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Puzzle Treks

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Puzzle Treks

  1. 1. Puzzle Treks
  2. 2. About UsStart dreaming of Israel, as youve never imagined itbefore. We welcome you to a country bursting at theseams with many languages, distinctive cultures, andbreathtaking sights. Five young adults recognized thedrastic need for deeper engagement in Israel and Israeladvocacy from young adults around the globe. Theycombined their unique talents to build Puzzle Israel, atravel company specifically for young adults who wish toexplore Israel from the ground up. 1
  3. 3. Tomer ShohamAbout The Crew Tomer Shoham, was born and raised in the Galilee community, Yuvalim. From 2002 to 2008 Tomer served in various elite units of the IDF and after his release from the army he traveled throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United States. He loves to explore Israel in his 4x4 and takes every opportunity he can to travel. He lives in Jerusalem where he works for Magen David Adom after 10 years of voluntary service and is a licensed tour guide of Israel.Nir Margalith Eyal LevyNir Margalith, grew up in Yuvalim, a village in Misgav, Israel, Eyal Levy, grew up in Kamun, a village in the Lower Galilee. He servedsurrounded by the magical nature of the Lower Galilee. From six years as a combatant officer and captain in an elite IDF unit.  After,2003-2006 he served in the IDF as a driver and assistant to a he spent ten months traveling the Silk Road through Central Asia,senior officer. Since he can remember, hikes, trips, and nature Nepal, China, and India, also spending time in Mongolia and Newhave always been important to him. He has traveled extensively Zealand. He holds a B.A. in Economics and Philosophy from Hebrewindependently as well as with his family and friends. Every day University and loves hiking, playing soccer, horseback riding, readingmeeting new people, discovering new places, and trying new foods and spending time with his friends.helps him to continue his journey of exploration.Guy Marom Nikki AvershalGuy Marom, was born and raised in Koranit, Misgav. His appreciation Nikki Avershal, is from Philadelphia. She grew up speaking Hebrewfor nature and his love of Israel stems from his grandparents, who with her Israeli father and visiting Israel often to see family. In 2009helped build the land of Israel after escaping the Holocaust. Guy served she graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.A. in Political3 years in the IDF and after, he spent eight months traveling around Science. Throughout her studies and after, she worked variousNew Zealand and the Far East. His travels gave him a fresh perspective positions in the Jewish community in Pittsburgh. She moved to Israelon Israel and what makes his homeland so unique. He holds a B.A. in to participate in OTZMA, a yearlong volunteer program. Following this,Behavioral Sciences from Bar Ilan University and loves riding horses, she received her International MBA from Tel Aviv University. She lovescooking, traveling, and music. yoga, singing and playing guitar, hiking, and reading. 2 3
  4. 4. Puzzle TreksPuzzle invites you to cover Israeli terrain onfive fascinating and challenging treks builtspecifically for travelers who love nature andsprawling landscapes. Small intimate groupswill set out to explore Israel on foot anddiscover the hidden magic of mountainousvistas, unique geographical phenomena, with arich mix of ancient history and modern society.Weaving through portions of the Israel NationalTrail, each trek provides the core contents ofall Puzzle Israel trips including survival andnavigation workshops, interactive cookingdemonstrations, music evenings and sunriseyoga for an unforgettable experience. 4 5
