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APA Lunch & Learn ACRL 2019

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A presentation from ACRL 2019, that covers thesaurus updates, searching for tests in PsycINFO, PsycTESTS upcoming changes, and the My PsycNET individual search manager.

This content was also presented at MLA 2019 Sunrise Seminar

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APA Lunch & Learn ACRL 2019

  1. 1. American Psychological Association ACRL Lunch & Learn April 12, 2019
  2. 2. Welcome! Updates Thesaurus PsycTESTS® My PsycNET account
  3. 3. Feedback & Follow Up
  4. 4. What’s New with APA Publishing
  5. 5. New Handbooks
  6. 6. Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms®
  7. 7. Searching with APA’s Thesaurus 9600+ terms from the controlled vocabulary of the Thesaurus • chosen by APA staff to assign to each • a structed & consistent “tag” for the subject matter Good for the focused researcher • Identify the best term to quickly find all records about a concept • Search consistently across platforms On APA PsycNET – Index Terms On EBSCOhost – Subjects Exact (DE) On Ovid – Subject Headings (SH) On ProQuest – Subject heading (SUEXACT)
  8. 8. Thesaurus – Why We Update Expand terminology in growing and evolving research areas Digital Technology, Human Technology Interaction, Mixed Methods Research Add terms to match changing nomenclature in diagnosis, treatment, social issues Opioid Use Disorder, Prescription Drug Misuse, and Health Care Access Review term hierarchies and notes for clarity
  9. 9. Thesaurus – What’s Changed 305 new postable or "preferred" terms 70 new non-postable or "used for" cross-referenced terms 300 new or revised scope notes
  10. 10. New Index Terms Digital Technology Mobile Applications Social Robotics Substance Use and Treatment Opioid Use Disorder Prescription Drug Misuse Medication-Assisted Treatment Social Issues Mental Health Stigma School Safety Minority Stress Research Methods Mixed Methods Research Narrative Analysis Scientific Rigor Scientific Rigor Research Transparency Open Access Data Psychological Testing Online Surveys Mobile Assessment Implicit Measures
  11. 11. Index Terms – Before… Cellular Phones GPS iPads JARS Opinion Mining Secondary Traumatic Stress Criminals Opioid Abuse Sex Change
  12. 12. Index Terms – Before & After 2015 2019 Cellular Phones Mobile Phones GPS Navigation Technology iPads Tablet Computers JARS Reporting Standards Opinion Mining Sentiment Analysis Secondary Traumatic Stress Compassion Fatigue Criminals Criminal Offenders Opioid Abuse Opioid Use Disorder Sex Change Gender Reassignment
  13. 13. Thesaurus demo
  14. 14. Tests & Measures
  15. 15. Tests & Measures in PsycINFO • Search by name for a known test • Search for a test related to your topic
  16. 16. Searching PsycTESTS
  17. 17. If you were designing a research database that focuses on Tests & Measures, what fields would you include?
  18. 18. Searchable Fields in PsycTESTS • Acronym • Administration Method • Affiliation • Age Group • Alternate Test Name • Author • Author Identifier • Commercial • Construct • Correction Date • Correspondence Address • DOI • Factor Analysis • Fee • Format • Index Terms • Instrument Type • Keywords • Name • Number of Items • Other Versions • Permissions • Population • Population Details • PsycTESTS Classification • Publisher • Purpose • Release Date • Reliability • Reported in • Summary • Supporting Documentation • Test Location • Unique Identifier • Validity • Website • Test Year
  19. 19. PsycTESTS updates New & updated fields coming early June 2019 Restructured for easier searching • Combined “parent” and “child” records • Removing “partial” and “sample” test PDFs, to more easily find full test PDFs New fields • Language Present (Authority List) • Psychometric Methods (Authority List) • Factors/Subscales (Free Text)
  20. 20. My PsycNET platform account
  21. 21. My PsycNET platform account save searches pick up your research where you left off create search alerts receive an email when new publications that match your topic are available share search results export citations to a reference manager
  22. 22. My List
  23. 23. Your Turn Do you encourage your students & faculty to use these platform accounts? Do they find them useful, or are other tools (RefWorks, Google docs, Word) used instead?
  24. 24. APA Publishing Resources • Webinars • Quick Reference Guides • Video Tutorials • APA Publishing Training Blog • PsycINFO® Listserv (announcements only) http://bit.ly/APAtraining
  25. 25. Thank you! Questions? Marta Soto, MSLIS Training & Support Specialist msoto@apa.org psycinfo@apa.org