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Driving sales 10 14-09

  1. Expertise in marketing, social strategy & community development
  2. Full-service consulting & execution
  3. Content map (what, where, how often, by whom)
  4. User experience
  5. Calls to action
  6. Development plan
  7. Social syndication & promotion
  8. % More likely to purchase
  9. % Planning to purchase
  10. Community registrations
  11. E-mail opt-ins
  12. Time per visit
  13. % more likely to recommend your brand
  14. Community referrals
  15. Social syndication
  16. Actual online transactions & revenue
  17. Reported purchases
  18. % return visitors
  19. % retention year to year
  20. Share of household/wallet
  21. Direct leads resulting from online relationship building
  22. 34% growth in member registration / 31% increase in unique visits
  23. 179% more repeat visits
  24. 78% of users report that they are more likely to purchase a Sony product as a result of Backstage 101
  25. Opportunity to engage in conversations with other customers & Sony employees
  26. Triple digit growth in 2009
  27. Loyal base of advocates

Notas do Editor

  1. We don't allow soliciting but we find those who do participate in the conversations end up getting business because they show they are knowledgeable and build trusting relationships with consumers. Dealers are allowed to comment on the reviews and we are able to see cases where a specific issue is resolved and you have a more satisfied customer because their concerns were addressed or at least acknowledged.Good old Twitter!  We have a large number of dealerships following and engaging with us on Twitter.  We see that they use our Editor's reviews, videos, comparisons and road tests as independent 3rd party information for their own followers.  @edmunds