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Music Magazine Conventions (Usual and Unusual)

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This is my presentation to show the differences in how two Music magazines with similar brand ideas choose to use conventions to promote their magazine toward their audience.

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Music Magazine Conventions (Usual and Unusual)

  1. 1. Sell Line (Smaller than usual magazines)
  2. 2. The house style of this Issue of the magazine is very blatant (though it can vary from different issues). The house colour sets a sensible yet attractive tone for younger readers who are more attracted to the topic/features. The House style colour scheme is Black, with White, Yellow, and Red Features. (E.G text, logos, magazine Masthead). S
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  4. 4. Breaking Usual Conventions On this magazine cover there is no proper mode of address to the audience (Apart from the direct gaze of the main cover image). And there is no borders to any of the magazine cover. There is no more Article Images (Cover photos) to help advertise some of the other features in the magazines, this is an unusual thing as most magazines try to advertise as much as Is needed to gain a bigger audience. Another conventions which has been altered from the usual is that the Sell Line of this Magazine is placed in very small white lettering under the Masthead, rather than clear view of the reader.
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