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Research careers and training Presentation – Dr Sue Carver

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Research careers and training Presentation – Dr Sue Carver

  1. 1. AHRC’S training strategy Dr Sue CarverHead of Research Careers, Training and Peer Review
  2. 2. AHRC’s strategic aims• To promote and support the production of world- class research in the arts and humanities• To promote and support world-class postgraduate training designed to equip graduates for research or other professional careers• To strengthen the impact of arts and humanities research by encouraging researchers to disseminate and transfer knowledge to other contexts where it makes a difference• To raise the profile of arts and humanities research and to be an effective advocate for its social, cultural and economic significance
  3. 3. AHRC postgraduate support2011-12 total PG budget: £46 million• Block Grant Partnerships• Block Grant Partnerships: Capacity Building• Collaborative Doctoral Awards• Project students on research grants• Research training
  4. 4. Aims of current schemes• Doctoral awards, Research Preparation Masters, Professional Preparation Masters• High-quality postgraduates in A&H• High-quality research & training environment• Health and sustainability of all A&H disciplines
  5. 5. BGPs• 48 BGP awards to ROs made (incl. one collaboration between 2 ROs)• 5 cohorts of PG students, 2009-13• Deepen our strategic engagement with ROs training large numbers of A&H PGs• Evidence of high-quality PG support and integration of research, KT and PG strategies
  6. 6. BGP: Capacity Building• Support from 2011-2013• 34 awards, 9 collaborative• Allow ROs to build capacity and develop a strategic researcher base• Stability and flexibility• Collaboration
  7. 7. Studentship Grants• RO manages the award• Update information via the SDP• RTSG replace study visit requests• Continue requesting DSA• Reconciliation at the end of the award, incl. maternity
  8. 8. BGP2: key points• Fewer BGP awards from 2014 (1/3 of AHRC budget)• Focus on centres of excellence with highest quality PG training and facilities• Support collaborations – don’t lose capacity, dispersed excellence in A+H• Focus on doctoral provision – no separate funding stream for Masters• Open to all UK HEIs• CDA scheme + Project Students remain separate; some doctoral support through KE hubs 8
  9. 9. Sustaining A&H careers and skills• CRT scheme• Skills Development call• Innovative, collaborative training packages• Up to £60K for 18 months. Respond to skills gaps in areas of strategic need
  10. 10. International Engagement• International Placement Scheme• Library of Congress, National Institute for the Humanities of Japan• Huntington Library (California), Sarai Programme (Delhi)• AHRC-funded doctoral award holders and ECRs – 3-6 months overseas
  11. 11. Fellowships• Changes to Scheme in line with Delivery Plan 2011-15• Develop and promote visionary individuals• Build the capacity of leaders of the future• Develop the talents of ECRs