  5. 5. Nimrod Fortress to Kinneret Day 4:From Alma to Mt. Meron • Alwa Spring and Blue Eye ReservoirDaily Program • Visit to the ancient Arab village of Jish (Gush Halav) including local lunchDay 1: From the Mountain to the Valley • Ascending Mt. Meron• Breakfast at Nimrod Fortress • Cooking workshop atop Mt. Meron• Descent from Nimrod Fortress to Kibbutz Snir• Hike from the suspension bridge at Banias Riverbed to entrance of the Day 5:Amud settlement • Wake up before the sunrise to view the surrounding area from the top of Mt.• Visit monument commemorating victims of helicopter accident Meron (Israels second highest mountain)• Kibbutz activities and evening at “Pub Sheli”, Kibbutz Dan • Descend from Mt. Meron by way of the tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai• Accommodation at Kibbutz Dan • Descend into Upper Amud Riverbed • Swim in Sichvi PoolsDay 2: Israels Water Sources • Accommodation at Kibbutz Hukuk or outdoor camping at Habakkuk Spring• Trip two see additional water sources of the Jordan River (Miqve)• From Dan Riverbed to Hatzbani Riverbed • Music evening• Crossing the Jordan River Valley to Kfar Giladi• Visit the Tel Hai courtyard and HaShomer Museum, stories and explanations Day 6:Kinneret about HaShomer and Trumpeldor • A short hike to the Kinneret• Continue to Crusader Fort Hunin • Swim and “Al Ha’Esh” (Barbeque) on the shores of the Kinneret• Campfire in Fort Hunin and swim in ancient waterhole in the fortress. • A visit to Tiberias• Camping in Fort Hunin • Sleep in a hotel in TiberiasDay 3: Fortresses and Caves• Watch the sunrise from the top of the Crusader fortress• Explanation and discussion of what can be seen of the Golan Heights, Lebanon, and the path from the two previous days of hiking.• Walking along Galilee landscape with full view of the Jordan River Valley• Visit to Koach (Yesha) Fort and lesson about the war of liberation in the Galilee• Descent to Dishon Riverbed and Ascent to the Alma Cave (one of the largest caves in Israel)**The courageous may descend into the cave while the rest of the group sets upcamp in the surrounding area 6 7
  6. 6. The Kinneret to Hof HaCarmel Around JerusalemDaily Program Daily ProgramDay 1: The first Kibbutzim and the settlements around the Kinneret (14 km) Day 1: The Battle on the Road to Jerusalem• Introduction at Arbel Cliff lookout • Start at Latrun Armored Corps Memorial• Descend by way of Poriyah Heights to Kibbutz Kinneret • Ascend on the Burma Road to Outposts 16 and 21• Accommodations at Rob Roi campsite • Descend to Kisalon Riverbed and continue to Kibbutz Tzuba • Sleeping and music evening at Kibbutz TzubaDay 2: Agricultural Settlements in the Galilee (22 km)• Hike to Sirin Heights (Elot Observation point) by way of Yavniel riverbed Day 2: Agriculture in the Judean Mountains• Option A- INT by way of Elot hills • Hike from Tzuba to Mt. Eitan and Sataf• Option B- By way of Yavniel Spring, climb of Yavniel ascent • Cross Soreq Riverbed• Walk to Olam Spring to the foothills of Tavor • Finish at Kobi Spring• Accomodations at Gazit, Ein Dor, or Kfar Kish • ODT and military activities • Campfire and Poike eveningDay 3: Jeep trek around the area’s Bible stories• Climb Mt. Tavor Day 3: Bible stories: David and Goliath, Samson• Start INT, climb to Mt. Devorah with accommodation in Nazareth Hostel (top of • Hike from Kobi Springs to Charbet Chanun Mt. Yonah) • Nativ Ha’Lamed Heh: Mt. Sansan, Main Battle Hill, Ha’Elah Valley • Accommodations at Tel AzeqaDay 4:Ancient settlements in the Lower Galilee • Outdoor cooking workshop• Hiking the INT from the Old City of Tzipori to Mizpeh Hosha’aya• Alonim Hills and Tzipori Riverbed Day 4: Bar Kochva Rebellion• Bicycle