adva optical networking adva synchronization oscilloquartz timing and synchronization 5g nfv gnss sdn dci network functions virtualization data center interconnect network timing ptp fsp 3000 assurance software-defined networking edge network virtualization cloud timing optical core networks data centers eprtc automation encryption spoofing jamming ethernet disaggregation fsp 150 mobile coherent ensemble sdn and nfv ofc security frequency lte-a holdover monitoring multi-band virtualization 100g mobile backhaul adtran ai ols cesium virtual network functions connectguard gps precision time protocol technology data center connectivity pnt access zero touch pluggable phase 10g network security prtc open line system osa ntp grandmaster clock boundary clock assured pnt ran iot cybercrime openness demarcation carrier ethernet optical sfp teraflex eprc grandmaster multi-vendor direct detect layer 2 vnfs backhaul ofc/nfoec lte dwdm wdm apnt artificial intelligence machine learning ucpe network edge research ecoc bt lte-advanced radio access networks sync director ml internet of things metro orchestration sd-wan jörg-peter elbers syncjack gbaas cyberattacks optical cesium power broadcast ensemble controller flexibility aggregation open synce ensemble connector osa 5420 itsf 400g adva fsp 3000 adva optical small cells ulrich kohn cloud computing achim autenrieth openflow fiber utilities pqc post-quantum cryptography x-haul mef 3.0 multi-layer osa 5405 nfvi qkd quantum key distribution telecom infra project layer 1 vcpe data center wsts finance network synchronization fronthaul big data transport optical networks broadband backhaul research networks optical transport sorin tibuleac optical networking software defined networking lte advanced roadm jorg-peter elbers open ran nist smart grid prc primary reference clock transceivers g.metro spectrum as a service qam telemetry ip low latency ngon outdoor management timestamping adva ensemble synchronous ethernet sustainability vnf access network spectral efficiency roadms business continuity big data openstack ieee 1588v2 sync networking mpls uli schlegel navigation positioning network protection enterprise networks itu-t osa 3350 enterprise video small form factor ecpri 1200g long-haul wholesale mobile networks maintenance mef network slicing network management analytics zero touch provisioning universal cpe verizon gui silicon photonics interoperability white box time as a service fiber monitoring cybersecurity apts international telecom sync forum g.8272 osa 5401 syncplug itsf 2015 g.811 grandmaster clocks niall robinson fsp 3000 cloudconnect data protection alm cesium clock mobile network operators osa 5335 business ethernet gil biran marist college control planes transport access networks capacity 4g optical edge o-ran energy efficiency software corechannel post-quantum compact apis 400zr dci ols optical timing channel industrial iot resilience class d saas stability broadband small form-factor fsp 150-xg400 electro-photonic ict utility speed pearls spectrum latency urllc fractional qam 800g satellite 600g modulation otn multiband demo nos network operating system ensemble activator tip cell site gateway osa 5410 qsfp enhanced primary reference time clock turnkey layer 3 osa 5430 poc mifid cable networks mano cloud native scalable accuracy indoor voyager nfv infrastructure cell sites fiber assurance cloudconnect quantum security cryptography quantum computing phase synchronization devops micromux 400gbit/s boundary clocks adva fsp 3000 cloudconnect data center interconnects frequency synchronization glonass packets per second remote ptp clients programmability network encryption data security klaus grobe christoph glingener strauss mark filer cloud data centers stephan rettenberger todd bundy ibm slas data planes jim theodoras brian protiva wdm-pon super eprc seprc end to end transceiver dsp coherent 100zr 100zr edge cloud gnss-backup-as-a-service nic open servers linux client softsync greening by ict co2 environment terabit open compute embedded m.2 5400 osainside syncmodule accesssync substation cable wireless ensemble packet director optical timing gnss vulnerabilities telecoms etsi fixed wireless smart home smart devices backup flexible modulation namex lifetime eprc+ enhanced primarily reference clock substations core optical spectrum edge computing chiplets optical transceivers energy electro-photonic integrated circuits audio radio access ic-trosa integrated coherent transmitter-receiver optical s dimension epics pic photonic integrated circuits cpri optical layer ultra-flexible open line systems subsea osa 5401 télécommunications acacia bits open apis quantum-safe telemetry streaming hyperscale 64qam vendor-neutral otdr packet networks ensemble director ocp osa 5440 operations silicon sync-e connector service activation ztp autonomous networking netnod coherent detect remote phy modular digitalization universal customer premises equipment taas scale openfabric truetime universal custoemr premises equipment network functions virtualization infrastructure embedded cloud virtualized services scalability pam4 smartamp inphi smartwan optical pumping sychronization one network edge adva alm vpn datacenter forum data in motion metrology defense sd-wan 2.0 quartz malware juniper intel prayson pate spirent arista adva fsp 150 overture networks overture british telecom fsp 150 provm