName). • NoSuchSessionException T • thrown by any command being called after WebDriver.quit(). • NoSuchWindowException • Thrown by WebDriver.switchTo().window(String windowName). • NotFoundException - https://www.selenium.dev/selenium/docs/api/java/org/openqa/selenium /NotFoundException.html
  11. 11. Cont.. • ScriptTimeoutException • Thrown when an async execute script command does not complete in enough time. • SessionNotCreatedException • Indicates that a session could not be created. • StaleElementReferenceException • Indicates that a reference to an element is now "stale" --- the element no longer appears on the DOM of the page. • TimeoutException • Thrown when a command does not complete in enough time. • UnableToSetCookieException • Thrown when a driver fails to set a cookie. • UnhandledAlertException • UnsupportedCommandException • Used to indicate that a command used by the remote webdriver is unsupported.
  12. 12. Not Found Exceptions Examples • https://www.selenium.dev/selenium/docs/api/java/or g/openqa/selenium/NotFoundException.html NoAlertPresentException NoSuchElementException NoSuchFrameException NoSuchWindowException
  13. 13. Other examples StaleElementException ElementNotInteractable
  14. 14. Exception Handling- Technology Independent • The concept of try catch finally block is found in all technologies. • Within the try, we write code, which could be prone to exception • Within catch/or except/or there could exists another word for it we write code which works with the exception object once caught • The finally block will have code which always executes whether exception comes or not.
  15. 15. Selenium Exception or Technology Exception • We need to understand selenium doesn’t work by itself. • We will be using a programming language which comes with its own set of errors and exception issues • But the logic to implement the code to drive the browser to perform actions on the website will not change and remain technology agnostic • Similarly all the various interfaces whether it is data, third party tool integration will have their own errors and exceptions as and when used in code language of choice
  16. 16. Debugging Exceptions • There is no code ever written which hasn’t generated an error or an exception. • Exceptions are good, errors are good when you are learning. • Take a good look at the error message generated, understand it, many times it points to the code line, even if it doesn’t, copy the main message and search on google for help • The more readable the code is, the better it would be for debugging. • Most commonly used IDE’s come up with debuggers which help in identifying the source of error and exception faster than naked eye.
  17. 17. @AgileTAlliance https://www.facebook.com/AgileTestingAlliance https://www.linkedin.com/in/agiletestingalliance/ http://www.slideshare.net/ATASlides/ Gracias Agile Testing Alliance - Copyright -2013-2019