ride through Tzipori Riverbed • From Tel Azeqa to Tel Masuah• Accommodation at Kibbutz Yagur • Continue to Beit Govrin • Visit to Beit Govrin National Park (Bell Caves)Day 5:History of the Carmel Mountains, Ancient and Modern • Sleep at Beit Govrin• Climb the Carmel (Ma’apilim Riverbed)• Descend in Kelach Riverbed from Top of Carmel to Mt. Shokef Day 5:Trip in Wadi Kelt• Descend through Oren Riverbed via Etzbah Cave and Oren campsite to Carmel • Travel to Anatot (Option to drive the previous evening) Beach • Hiking trek in Wadi Kelt• Finish at Carmel Beach • Travel to the Dead Sea hot springs • Sleep near the Dead Sea • Alternative Options • Begin the first day in Tel Aviv and then continue to Latrun • Begin at Reading portion of Israel National Trail to Hayarkon (antipatrus) • Camping at Fort Afeq 8 9
  7. 7. Makhteshim The Road to EilatDaily Program Daily ProgramDay 1: Introduction to the nature of the desert Day 1: Kibbutz Yotvata and Israeli Settlement in the Desert• Begin at the Asmodeus Gate (Hatzeira stream) • Start at Khan Shaharut• Start crossing the small Makhtesh and climbing of Eli ascent • Hiking: Shaharut Ascent path or Zugan Ascent to Yotvata• Stop at observation point above the small Makhtesh with an explanation of the • Visit to Yotvata’s desert dairy farms special geological phenomenon. • Walk to Yotvata’s wildlife shelter• Arrive to campsite • Poike, campfire, and ODT activities• Outdoor cooking workshop • Sleep at Kibbutz Samar or at Chai Bar campgroundsDay 2: Man in the desert Day 2: Timna• Climb to Fort Zafit • Hike to Timna• Descend to Yamin Riverbed and climb "Palmach Ascent" at Hatirah Riverbed. • Guided bicycle tour of Timna National Park• Swim in Yorqeam Spring • Timna attractions: Sand dunes, Copper mines and Solomon’s Pillars• Climb to the "Shark tail" trail (edge of the large Makhtesh) and entrance to the • Scavenger hunt in Timna Park Makhtesh, meet the bus at the colored sands site. • Accommodations at Bedouin tents near Lake Timna• Observation from Mt. Avnun Day 3: Jeep Trekking• Spend the rest of the day in lectures and workshops related to life in the desert, • Early climb of Berech Ascent to mt. Berech with explanations about desert tribes, old and new • Begin jeep trip from top of Mt. Berech• Sleep at Sde Boker College • Half a day jeep trip visiting Betamim Riverbed, Sayarim Ascent, Eteq Riverbed,Day 3: Bible stories: David and Goliath, Samson Raham Riverbed, Be’er Orah, and Mt. Amram• Walk from Aqev Spring to Shaviv Spring • Swim in Eteq waterholes• Climbing the "thirsty snake" ascent • Outdoor cooking workshop• Camping in "Eva waterholes" Campground • Camping at Mt. Yocheved campgrounds• Desert wilderness survival workshops Day 4: HikingDay 4: HaMakhteshim • Sunrise yoga on Mt. Yocheved• Early wake up for desert sunrise yoga • Hike from Mt. Yocheved to Shchoret Canyon to Mt. Solomon and Mt. Yorem• Walk to "Eva waterholes" • Campfire and music evening• Arrive at overlook of Makhtesh Ramon • Sleep at Mt. Yoram campsite• Bike trek along the northern rim of Makhtesh Ramon to Mitzpeh Ramon Day 5:Israel National Trail• Visit the sculpture garden at Mitzpeh Ramon • Hike along the most southern portion of the Israel National Trail• Spirituality workshops at Mitzpe Ramon • Through Mt. Yohash, Gishron Ascent, Bulbusim Ascent, and Mt. Tzfachot• Sleep at Mitzpe Ramon • Final observations from Mt. Tzfachot to Eilat, descend to the beaches of Eilat 10 11
  8. 8. CONTACT US:USA No. (215) 764-6412Nir Margalith 972 (52) 226-1323 1236Nikki Aversh al 972 (54) 453- omwww.Pu zzleIsrael.c PuzzleIsra el@gmail.com 12
  9. 9. Contact Us:USA No. (215) 764-6412Nir Margalith 972 (52) 226-1323Nikki Avershal 972 (54) 453-1236www.puzzleisrael.compuzzleisrael@gmail.com