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Inovação em TIC Melhorando a Segurança nas Cidades Digitais.

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  • Ladies and Gentleman.
    This is my 10th year in Huawei.
    CTO of Industry Solutions Global
    Worked in GTS in Sales, Enterprise Sales in both Global and Middle East

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  • Last time when I was in Africa, I was told that I cannot go out by myself and it is not safe for me to walk on the street. I think it is a facts of life in many African Countries. The world is changing, people are changing, the way we live is changing Are you ready for the change for a better quality of life.
    I have travelled to 60 countries in the world, and many countries have started their initiative about build a smart city. However, most of the smart city they are talking about or the start of any smart cities will start with Safe City. Because not only public safety is essential to Quality of life, it affects economic growth and lively hood of your citizens.
    When we mentioned Public Safety, there are 3 major scenarios we need to concern about: Combating Crime, Event Safeguard, & Disaster Management.

    Combating crime: How are you going to response, discovered and resolve these issues.
    Event Safeguard: How are you going to ensure safety during a local, reginal and Global events.
    And when disaster strikes, (happen anywhere in this world, how are you to react and carry out the rescue when the whole world is watch.
    (Before I move to newe slide)
    May I ask the audience? What is a better Safe City to you?
  • (Solution Video )
  • Any safe city today can not be done without connections and ICT innovations. This includes Command Center, LTE or Wirless Connections,Intelligent Video Survillance, Sensors, cloud Data Center for Analysis and Terminals for the police to communicate.

    (Exmaple of our robbery in China). Without the intlligentce, millions hours of video has to be reviewed.
    Now intelligent analysis has been widely adopted in the police intelligence system of the United Kingdom, the United States, and China. The Perceptrak system of UK can automatically detect and report suspicious or potentially harmful actions. The intelligent analysis of video can replace human eyes to automatically, and more importantly, quickly search for clue and evidences, greatly boosting police efficiency and clearance rate.
    All these innovative Technologies will contribute to Safe Cities.
  • Deployment in 15 minutes
    Roller and backpack design
    No car-tuning for all mainstream SUVs
    ECV communication in both static and moving state

    40 groups, 100 users and 20 video uploading
    Group setup time < 300 ms
    3~5km coverage

    Trunking voice
    Video dispatching
    Data access

  • This picture is a landscape of Huawei Safe City End to End Portfolio with Partners.this solution consist of five level, such as information collection, communication nerwork, data center, multimedia,and busness application.
    Huawei will Focus on ICT Infrastructure, collaborate with global and local Partners in different area such as CAD, GIS
    ERP,BI and police application s.
    Now, maybe you will think this solution is so complex,to be honest, I also think so too.

  • Do you understand? Do you like it? Do you believe it? Maybe you want challenge me during coffe break: Let’s make this dream to become a reality come true.
    Here you CAN see that, Huawei innovative ICT based Safe City Solution Has already Served 400M population, 100+ Cities, in 30+ Countries, 5 continentes
    Huawei innovative ICT based safe city solution has also successfully deployed in Latin America, such Trinidad and Tobago , Ecuador, Venezuela and of course China.
    What is the performance after our deployment , let’s hear the voice from the service providers and end users.
  • My dear friends. Building a Smarter Safe Cities is not easy. Every country will have a different requirements for Safe city because every country is facing different type of problem. Any Safe City require lots of planning, assessment, high level design, talent people, partners, and a company like “Huawei”. Let’s start working closely together to build a better, safer, and smarter city for the future growth of Africa.
  • Huawei

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    2. 2. Page 1 Necessidades chave: Proteção e segurança Serviços públicos eficientes Industrialização sustentável Segurança pública Falta de água Congestionamentos Aumento da demanda de energia
    3. 3. Page 2 Falta de segurança & eficiência Não controla Não encontra Não vê Não conecta
    4. 4. Page 3 Compartilhamento de informações Banda larga por toda parte 安全固若金汤Segurança impenetrável Agilidade nos serviços
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    6. 6. Page 5 Industry & commerce Police City management Taxation Police City management Healthcare Education Taxation Industry & commerce ....
    7. 7. Page 6 e-Health e-Government e-Police e-Education
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    11. 11. Page 11 Informação disponível Acessível em todos os lugares Sensores em toda parte Vísivel em campo Habilita a rápida tomada de decisões Intelligent SenseAlert Agile NetConnect Comando unificado Secure CloudCenter Mobile MediaShare
    12. 12. Page 12
    13. 13. Page 13 35kg, 5km de cobertura 300 usuários DL 100Mbps,UL 50Mbps Latência <50ms
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    15. 15. Page 15 IoT/ICT converged gateways Intelligent video surveillance Trunking terminal LTE broadband trunking radio system Wired Network WLAN Partners Video ConferenceUnified Communication Network Security Server Storage Micro DC Backup Center Video Management System IPCC Data Center Rede de comunicação Coleta de informações Aplicação de negócios Despacho multimídia CAD GIS ERP BIPolice Apps
    16. 16. Page 17 Wireless Rede/Segurança Cloud Data Center Facilidades de TIC e energia Produtos e soluções TIC Aplicações de Software Operação Serviços Comunicações unificadas ServiçosCidades Digitais
    17. 17. Page 18 Egypt China Tajikistan Mongolia Pakistan Nigeria Zambia Tanzania Angola Venezuela Ecuador Ethiopia LAOS Russia UK Hungary Moldova Kenya UK Guangzhou Nanjing Shanghai Hefei Hungary Russia Ghana Moldova A solução Huawei safe city atendeu 400M pessoas em +100 cidades, +30 países LAOS Trinidad Brasil Águas de S.Pedro Trinidad Coate d'Ivoire Ghana Cameroon Madagascar Madagascar Brasil
    18. 18. Page 19
    19. 19. Page 20 Águas de São Pedro-SP, a primeira cidade 100% digital e inteligente do Brasil Solução  Cobertura digital banda larga para a população  Safe City: video vigilância inteligente  Iluminação  Turismo  Educação digital  e-Health  Reutilização de rede existente de par trançado para reduzir o tempo de entrega  Aumento da velocidade de banda larga à população  Câmeras com localização estratégica para garantir a cobertura total da vigilância locais turísticos  Melhoria dos serviços para estacionamento e turismo  Eficiência na iluminação pública, no agendamento de consultas médicas e acompanhamento escolar  Integração com a plataforma aberta de Smart City para melhor gestão municipal Benefícios
    20. 20. Page 21 Luis Eduardo Magalhães-BA, a primeira cidade do País a disponibilizar 4G público em rede própria Solução  Implantação de rede de comunicação de dados banda larga, sem fio através da tecnologia 4G (eLTE)  Conexão de todos os orgãos e locais públicos  E-Education  Safe-City: videovigilância e mobilidade para forças de segurança  Aumentar a eficiência da gestão  Melhorar o controle sobre os recursos públicos  Criar sistema de Televigilância  Ampliar o acesso da população a internet  Estimular as empresas, provedores a oferecer serviços  Melhorar a qualificação profissional  Inclusão Digital Benefícios
    21. 21. Page 22 JOIN US IN Building Smarter Safe Cities