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Breakthrough Leadership in the Digital Age

Case Studies: How Successful Learning Engineers Use Technology to Improve Schooling

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Breakthrough Leadership in the Digital Age

  1. 1. CASE STUDIES How Successful Learning Engineers Use Technology to Improve Schooling
  2. 2. CARPE DIEM COLLEGIATE HIGH SCHOOL AND MIDDLE SCHOOL Yuma, Arizona Through a blended learning model that combines computer-assisted instruction with redesigned classrooms, Carpe Diem altered the traditional school perspective to provide more individualized instruction for students.
  3. 3. CARPE DIEM Making Technology Work Carpe Diem changed the roles of teachers, parents, students, and administrators by relying on technology to design personalized education programs for students. • Cultivated relationships among students and teachers that span grade levels and reduce the learning curve each school year. • Leveraged technology to build upon new classroom design and studentteacher relationships. The school has five teachers and four aids for the entire student body since each student has a digital curriculum to follow.
  4. 4. Results • In 2011-12, Carpe Diem ranked among Arizona’s 10 highest-performing charter schools. • It has outperformed Arizona’s four-year graduation rate five of the six years between 2007 and 2012. • It has exceeded the state assessment average at every grade level. CARPE DIEM
  5. 5. MOORESVILLE GRADED SCHOOL DISTRICT Mooresville, North Carolina By focusing on putting learning solutions first, Mooresville used affordable technology to engage students and increase academic performance. In 2007, Mooresville issued laptops to all 4th and 12th graders and licensed staff, and added smart boards in all K-3 classrooms.
  6. 6. Making Technology Work • Redesigned classrooms to better engage students and teachers. • Focused on practice and feedback rather than lectures. • Provided 24-hour access to learning materials. • Held formative data meetings through the year to look at class, school, and individualstudent performance. • Encouraged teachers to discuss their work. MOORESVILLE
  7. 7. MOORESVILLE Results • In 2013, Scholastic Administrator named Mooresville the best school system in the country. • Mooresville superintendent Mark Edwards was named Superintendent of the Year by the American Association of School Administrators.
  8. 8. ROCKETSHIP EDUCATION Nationwide Network This charter school network integrated computer-assisted learning to customize and personalize instruction and to offer additional learning time to students.
  9. 9. ROCKETSHIP EDUCATION Making Technology Work • Employed a “blended” model of classroom learning. • Featured computer-assisted and paraprofessional support in a “learning lab.” • Split up students’ learning time between the conventional classroom and the learning lab. • Developed personalized tutoring based on student proficiency in the learning lab.
  10. 10. Results ROCKETSHIP EDUCATION • In 2013, Rocketship Education was the highest-performing public school for low-income students in California. • Rocketship Education has been approved to open 20 new schools in San Jose. • Rocketship Education expanded to Milwaukee in 2013. • As of 2013, Washington, DC; Indianapolis; New Orleans; and Tennessee had each approved eight or more Rocketship schools.
  11. 11. SUMMIT PUBLIC SCHOOLS Bay Area, California Six charter schools first founded in 2003 comprise Summit Public Schools. Through tech partnerships formed in 2011, Summit Public Schools redesigned its model to offer students more time for one-on-one help, teacher-led discussions, and group projects.
  12. 12. Making Technology Work • Partnered with Kahn Academy to pilot a “self-directed” learning model for students. • Had students set their own learning goals. • Redesigned the school day to integrate technology-based individualized learning. • Provided every teacher with a laptop and made assignments and handouts available to students and parents online. • While forging ahead with tech integration, monitored students and designed custom learning plans for those students who responded well to using technology. SUMMIT
  13. 13. Results • In 2003, Summit Preparatory Charter High School scored within the top 10 percent on California’s Academic Performance Index. • Three-quarters of its seniors pass at least one AP exam. • 96 percent of its graduates are accepted to a four-year college.

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Case Studies: How Successful Learning Engineers Use Technology to Improve Schooling


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