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The international association of convention and visitors bureaus

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The international association of convention and visitors bureaus

  2. 2.  The international association of convention and visitors bureaus (IACVB) for the specific purpose of allowing existing convention and visitor bureaus to exchange information about solicitable meetings and conventions.  The organization also had as its mission the improvement of the professional practices in the meetings and convention industry.  Today, nearly a century after its inception, the primary purpose and mission remain the same
  3. 3.  As of 1991, IACVB membership consist of 389 CEOs of convention and visitors bureaus in 25 countries.  Additional representatives of a member bureau other than chief executive are categorized as “professional staff” members  IACVB does not allow allied membership for industry suppliers. This closed membership guarantees the opportunity to network and common problems.  The most important benefit for IACVB is in the CINET program
  4. 4.  The CINET program screen upcoming meetings and conventions that IACVB member bureaus may wish to host. To be included in the CINET program, meetings, or conventions must adhere to the following  1. They must be transient and salable conventions, open to bidding from any city in the world.  2. They must included 50 or more rooms to qualify for a listing.  3. they must be recognizable association or organization either regional, national, or international in scope
  5. 5.  Other service provided by the IACVB include educational opportunities ,research, destination showcase ,consultant service and publications .  IACVB’s annual convention provides an arena for the open exchange of ideas and experiences.  The research arm of the IACVB sponsors studies on important facets of convention and visitors bureau management  The IACVB’s consultant team provides counsel to existing convention and visitors bureaus.
  6. 6.  IACVB publications are also designed to educate and update their members.  The newest service provided by the IACVB is “Destination showcase” this is a mini trade show, where the IACVB invites meeting planners and association executives involved n the city selection process to visit exclusively with member bureaus.
  7. 7.  Richard newman, president of IACVB  Stated that the first destination showcase in 1991 had 1,100 attendees.
  8. 8.  IACVB ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE IACVB Members Board of Directors gggExecutive Committee Officers Chairman 1st vice chairman 2nd vice chairman Secretary-treasurer Immodest past chairman membership committee Gggpresident/CEO International office staff
  9. 9.  IACVB INTERNATIONAL OFFICE STAFF President/CEO KDMIS Director of operation Director of special projects CINET Coordinator Assistant CINET Coordinator controller Manager of member service Membe r of commu nication Projects manager Projects manager Creative/ production staff Room keeper Support staff Support staff
  10. 10.  IACVB changing its name?  the International Association of Convention and Visitor Bureaus' Board of Directors "has recommended the association change its name to 'Destination Marketing Association - Representing Destination Marketing Organizations Worldwide.' Final board approval is slated for March 2, 2005 after receiving member feedback, with official adoption scheduled for August 2005 at its annual meeting in San Diego."
  11. 11. Destination Marketing Association International Abbreviation DMAI Formation 1914 Type Industry trade group Headquarters 2025 M Street, NW, Suite 500 Washington, D.C. Location •United States • Brussels Region served Worldwide Membership 658+ DMOs and CVBs President & CEO Michael D. Gehrisch Main organ Board of directors Budget US$6,242,900 [1] Staff 29 Website www.DestinationMarketing.org
  12. 12.  About Destinations International  Empowering our members so their destinations excel  Destinations International is about serving destination marketing professionals first and foremost. Together with our members and partners, Destinations International represents a powerful forward-thinking, collaborative association; exchanging bold ideas, connecting innovative people, and elevating tourism to its highest potential.
  13. 13.  VISION  Our members are essential to the success of destinations worldwide. MISSION  We empower our members so that their destinations excel.
  14. 14.  Board of Directors  Destinations International is a tax exempt organization under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(6), and is governed by a 27-member Board of Directors which directs the affairs of the Association, determines policies, actively pursues its purpose and supervises the disbursements of funds.  William Pate  Chair Craig Davis  Chair Elect Butch Spyridon  Secretary-Treasurer
  15. 15.  Tammy Blount-Canavan, FCDME  Immediate Past Chair  Julie Coker Graham  Director at-Large  Bryan Grimaldi  Director at-Large  Al Hutchinson  Ex Officio  Chris Thompson  Ex Officio
  16. 16.  Four Cornerstones of Destinations International  Community  Destinations International is a hub connecting associations and industries to create trusted partnerships invaluable to our members  Advocacy  Destinations International is the collective voice of destination organizations empowering destinations on issues big and small.  Research  Destinations International is obsessed with what’s next for destination management through forward- focused research and relevant data.
  17. 17.  Education  Destinations International is the definitive resource for professional development and destination management
  18. 18.  What is a destination organization?  Destination organizations are charged with representing a specific destination and helping the long-term development of communities through a travel and tourism strategy. For visitors, destination organizations are like a key to the city. They can serve as a broker or an official point of contact for convention, business and leisure travelers. They assist planners with meeting preparation and encourage business travelers and visitors alike to visit local historic, cultural and recreational sites.  Why is a destination organization valuable to a visitor, business traveler or a meeting planner?  Destination organizations offer information about a destination’s services and facilities.  Destination organizations save visitors time and energy, as they are a one-stop shop for local tourism interests.  Destination organizations can provide the full range of information about a destination.  Most services provided by destination organizations cost nothing.
  19. 19.  2018 Business Plan  Destinations International will continue to set a path for the future to be the leading authority and resource for the destination marketing and management industry globally.  Destinations International is about serving destination marketing professionals first and foremost. Together with our members and partners, Destinations International represents a powerful forward-thinking, collaborative association, exchanging bold ideas, connecting innovative people and elevating tourism to its highest potential.
  20. 20.  2018 STRATEGIC GOALS  Industry Advocacy Leadership: Become the recognized advocate for the destination marketing and management industry.  International Impact: Expand Destinations International’s global footprint to grow membership, non- dues revenue and industry impact.  Strategic Partnerships: Transform Destinations International’s partnership business model to create beneficial solutions for destination organization members and partners.  Next Generation Professional Development: Become the premier source for destination marketing and management education and professional development.  Diversity and Inclusion: Lead and engage diversity initiatives and opportunities within the destination marketing and management industry.