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Technovation Map My Future

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Technovation Map My Future

  1. 1. Map My Future The Portable Counselor Team InspireShriya Bhindwale, Archana Kikla, Abinaya Muthusamy, Arundhati Suresh
  2. 2. Problem:• Students are often confused during course selection and do not know what classes to choose according to their career choice.
  3. 3. Map My Future• Personalized course selection guide• Easy to follow step-by-step process• Appealing visuals• Students’ preferences are priority
  4. 4. Using Map My Future• Create an account• Choose High School• Select grade (e.g. incoming grades 9-12)• Determine area of interest• Enter courses already completed• Browse through courses suggested• Pick courses and personalize schedule
  5. 5. Market• Primary Target Market: – Monta Vista High School students grades 9-11• 2419 students• Over 80% have a general idea of their career choice
  6. 6. Market Cont.• Secondary Market • High school students grades 9-11 in Fremont Union High School District • Allows us to expand • Benefits other students who suffer from the same dilemma as Monta Vista students
  7. 7. Competitors• High School Counselors – May be easier to talk to one on one• Why is Map My Future better? – App allows change in decision at any time – Can be accessed anywhere on an Android device – Designed for the user personally• 67% of students never consult a counselor for career planning
  8. 8. Unique Features• Incorporates social media• Anonymous alumni reviews for courses – Difficulty – Time commitment – Grades received• Reviews are scanned for validity to avoid libel• Not grade oriented
  9. 9. Marketing• Facebook page and Twitter account – appeals to high school students – Proven that more than 60% of high school students use Twitter or Facebook to communicate• Place an advertisement in the MVHS magazine, El Estoque, to attract more users• AdMob – advertises our app in other applications• Word of mouth
  10. 10. The Future• Paid version ($1.99) – More visually appealing – Fewer advertisements• Expand to four other High Schools in our community• Satisfied users will buy paid version• More choices for careers such as artists, musicians, etc.
  11. 11. Financial Analysis Map My Future Price 26% Free $0.99 to $1.99 74%• Paid app: $1.99• Total customers in the next year: 13,516
  12. 12. Financial Analysis Cont.Description CostComputer Programmer $8,100Data Entry Intern $800Used Android Phone $60Marketing to Monta Vista $135Marketing on Facebook FreeMarketing on Twitter FreeAdMob FreeTotal $9,905
  13. 13. Financial Analysis Cont.Description AmountExpected Revenue $18,935Estimated Cost $9,095Profit $9,840Return on Investment (after 1st year) 8.19%Return on Investment (after 2nd year) 508%
  14. 14. Thank You!