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Leap booklet (arabic)

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Leap booklet (arabic)

  1. 1. % % , ,
  2. 2. • •% • • • • • •Zain F.U.N. • • – inovestCFO •tumooh • • – –
  3. 3. Bh.aiesec.org/leap
  4. 4. My decision to go for this program was the best decision I’ve made in my life. I discovered a lot of things about myself like being courageous in facing issues, communicator in expressing my ideas and things I want and most importantly, Leader in leading my own experience. AIESEC in Bahrain was there to support us all the way and guided us on how we should be dealing in India through their Outgoing preparation Meeting. My internship in India was educating children from grade 1 to 3 about safety and first aid from 8 to 3:30 PM. The kids were really my source of motivation in this experience as every time I start my lecture, I can see the smiles on their faces. Furthermore, I fell in love with global village in which I was able to share my Bahraini culture and learn about other culture. I would definitely repeat this experience again!
  5. 5. After spending six weeks in Turkey I consider it my second home and family. I had the opportunity to volunteer in a center that cares for children with down-syndrome. I helped in raising awareness about the cause in the city Eskeshir. One of the best things that Leap Program provides is that you will not only meet people from the city you travel to, but meet, live and work with people from all over the world, which broadens your horizons of thinking. I learnt to be more independent, and self-aware. Leap Program also helped me discover my future career path. ا
  6. 6. bh.aiesec.org/leap – – –
  7. 7. • Tamer.tao@aiesec.net • Amira.alshami@aiesec.net • AMAbasma.alnajjar@aiesec.net • abdulla.behzad@aiesec.net