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PhoneGap Enterprise Viewer by Anthony Rumsey

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PhoneGap Enterprise Viewer by Anthony Rumsey

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PhoneGap Enterprise Viewer by Anthony Rumsey

  1. 1. PhoneGap Enterprise Viewer Anthony Rumsey | @planetrumsey Adobe Systems
  2. 2. Secret Weapon
  3. 3. AEM Apps 3 Mobile Apps Made Easy! +
  4. 4. Mobile Development
  5. 5. Developer Adobe Experience Manager Marketer SCM • How do I preview my app on a device? • How do I preview content changes before they are published? PhoneGap CLI QE ? The Problem
  6. 6. PhoneGap Developer App Removes the headache of code-signing and compiling Develop locally then see the changes instantly on your mobile device No need to re-sign, re-compile, or reinstall your app to test your code Access to the device APIs that aren't available in web browsers app.phonegap.com
  7. 7. PhoneGap Enterprise is… Removes the headache of code-signing and compiling Instantly view all of your organization’s apps (under development and staged) View app details and screenshots View the entire app as it would appear on an actual device Test interaction with many device APIs that aren't available in web browsers Validate staged updates before publishing enterprise.phonegap.com
  8. 8. PhoneGap Enterprise is not… A replacement for final on device testing of compiled app Capable of receiving push notifications Able to configure plugins from config Able to support all PhoneGap plugins
  9. 9. Plugins  Battery Status  Camera  Console  Contacts  Device  Dialogs  File / File Transfer  Geolocation  In App Browser  Media / Media Capture  Splashscreen  Status Bar  Vibration  Whitelist  Native Page Transitions https://github.com/phonegap/phonegap-plugin-contentsync
  10. 10. Setting Up PhoneGap Enterprise • Navigate to system console • http://myauthor:4502/system/console/configMgr • Locate Apache Sling Referrer Filter configuration • Enable: Allow empty referrer • Connect to your AEM instance • Provide login credentials • That’s it!
  11. 11. 11
  12. 12. Demo
  13. 13. Sneaks
  14. 14. Sneak: Screenshot Upload
  15. 15. Sneak: Offline • Download and store multiple apps • Optionally over WiFi only • Use stored app when possible • Always when no network • When server isn’t more recent • Choose which apps to store • Delete stored apps
  16. 16. Demo
  17. 17. Anthony Rumsey @planetrumsey Thank You!