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Market Analysis and Strategy.pptx

  1. “Design is about giving life to your ideas”
  2. How do you feel today? Happy Sad Fear Surprised Anger Excited Exhausted Hurt Offended Disrespected Determined Passionate
  3. How business use marketing to create value? The business create value for customer through marketing strategy. Which includes: 1.Targeting customer (STDVP) Who Who is your customer? 2.Marketing analysis (5Cs and SWOT) How you analyze the situation? 3. How to create value for customer?
  4. S T P Segmentation Identifying different group of customers Positioning Creating a desired image in the minds of customers Differentiation Adding meaningful and valued differences Targeting Selecting which segment(s) to serve. Value Proposition Your UVP is a clear statement that describes the benefit of your offer, how you solve your customer's needs and what distinguishes you from the competition V Targeting Customer (STDVP) Who is your customer? Back to main slide D To the layout
  5. Strategic Goals Differentiation Segmentation & Targeting Product Price Value Proposition C U S T O M E R S B R A N D S Place Promotion Positioning Marketing Management Process Marketing Management Process How it Works? Marketing; A broad Perspective
  6. 5 Cs Analysis Know your Customer Know your Context Know your Competitor Know your Company Know your Collaborators Need Analysis Decision-making process PEST Analysis ▪ Competitive Advantage ▪ Competitive Strategy ▪ 4Ps ▪ Service quality ▪ Financial Condition ▪ HR competencies ▪ Network strength Influencers Back to main slide
  7. SWOT analysis go to the template
  8. It is differentiating your product or service from other to make it more attractive for your target customer Differentiation Tools for Differentiation ⮚Product/ Service features ⮚Personnel ⮚Channel ⮚Image Back to main slide go to the template
  9. Value proposition is a short compelling statement articulating the specific benefits a company is offering to its target market. Value proposition Tools for Value proposition It can be as simple as list of key benefits. Another way to approach is to use a fill in the blank template as below: ⮚When our customer buy and use (our product) ⮚Instead of (a competitive solution) ⮚Then they will receive (what key benefits?) ⮚Because of the differentiation (what unique capability deliver the benefits?) Back to main slide go to the template
  10. Know your customer Need Analysis Functional Needs Emotional Needs Decision Making Process Problem Recognition Information Search Evaluation of Alternatives Purchase Decision Post Purchase Evaluation Back to main slide go to the template
  11. Know your Context Back to main slide go to the template
  12. Know your Competitor Reflect on the 4Ps analysis you did • Product • Price • Place • Promotion Apart from this give due consideration to following in order to answer the below questions • Financial condition • HR core competences • Technological skills • Infrastructure and resources (Physical & Technological) • Access to teaching resources • Service quality • Network access Back to main slide go to the template
  13. Know your Company Competitive Advantage Points of Differentiation Competitive Strategy Cost Leadership Differentiation Niche/Focus Back to main slide go to the template
  14. Know your Collaborator 1. Which collaborator is strong enough to leverage? 2. What Impact can he/she make? 3. What does my collaborator and complementor will get from relationship with the firm? 4. How can he/she be motivated 5. What do you want to get out of your relationship? Back to main slide go to the template
  15. Marketing Mix (4Ps) How to create value for customer? Back to main slide
  16. Product A Product is anything that can be offered to a customer to satisfy his or her need or want. Back to main slide
  17. Product Back to main slide
  18. Price Back to main slide
  19. Place Back to main slide
  20. Positioning An effort to influence consumer perception of a brand or product relative to the perception of competing brand or products, why customer should buy your product? Back to main slide
  21. 1. Determine target audience 2. Set communication objective 3. Develop message 4. Pick channels of communication 5. Determine frequency 6. Operate within budget Marketing Communications Framework Promotion
  22. Message Attractive go to the template Back to main slide
  23. Opening slides Please write your great title is here