Design in Startups

4 de Nov de 2015

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Design in Startups

  2. Hi, I’m Mike.
  3. Minitheory specialises in product design We design based on how people think and behave Research Competitor Research Analytics Stakeholder Interviews Guerilla Testing Analysis of Data, Models and Systems Ideation & Exploration Whiteboarding Lo-fi Sketching Paper Prototypes User Flow and Scenarios Design Visual Design UI Style Guide Design Specifications Prototype Clickable wireframes Interactions + Animations Usability Testing
  4. Guiding principles 1. Technology should make life simpler 2. Design based on how people think, work and behave 3. Design to solve problems, not to paint pretty pictures 4. Experiment, fail fast and iterate We want to make software simple and useful We love computers, but it’s unfortunate that some software makes us feel like idiots. We want to change that. We expect software to be intuitively designed - and ultimately, useful.
  5. Design in Startups
  6. What is Design?
  7. Is it about making beautiful things? Mercury Watch by ZIIIRO. Image Credit:
  8. “the products of design are just the means to an end... this implies that design is a field of outcomes and consequences more than one of artifacts.” Excerpt From: Frank Chimero. “The Shape of Design.” The Shape of Design by Frank Chimero. Image Credit: #incipitreadings
  9. Creating outcomes Not creating artifacts What we create is a means to an end What is design?
  10. Creating outcomes behavioural emotional physiological & more... sounds fluffy?
  11. Behavioral outcome Image Credit: Candy Crush Soda by King
  12. Emotional outcome Image Credit: Inside Out by Pixar. Article by Huffington Post.
  13. Emotional outcome Image Credit: Inside Out by Pixar. Article by Huffington Post.
  14. Physiological outcome Image Credit: Lounge Chair with Ottoman by Charles Eames
  15. What outcomes can design create for startups?
  16. Imagine for a minute you run an ecommerce startup
  17. Behavioral outcome Find a specific product easily Browse if not sure what to buy Checkout and buy
  18. Behavioral outcome Checkout and buy Ka-ching!
  19. Emotional outcome Familiar logos/designs Create trust
  20. Emotional outcome Removing friction Encourages impulse buys
  21. Sign up Invite friends Enter credit card Log in everyday Facebook! And the list goes on...
  22. How do we create these outcomes?
  23. Jump into Photoshop? Image credit: Adobe
  24. Run experiments! Image credit: RCA Records
  25. Run experiments! Image credit: RCA Records
  26. Expected Outcome Hypothesis Run the Experiment Feedback & Research Analysis Create the Prototype MVP Lean UX. Jeff Gothelf
  27. Becoming a Lean UX Guru. Startitup. Is the problem painful enough? Does my solution solve it? Different outcomes needed at different stages of a startup
  28. Learn about your users goals and pain points through user research Resources for user research “Just Enough Research” by Erika Hall, “Interviewing Users” by Steve Portigal
  29. A persona summarises similar behavioural patterns Pain point: Wine is inaccessible for beginners Solution?
  30. A personal transportation that “will be to the car what the car was to the horse and buggy” Reality ● slower than a bicycle ● but much more expensive ● can’t be ridden on the road ● can’t be put in a car/bus/train ● people got laughed at for riding on it It didn’t fit into people’s lives, and didn’t solve problems people had. The Segway
  31. Lean UX Week. Luxr Rapid prototypes test market assumptions, and use customer feedback to evolve the design faster and reduce waste.
  32. Make your ideas real… Really fast! And the fastest tools:
  33. Example Usability Test with a Paper Prototype. Blue Duck Labs
  34. Prototyping for Elmo’s Monster Maker iPhone App. IDEO. Projectors and pico projectors can be used to manipulate the environment. Google glass was prototyped in a day using a pico- projector, chopsticks and a coat hanger. No programming skills or software? Simply edit your drawings as an animated movie. Helpful Rapid Prototyping Methods and tools to bring Digital Ideas to Life Fast. Chief Disruption Officer
  35. Work ugly, quick and dirty. Get out and test it
  36. Ugly? WTF?
  37. Lean UX Week. Luxr THINK release MAKE release MAKE release MAKE time Risk(unvalidated effort)
  38. Lean UX Week. Luxr Risk(unvalidated effort) time
  39. How to build a minimum viable product. Fast Monkeys
  41. Any questions? Mike Chen Co-founder & CEO @slidbook Thanks for your kind attention.
  42. Mike Chen Co-founder & CEO @slidbook
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