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Economics final ppt presentation

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Economics final ppt presentation

  2. 2. The demand curve is positive for lipton tea . Here the price of product is taken in x axis and quantity in y axis .
  3. 3. This graph indicates the share prices of Lipton tea company .
  4. 4. This shows the BEP of five companies. BEP is calculated by fixed cost /selling price –variable cost per unit. These are all consumer goods companies and here p &g is having the highest BEP
  5. 5. The data crawling chart of Tata Coffee company is shown using the software R
  6. 6. This map indicate the total sales of Lipton tea across different countries A geospatial map is created using the turnover data.
  7. 7. Objective of this assignment is to learn Steps for preparing the loan documents for a bank loan using comfar III and differentiate between the fixed and variable costs and the assignment of these costs in different financial statements