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A+M_the growing scenario

The thesis "The growing scenario: a generative ecosystem for a bioactive city" explores the potential of biologically inspired digital design at the urban scale. Efficient biological systems that evolved over the course of time are proving to be useful models for man and his research. Making architecture today means to work with atoms as homogeneous raw material and to look into natural processes of generation, growth and adaptation, in order to grasp their way of operating. The translation of these processes into city planning through a new design approach, leads us to a paradigm shift: from the age of the machine to the biological one, in which, applying the method of parametric design, we end up defining a real generative architecture. The project parameters aim at raising the inclusiveness, at reaching a smart urban management and a more sustainable future. To meet the objectives we have to invest in human resources, technology, and protection of natural ecosystems. The best way of expressing the morphology of this type of sustainable future is through what we call BIOPLAN. How can we contribute to human and environmental good by learning about material and design from nature? We would like to demonstrate there is a way to make things more efficient and effective: using the right (high) technology and processes with zero waste, zero mess and at a very low cost, and investing into human and natural resources, we can morph at architectural scale. Our goal is to enhance the relationship between the human, the built and the natural environments by employing design principles inspired by nature and implementing them in the invention of digital design technologies.

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