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Unlocked Episode 3: Unlocking Video Surveillance



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Unlocked Episode 3: Unlocking Video Surveillance

  1. 1. A “Game Changer” for Your Campus This is an excerpt from the UNLOCKED podcast, a series from ASSA ABLOY about campus physical security. Listen to the whole episode and learn about video surveillance for your campus at www.intelligentopenings.com/unlocked Analytics, Budgeting, and IT Considerations of Campus Video Surveillance
  2. 2. “When we have an incident that occurs and we’ve gotten really good useable photographic evidence and we are looking to identify people—those shots go to the news…10 minutes later the phone rings and someone is telling us who it is that we are looking for. I’d say our upgrades to our video surveillance system have been a game changer.” UNLOCKED – Chief John Venuti, Virginia Commonwealth University
  3. 3. 9 out of 10 colleges use video surveillance. UNLOCKED
  4. 4. But most are legacy, analog systems. UNLOCKED
  5. 5. UNLOCKED Traditionally, campuses used camera systems as a tool to verify if an alarm is real or to document an incident. However, this is really only useful after the fact — as a reactive tool. But now that video has migrated from the analog world into the digital world, cameras are much smarter.
  6. 6. UNLOCKED “They are able to deploy analytics that can alert operators to potentially stop or proactively mitigate a risk as it’s unfolding. These analytics involve not only video, but can do some fascinating things with audio, too.” – James Marcella, Axis Communications
  7. 7. UNLOCKED Audio threshold level detection Audio pattern recognition Two-way dialogue Motion detection Camera tamper alarm Object left behind People counting Analytics like…
  8. 8. UNLOCKED Video surveillance can act as a force multiplier and increase the effectiveness of your security department. Taking advantage of the analytics newer cameras offer expand not just your ability to figure out what happened after the fact, but can provide a proactive level of risk mitigation.
  9. 9. Things to consider before spending all your $$$ on new cameras… UNLOCKED
  10. 10. UNLOCKED New video systems run on an IP-based network backbone. An IP camera can easily take up a lot of bandwidth if you’re running high frame rate, high-resolution images.
  11. 11. UNLOCKED In fact, bandwidth and storage are the most costly aspects of video surveillance.
  12. 12. UNLOCKED When starting a new security project, it’s imperative that security and IT work together.
  13. 13. UNLOCKED “Security should research solutions that will fit their needs. But they must also ensure that IT can understand those needs… and its impact on the network.” – Duane Richendollar, Stanley Security
  14. 14. UNLOCKED It’s not enough to simply install cameras and hope for the best. Each camera placement should be purposeful. Understand why you have a camera there and make sure you deploy the right technology for the environmental requirements of that scene. Then make sure you can hold intelligent and beneficial conversations between your security and IT departments.
  15. 15. UNLOCKED “So often I have seen IT just chew up the security team because they didn’t understand the IT terminology. They walk away very frustrated because they feel they did the right thing by including IT upfront.  With the right people working together there is always a solution that will work for both.” – Duane Richendollar, Stanley Security
  16. 16. UNLOCKED In the end, seek out knowledgeable experts. Consult and work with people with knowledge and experience of physical surveillance.
  17. 17. Don’t go into your next campus physical security project uninformed. Listen to the UNLOCKED podcast at www.intelligentopenings.com/unlocked UNLOCKED