global navigation satellite system carrier ethernet 2.0 internet content providers cloud service providers customer premise equipment network interface device ead disaster recovery dark fiber access link monitoring phase and time of day g.8275.1 on path support nir laufer stratum 1 opendaylight network hypervisor wdm pon forum stephan neidlinger cloud access ng-pon2 jp consortium eu consortium c-band 100g metro steven searcy photonics sdn technology packet optical gmpls control planes gmpls ethernet services juniper networks phase delivery sync probe optics stephan pachnicke next generation networking university of michigan share atomic clock executive order 13905 atomic clocks on-premises cloud micro-cloud hybrid workloads ensemble cloudlet gps as a service gnss as a service express forwarding time-sensitive networking time sensitive fsp 150-xg418 zero-trust data harvesting layer 1 harvesting quantum computers greening emissions carbon environmental impact coherent interfaces pluggable optic pluggable transceiver open optical networking ans adva network security plug nidplug+ auto-tuning sfp28 accesswave25 accesswave packet director ruggedized fsp 150-xo106 leased lines optical line system osaas coresync optical cesium clock osa 3300-hp osa 3300 packet zero trust resilient pnt ii-iv 5w management and orchestration software-as-a-service small cell world summit systems integration future radio access network integration 6g private 5g gnss backup as a service gnss backup finance networks financial trading production network xhaul 5g du-volution vendor neutral telecommunication otc predictive maintenance advanced link monitoring link monitoring sub-carrier single-carrier raman multi-carrier 150ghz cop26 global warming carbon-neutral renewable sbti science based targets initiative carbon emissions climate change terrestrial sfn 10gbe qsfp+ single fiber working single fiber bidirectional muxponder micromux edge bidi sandbox test network software-defined networking sdn virtual testing simulator ensemble simulator and timing apnt+ osa 5412 adm multiplexer add/drop switchponder grooming openfabric1200 pcie tap timecard osa 5400 expansión fsp 150-xj128 25g multi-gbit/s front-haul time and synchronization quantum keys algorithms quantum virtual routing vrouter 6wind software-defined wan openreach fsp 3000 teraflex sled 1ru 5g new radio fsp 150-xg108 macsec fsp 150-xg118pro (csh) smart antenna prtc-b osa 5405-mb nanotechnology ic-trosas ihp silicon chips bicmos photonic embedding of active region lasers 5405-p irig-b 5405 client ports gbe high density 200g quattro nano open optical networks network virtualisation classified data nato eu transport layer hacking certification bsi approval bsi industries eprtc+ distributed cloud dcsgs disaggregated cell site gateways nmos npl ptp-optimized al baud rates open terminal self-tuning oif footprint short reach coronavirus covid-19 innovation irig power profiles smart grids power networks primary reference time clock legacy mnos lambda fiber networks intelligence unused spectrum flexgrid spectrum services fixed sfp+ enhanced sfp radio access network activation testing testing nec versa netcracker silver peaks lso shannon limit client port flexibility adaptive baud rate 1.2t 1.2tbit/s 1200gbit/s sc19 supercomputing psnc radio ultra-reliable low-latency communications mef19 efficiency smart networks networld2020 (bi)cmos epic optical modules eucnc latency variation fronthaul ran high-performance outside broadcast television media sonet shaping sdh central office fiber in the sky zero-touch virtual networks low-latency amplitude block lengths mapping probabilistic shaping ultra-reliable low-latency communication fsp 150-xg118pro edge hosting controller tsn mmtc embb jim zou signal shaping spectrum-as-a-service predicitve maintenance sky view hosted analytics sataware flexible spectrum management spectrum sharing submarine atps prct csp networks carriers multi-haul pico ava optical networking software-defined optics tdm ssu sync supply units edge network danish rafique cambridge diffie-hellman toshiba data center interconnect apricot netconf yanf onie edge networks csps communication service providers bare-metal switches pro-vision fsp network manager deep learning open compute project cumulus nysernet routing fsp 150-go102pro 1.6tbit/s osda 5430 fixed networks fan-out deterministic latency gap filling transpacket colt use cases optimization predictive service fulfilment switches qsfp-dd plugs 16qam hardware redundancy clock combiner 5430 5420 3230b atomic senetas cloud-native hackers automated layer 4 multi-cloud virtualized connectguard cloud ai net conference service activation testing zero touch activation virtual network edge pronid automated networking service lifecycle automation presto amartus sub-sea cables open cables undersea cables oopt open optical and packet transport facebook partial disaggregation modulation format investment disaggrageted networks ulti-layer time of day redundancy ran networks nordic data centers neos it ficolo creanord timing network synchronization magnetic deflection urban canyons syncpill syncprobe base stations distribution industry 4.0 time as a service taas time vns virtual network services trading financial networks oscilloqaurtz revenue growth mrc uli dopfer profit mrc communication mrc communications inc mark bonney real-time fiber monitoring proactive