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AGRU is established as the world‘s most important single-source supplier for high-quality products made from engineering plastics. Conservation of resources and respect for the environment occupy the foreground in all our business endeavours. Customers all over the world trust the plastics expertise the company has amassed in the course of a lifetime.

AGRU Image 2020 EN

  1. 1. AGRU The Plastics Experts.
  2. 2. AGRU HQ Bad Hall, Austria Plant 5 Plant 1 Plant 2 Plant 4 Plant 3
  3. 3. Growth through innovation Alois Gruber and son Alois Gruber jun. 19611948 Foundation of AGRU PE/PP processing Branches in Asia & USA Large diameter pipes OD 2500 mm Cleanroom/ plant and fluoro-polymers XXL PIPE PRODUCTION FACILITY pipes OD 3500 mm 2017 1987 2010 2016 2018 2019 New apprentice shop 2019 Expansion Cleanroom plant
  4. 4. 50 years of AGRU fittings Injection moulded fittingsSegmented fittings Electrofusion fittings
  5. 5. AGRU at a glance Founding year Continents Countries Distribution sites Employees Export rate Customer value 1948 6 100 150 1100 95 % 100 %
  6. 6. AGRU plants AGRU AMERICA Georgetown, SC/USA AGRU AMERICA Fernley, NV/USA TAICANG AGRU PLASTICS China AGRU AMERICA Andrews, SC/USA TWS Poland AGRU Kunststofftechnik Austria AGRU-FRANK Germany AGRU Oberflächentechnik Austria AGRU AMERICA Charleston, SC/USA
  8. 8. Insight XXL PIPES Lenght up to 610 mXXL pipes OD 3.5 m HDPE XXL fittings
  9. 9. Cleanroom Plant
  10. 10. Cleanroom Plant insight Cleanroom class 57,739 m² floor space PURAD piping system
  11. 11. AGRU production 115,000 m² floor space100,000 tonnes/year Plants in 5 countries
  12. 12. AGRU a trusted partner Vast storage areasExperienced engineers Global logistic operation
  13. 13. Research & development 1986: 5 m wide liners NOW: 7 m wide liners 1966: Injection moulding 2019: Expansion plant 5 NUMEROUS WORLDWIDE PATENTS AND CONTINUOUS APPLICATIONS UNDERLINE THE INNOVATIVE POWER OF THE GLOBAL AGRU GROUP.
  14. 14. Reliable, lasting quality Pressure testingStringent quality controls 190 country approvals
  15. 15. AGRU Services Comprehensive application consulting Material consulting and welding courses Supervisor for proper installation available Leasing and sale of welding machines/equipment Just in time delivery and more…
  16. 16. Industries Water/gas infrastructure Tank and apparatus building Energy sector Naval and aviation industries Chemical/heavy industries Civil engineering/mining Semiconductor/Life-sciences Building construction
  18. 18. AGRULINE THE USER-FRIENDLY PE 100-RC PIPING SYSTEM ONE STOP SHOPPING Pipes and fittings from one factory for maximum accuracy of fit MAINTENANCE FREE PIPEWORK Welded joints and our material ensure high operational reliability HIGH ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY Simple assembly, high quality and long service lives CERTIFIED MATERIALS Raw materials in accordance to PE 100+ Association guidelines MULTIFUNCTIONAL SYSTEM Potable water and the disposal of sewage
  19. 19. AGRULINE THE SYSTEM Fittings Pipes XXL Piping System
  20. 20. FAST & EASY INSTALLATION Pipes, fittings and customized solutions perfectly harmonized MAINTENANCE FREE PIPEWORK Welded joints and materials for high operational reliability DOUBLE OPERATIONAL SAFETY The compact Poly-Flo double containment piping system is highly reliable HIGH MEDIA RESISTANCE Pipes and fittings made from PE/PP/PVDF/ECTFE EXPERTISE IN PLASTICS Decades of experience in research & dev. INDUSTRIAL PIPING SYSTEMS FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS
  21. 21. Industrial THE SYSTEM PE-el piping system Poly-Flo Fluoroplastic System
  22. 22. PURAD PIPING SYSTEMS FOR HIGH PURITY HIGHEST PRODUCT PURITY Production of all system components in ISO class 5 cleanrooms ONE STOP SHOPPING Pipes and fittings from one factory for highest performance UNIVERSAL APPLICABILITY Perfectly adjusted system components in PVDF UHP, ECTFE, PP Pure, PP nature LONG-TERM RELIABILITY Exclusive processing of selected premium thermoplastics EXPERTISE IN PLASTICS Decades of experience in research & dev.
