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Asp.net c# MVC-5 Training-Day-2 of Day-9

How to create MVC
MVC application folder structure
About View bags
View bags vs View data Vs Temp Data
Layout Configuration
MVC application sample using Entity framework-EF
OOP Concept.

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Asp.net c# MVC-5 Training-Day-2 of Day-9

  1. 1. AHM Pervej Kabir Analyst Programmer Cell:+8801757051005 Day-1: 11 September 2017 ASP.Net C#- MVC-5 Training
  2. 2. Introduction  How to create MVC  MVC application folder structure  About View bags View bags vs View data Vs Temp Data Layout Configuration MVC application sample using Entity framework-EF OOP Concept.
  3. 3.  How to create MVC Application
  4. 4.  MVC Application Folder Structure The MVC Framework is based on default naming, it is called convention over configuration of MVC. Models ,Views and Controllers are in different same name folder. Application information  Properties • Also Called project properties • Consists AssemblyInfo.cs of all the build option for the project include version company name • GUID, Compiler’s option etc.  Reference • It is contains libraries Application Folder  App_Data folder • It is storing application data related files • We can add different databases like SQL Database, SQL Compact edition database etc.  Content folder • It contains static files like cascade style sheet (CSS), icons and images  Controller folder • It contains controller classes • It is responsible for handling user input and response • MVC requires the name of all controller to end with “Controller”  Model folder • It contains the classes thus represent the application model. Model holds and manipulate application data  View folder • It contains HTML files to the user interface which called view • For each controller view folder contains individual folder • Home folder is use for storing application pages like home page ,about page etc. • Share folder used to store views shared between controllers (Layout Pages)  Script folder • It contains Java Script,Azax,jquery etc. files for the application Configuration Files  Global.asax file  Package.congf file  Web.config file
  5. 5. Layout • The file _Layout.cshtml represent the layout of each page in the application • It is located the shared folder inside the view folder.
  6. 6.  About View Bag  It is dynamic view datadictionery  It is dynamic the project  Asp.net MVC offer us to use ViewBag for passing data from controller to view Create A model : AboutModel.CS Edit HomController .CS Edit View about.cshtmal
  7. 7.  What is Viewdata, ViewBags and TempData? Asp.net offers us three options ViewData,ViewBags and ViewData for passing data from controller to view. ViewData and View Bags are almost similar and TempData performs additional responsibility.  Similarity between Viewdata and ViewBags Helps to maintain data when you move from controller to view Used to passed data controller to view Short life means value becomes null when redirect occur It’s a communication mechanism within he server call  Difference between Viewdata and ViewBags ViweData is a dictionary of objects that is derived fromViewDataDictionary class and accessible using string as keys ViewBags is a dynamic property that takes advantage of new dynamic feature in latest C#.4. View Data Requires typecasting for complex data type and check for null values to avoid error. ViewBags doesn’t require typecasting for complex data type.
  8. 8.  About TempData
  9. 9.  Layout With Razor It used inherit method to specially content areas o Render body o Render Section
  10. 10. Layout Configure In _ViewStart.cshtml  This file will execute at the start of each view’s rendering  Any code contained within the code block in tis file will execute before any code in the view.  Typically, this file will set the layout template to be used by the view in the application  An MVC Application can have multiple _ViewStart.cshtml files.  The order in which these file execute is dependent upon the location of files in the folder hierarchy and the particular view being  The MVC runtime will first execute the code the _ViewStart.cshtml file locate on the root of the view folder  It will then work its way up the folder hierarchy, execute the code in each _ViewStart.cshtml file it finds along the way.  For Example, we may have _ViewStart.cshtml files in the following locations 1)View/_ViewStart.cshtml 2) View/Home/_ViewStart.cshtml 3) View/Product/_ViewStart.cshtml In Page:
  11. 11.  Object Oriented Programming Concept  Structured Vs Object Oriented programming
  12. 12.  About Class & Object of OOP
  13. 13.  Example : Class & Object of OOP
  14. 14. 201