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SEO and Content Tatics that will turn visitors into contacts Dreamforce 16 Chris Bennett 97th Floor

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Chris Bennett delves into answering questions with content and using data to free up your time to spend on what really matters, creating awesome content.

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SEO and Content Tatics that will turn visitors into contacts Dreamforce 16 Chris Bennett 97th Floor

  1. 1. SEO & Content Tactics That Will Turn Visitors Into Customers DreamForce 16 Chris Bennett Founder/CEO @chrisbennett chris@97thfloor.com
  2. 2. View This Deck, http://bit.ly/ChrisBennettDF16
  3. 3. Presentation Topic // Presenter’s Name 3
  4. 4. 2 Themes Today
  5. 5. Answering questions with content
  6. 6. Help Your Ideation Process
  7. 7. In Order to Free Up Time to Work on the Nitty Gritty
  8. 8. The problem is the majority of our content decisions is driven by one thing
  9. 9. Social counts of competitors
  10. 10. Flawed data
  11. 11. No context
  12. 12. They don’t care about social shares
  13. 13. How do we do this?
  14. 14. We need “ACCURATE’ data
  15. 15. If you don't know what kind of content to build, you don’t have enough data.
  16. 16. Don’t go run and schedule a “Brainstorm”
  17. 17. Go get more data
  18. 18. When you have enough data the problem becomes resources not ideas
  19. 19. and that’s scalable
  20. 20. A Trailblazers Guide to Gathering More Data
  21. 21. Social Mining Tools we like to use BuzzSumo NUVI Hashtagify Radian6
  22. 22. Company-wide Persona Data
  23. 23. Site Search
  24. 24. Use HotJar everywhere, but especially on Q&A/FAQs hotjar.com
  25. 25. Q&A sites http://answerthepublic.com/ http://Quora.com/
  26. 26. Talk to your sales and fulfillment team
  27. 27. Ask them what the most common pain points and hurdles are when trying to close the sale
  28. 28. Then take it all to keyword research Tools we like to use SERPS.com moz.com BrightEdge.com Adwords
  29. 29. Group and organize your keywords around themes
  30. 30. Notice I didn’t say organize your keywords by search volume, difficulty, or CPC?
  31. 31. Your content will write itself. Last year this was my entire theme http://www.slideshare.net/97thfloor/dreamforce-2015-building-content-that-grows-your-business-chris-bennett-97th-floor
  32. 32. Some Examples of Data Inspiring Content
  33. 33. Looked at Persona Data and found a big crossover with fitness/healthy lifestyles and cooking.
  34. 34. that led to keyword research showing YUGE opportunity with recipes utilizing blenders
  35. 35. Subtitle placeholder Case Study Copycat Recipes
  36. 36. Case Study Copycat Recipes - 147,000 Pinterest Pins - Ranks for over 7,000 keyword variations - over 5,000 organic visits per month
  37. 37. Subtitle placeholder Case Study Peanut Butter Smoothies
  38. 38. Subtitle placeholder Case Study Peanut Butter Smoothies - 1,300 Different Keywords bringing traffic - 100 Keywords in the top 10 - 1,100 visits a day
  39. 39. Case Study Peanut Butter Smoothies STATS Featured Snippet!
  40. 40. but there was one BIG theme staring us right in the face
  41. 41. That apparently every girl on Instagram could have told us
  42. 42. So we made the definitive guide
  43. 43. 73% Organic Traffic Increase 23% Increase in Referral Traffic YOY
  44. 44. Feedback from sales team and keyword research Showed a lot of vendor comparison questions. I know I want cloud storage but who?
  45. 45. Subtitle placeholder Case Study Vendor Comparison Guide
  46. 46. Subtitle placeholder Case Study Vendor Comparison Guide We had so much info we compiled an eBook Buyers Guide. 6.5% Conversion Rate https://www.qubole.com/resources/solution/big-data-vendors-comparison/
  47. 47. It works!
  48. 48. When your time isn’t spent on ideas you suddenly have more time to DO!
  49. 49. 1 Common theme with these examples.
  50. 50. They are all the “BEST” result for the SERP
  51. 51. Never create content that is not the best result for the SERP Web.
  52. 52. 97th Floor’s Best result checklist Scannable CTA’s Mobile Images Load Time Code Errors Page Authority TF-IDF
  53. 53. URLPROFILER.com Use URLPROFILER to Start
  54. 54. But I want to focus on one area Scannable CTA’s Mobile Images Load Time Code Errors Page Authority TF-IDF
  55. 55. Because i’m almost certain you’re not doing it
  56. 56. TF-IDF = Keyword Density on Roids #Gains
  57. 57. TF-IDF Explained https://moz.com/blog/7-advanced-seo-concepts
  58. 58. Count of Term Appearances on Page Count of the Most Used Term on the Page Repeated for EVERY Term https://97thfloor.com/term-frequecy-analysis
  59. 59. TF-IDF Working Doc Use this tool to Extract - http://tool.motoricerca.info/keyword-density.phtml
  60. 60. https://draxe.com/coconut-oil-uses/ TF-IDF It Works!
  61. 61. Here is the entire point of my presentation
  62. 62. Use Data To Work Smarter
  63. 63. To Free Up Time to Work on the Nitty Gritty
  64. 64. Results
  65. 65. Thank You Chris Bennett CEO/Founder - 97th Floor chris@97thfloor.com @chrisbennett View This Deck, http://bit.ly/ChrisBennettDF16