fiber monitoring in-service fiber monitoring primary reference time clocks microconnect cross-connect performance monitoring fiber installation ease of use fsp network hypervisor multi-tenant programmable virtual customer premises equipment nfv world congress on-path support power over ethernet dual receiver gnss receiver patent-pending virtual network service telco-scale nfv lte wirelss support antenna precision urban canyon director end-to-end carrier class agility embeded cloud exascale data networks hot-swappable edge nfv virtualized service deliver vnf hosting asva fsp 150 v-cpe fsp 150 provme (p2.4) programmable demarcation fsp 150 provme quantum dot laser pulse amplitude modulation pam-4 2nd-generation transport telecom infra project tip aggregated disaddregated open source adva fsp 150 provme hardware-assisted european advanced networking test center eantc intel xeon-d service assurance edge device physical network functions ofc 2017 microsoft direct detect optical layer photonic layer adva opticalnetworking regulations finance network sync-as-a-service call home reverse ssh netconf virtual private network carrier-class cpe virtual sd-wan overlay laser phase holdover optically pumped cesium beam clock time frequency phase-locked loops oscillator idt hold-over probing slave sites netwrok security edge functions edge applications one edge devices orange small cell orange egypt mobinil network time protocol passive demarcation network demarcation fiber link monitoring service agnostic arctic circle nordics off-shore data centers scandinavia in-flight data lowest network layers network layer encryption physical layer cyber security public key cryptography cyber crime cloud assurance vswitch virtual machines performance cloud probe laser lock european space agency space travel optical cesium beam clock ve-cpe ensemble orchestrator defined networking software- whiteboxing dimension project asymmetry assisted partial timing support rubidium in-flight polymorphic attacks data-in-motion rural broadband mobility adva fsp network hypervisor northstar agile dartpoints micro data centers layer 123 multi-tenant orchestration wan optimization masergy pre-activation testing <obile world congress cell site activation ools gigabit ethernet multimode fiber 10gbit 100gbit 40gbit single mode fiber 5g observatory pure-play programmable optical layer lte-tdd game changing challenge quest forum corporate social responsibility gen15 time warner cable business class adva fsp 150 pro vm cctv alchera technologies video surveillance network functions sfp-based pluggable clock devices telecom slave clocks pluggable clock devices time4 systems adva fsp cloudconnect adva connectguard ip services mpls sdn world congress network interface devices nids open networking summit fsp 150-ge110pro series fibre channel infiniband fiber tapping nid ethernet access device service-centric network fiber optic networks bandwidth services dominik schneuwly brownfield greenfield customer edge routers provider edge routers adva fsp 150eg-x gulfstream sdn controller metaswitch networks transport sdn scheduall adva network hypervisor nordunet conference henning hinderthür network programmability andicom david lytle ficon san share 2014 brocade verschlüsselung tech networking technology mobile network synchronization mobile network sync 3gpp 3gpp radio anycell connectivity anycell residential service backhaul wdm pon next generation optical networking adva optical networ mobile network operator ondm pawel kostecki thomas szyrkowiec pawel kaczmarek wolfgang kellerer open daylight tnc terena technology demonstration advanced technology itg itu g-989 itg-fachtagung ops backhaul networks hypervisor mixed wavelengths xpm 10g ook 100g qpsk quantum technologies aihua guo cloud connectivity consumer electronics show youtube ftth council europe ftth council ftth company news future of networking ir investor relations thomas szyrkowiec data center connectivity sdn and fiber channel staging provisioning network deployment timing distribution cpri interface protocol r&e increased bandwidth application note oth sonet/sdh mobile backhaul evolution timing excellence oam standards intelligent business ethernet ethernet aggregation scalable networking docsis cable operators flexible networking high-speed connectivity michael ritter macro cells remote radio heads mohammad alfiad super channel transmission ess cloud bursting technology ptc ptc 14 hawaii company quick facts info quick facts company information infographic sc13 time delivery sync assurance network operators sync jack nil laufer field measurement bgnw herbsttagung philipp lutzny supply chain management paulus bucher pricewaterhousecoopers logistik heute logistics supply chain scm backhauling optical switch packet switch sdn world congress casimer decusatis robert m. cannistra alan lumb andrew lord paul gunning paul wright optical transmission ieee roadm architectures dp-qpsk cloud symposium optical domain precise time synchronization network topologies test bed bcnet probing clock sp applications nfoec sdn summit wes doonan r&d transport network gpu-based parallelization ethernet world congress anthony magee wdn keynote network transformation wavelength distribution tibuleac filer michigan lambdarail michigan broadband world forum zenterprise ip expo ethernet demarcation
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