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What is CNC turning?

Turning is the process whereby a single point cutting tool is parallel to the surface. It can be done manually, in a traditional form of lathe, which requires continuous supervision by the operator, unless an automated computer-controlled system is used. This type of machine tool is referred to as a computer numerical control (CNC).
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What is CNC turning?

  1. 1. • CNC Milling 1131 Delaware Ave. #3 • CNC Turning Longmont, CO 80501 • Grinding Phone: 303.776.1910 • Plating Web: http://advancedprecisionmachine.com Quotes: kirk@advancedprecisionmachine.com • Wire EDM • Inspection and Reporting What is CNC Turning? CNC turning, in the operation of a machine shop, is a method of machining a part in which a pointed cutting tool is fed parallel onto the surface of a material being rotated. This rotation is performed by a lathe, considered to be the oldest machining tool dating far back to ancient Egypt. The lathe secures and spins the part being machined, allowing for a simple single-point cutting tool to remove and shape the material, creating the desired part. This is accomplished along a dual axis of movement that may be a straight line, or along a prescribed set of curves or angles. Turning allows for the creation of varying complex shapes including plain, tapered, contoured, filleted, threaded, and radius profiles. Turning in its purest form involves the spinning of a lathe and the steady hand of the operator applying the cutting tool to the material being machined. Advances in technology have led to the creation of CNC, or Computer Numerical Control, lathes and turning processes. Beyond programming commands into the CNC lathe, the operator is taken out of the equation. An automated system now holds the cutting tool firmly in the lathe and follows a pre-programmed design, allowing for a precise turn, exact tolerances, and an abundance of shapes; straight, conical, curved, or grooved. About Advanced Precision Machining’s CNC Turning Solutions Advanced Precision Machining (APM), a Longmont, Colorado machine shop, proudly offers a wide range of CNC turning solutions utilizing the latest in precision manufacturing technology. The dual axis CNC lathe is at the heart of APM’s turning operations and we run two of the best machines in the business. Southwestern Industries’ Trak TRL 1440EX lathe is our simple, low cost answer to manually turning a part. With the look and feel of a manual lathe, the 1440EX allows for CNC operation, a 14” swing, and a 40” travel. It’s easy to learn and a joy to use, resulting in the highest quality turned parts. For larger projects, we rely on Yama Seiki’s GA2600 ultimate turning center. With the capacity to manage heavier duty applications, this lathe combines accuracy, a high torque motor, and a super rigid box, allowing us to achieve faster cycle times. Thus, money saved in labor time is passed along directly to our satisfied customers. Our fully certified machinists will be happy to discuss any turning project with you.1131 Delaware Ave. #3 - Longmont, CO 80501 - Phone: 303.776.1910 - Web: http://advancedprecisionmachine.com - Quotes: kirk@advancedprecisionmachine.com
  2. 2. About Us Advanced Precision Machining (APM), located in Longmont Colorado, is the Front Range’s premier machine shop. From prototype development, to precision part manufacturing, to inspection services, APM’s fully certified machinists offer a wide range of services guaranteed to meet and exceed the exacting needs of any customer. Featuring cutting-edge technology, APM’s CNC milling machines and lathes have the capability to mill, turn, grind, and plate the highest quality parts at competitive prices. Other services include Wire ED machining, prototype fabrication, special order parts, inspection, and reporting. At APM, the Longmont machine shop prides itself in manufacturing and delivering precision components, while maintaining close relationships and attention to detail with customers. Advanced Precision Machining is led by partners Gerry Dillon and Kirk Tuesburg, both certified in geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, who together have over 40 years of machining experience. Opening for business in 2005, they have since tripled in size, and are growing steadily thanks to demand for their quality work and level of customer service. Feel free to contact us for a free quote by phone at 303.776.1910 or by email at kirk@advancedprecisionmachine.com. For additional information about our Longmont machine shop, we invite you to visit our website at http://advancedprecisionmachine.com/ and also our blog at http://advancedprecisionmachine.com/advanced-precision-machining-blog/. Thank you, Kirk and Gerry1131 Delaware Ave. #3 - Longmont, CO 80501 - Phone: 303.776.1910 - Web: http://advancedprecisionmachine.com - Quotes: kirk@advancedprecisionmachine.com