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DTES2: Session 1

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Introduction to the module Design and Technology in Education and Society 2 at Nottingham Trent University. This ppt is based on work by Dr David Barlex.

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DTES2: Session 1

  1. 1. D&T: an important subject in the curriculum Based on work by Dr David Barlex:BARLEX, D., 2011. Dear Minister, This Is Why Design andTechnology Is a Very Important Subject in the SchoolCurriculum: John Eggleston Memorial Lecture, Delivered at theDesign & Technology Association Education and InternationalResearch Conference, Designing a Better Future, Friday 8th July2011 at Keele University. Design and Technology Education,2011, Vol.16(3), p.9-18
  2. 2. Design decisions in design & technology Conceptual What it doesMarketingWho it’s for Technical How it worksConstructionalHow it fits together Aesthetic What it looks like
  3. 3. Four teaching strategiesDesigning Designingwithout andmaking makingMaking Exploringwithout technologydesigning and society
  4. 4. Developing the ability to make design decisions
  5. 5. Making without designingWould Year 7 like to make a scooterthey could ride out of the workshop?
  6. 6. Designing without making TechnologySociety People Markets
  7. 7. Designing without makingWhich is more sustainable a towel or anelectric powered hair dryer?Design a cradle to cradle hair dryer
  8. 8. Designing and making Design decisionsOutcomes … ConceptualAffordableManageable TechnicalHigh learning value MarketingIntriguingDesirableNon-trivial Constructional AestheticExploit phenomena Have utility Embrace Involve life cycle modern considerations technology
  9. 9. Exploring technology and societyIs technology autonomous and beyond our control or istechnology under human control?Does technology control us or do we control technology?Is technology value neutral or does it have implicit values?Does the availability of technology change human behaviour?Who decides which Who decides whichtechnologies are technologies aredeveloped? adopted?
  10. 10. Engaging with exploring D&TKey themes in DTES2: what are they? Next steps: agree/ challenge/ summariseLink to other 3 modules/ Embedding your learning withinstrategies: your own studies:• Mainly designing • Reflect on D&M1: cradle to• Mainly making cradle• Designing and Making • E-portfolio • ….
  11. 11. Four modules and a common core Year 1 & 2Design & Technology Mainlyin Education and MakingSociety Designing & Making E-portfolio Mainly Designing