  23. 23. PVDF, ECTFE, PP, Polypure Class 5 cleanroom One stop shop PURAD THE SYSTEM
  24. 24. Concrete Protection LONGER SERVICE LIFE FOR CONCRETE BUILDINGS FIRMLY SEALED SURFACES Corrosion protection and sealing made of chemically stable plastics FOR EVERY REQUIREMENT Wide range of materials available (PE, PP, PVDF, ECTFE) HIGH ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY Simple assembly, high quality and long service life HIGH OPERATING RELIABILITY Best weldability ensures maximum tightness EXPERTISE IN PLASTICS Decades of experience in research & dev.
  25. 25. Concrete Protection THE SYSTEM Ultra Grip HYDRO+/HYDROCLICK Bionic
  26. 26. AGRU Services Semi-finished products MADE FROM PP, PE, HDPE, PVDF, ECTFE, FEP, PFA HIGHEST MEDIA RESISTANCE A stable polymer is for each chemical application available LESS OPERATING COSTS Due to excellent material properties and extended maintenance intervals ONE STOP SHOPPING Comprehensive semi-finished product portfolio and extensive stock-keeping CONSISTENTLY HIGH QUALITY Raw material specifications, cutting-edge production & quality assurance FABRIC BACKINGS Chemically resistant fabrics
  27. 27. Sheets, Blocks Welding rods Semi- finished products THE SYSTEM Bars & HV liner system
  28. 28. AGRUAIR FOR COMPRESSED AIR HIGH ECONOMICAL EFFICIENCY Easy installation & universal use due to wide range of fittings MAINTENANCE FREE PIPEWORK No corrosion and debris inside the pipe because of smooth surfaces FULL PRESSURE RESISTANCE AGRUAIR made from PE 100 blue is ideally suited for compressed air handling HIGHEST MATERIAL QUALITY Optimized material properties EXPERTISE IN PLASTICS Decades of experience in research & dev.
  29. 29. AGRUAIR THE SYSTEM System Fittings Pipes
  30. 30. LINING SYSTEMS GEOMEMBRANES CORROSION PROTECTION Tunnel liners protect the inner concrete shell from aggressive mountain water FOR SOIL & GROUNDWATER For mining, water and landfilling, liquid manure & retention basins ONE STOP SHOPPING Lining systems, water stop profiles, perforated pipes, discs available PROVEN QUALITY PRODUCTS AGRU Lining systems are in compliance with many international standards HIGH SUPPLY CAPABILITY Global distribution network/high capacities
  31. 31. LINING SYSTEMS THE SYSTEM Geomembranes Tunnel liners Perforated pipes
  32. 32. Welding STATE OF THE ART WELDING TECHNOLOGY FROM AGRU BEADLESS WELDING Fully automated welding process and documentation CONTACTLESS WELDING Infrared technology for highest purity with and without bead BUTT WELDING For pipe diameters up to OD 3500 mm INDUCTION WELDING For concrete protective liners, geomembranes and piping systems AUTOMATIC WELDING Safe and automatic welding process
  33. 33. Welding THE SYSTEM Infrared welding Beadless welding Butt welding
  34. 34. Custom parts MACHINED FOR A PERFECT FIT TAILOR-MADE SOLUTIONS Tailored entirely to the specific requirements of your business ONE STOP SHOPPING Application consulting, specific design and production HIGH ECONOMICAL EFFICIENCY Cost-effective fabrication of technically sophisticated components VARIETY OF MATERIALS Individual choice of material according to your needs HIGH PRODUCTION QUALITY SF products/finished parts from one plant
  35. 35. Segmented fittings Huge EF-fittings Pipes Custom parts THE SYSTEM
  36. 36. The Plastics Experts.