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Denim-Non Denim garments shade control system

  1. Presented by: Md. Azmir Latif M.Tech (Fabric Technology),DIU PGD in TM, BUTex SHADE CONTROL SYSTEM
  2. 1. Whether fabrics are in-house from suppliers, fabric rolls are kept in quarantine area as per dye lots.
  3. 2. After physical inventory all fabric rolls are kept in the rack according to dye lots.
  4. 3. After quality inspection pass shade band and shade continuity report are made from all fabric rolls and then fabric rolls are kept shade wise in the rack.
  5. 4. According to shade grouping and shrinkage reports, store issues fabrics to the cutting section.
  6. Shade & Pattern wise issue by store
  7. 5. In cutting section shade wise segregated rolls are received, checked and are then proceed for cutting.
  8. In cutting 100% roll check with shade shrinkage group.
  9. 6. After cutting shade wise bundle will be kept in the sewing inputs area and shade labels must be attached with all garments in the sewing line.
  10. Shade Label attached to the garments
  11. 7. After completing sewing garments are bundled shade wise and will send to washing factory.
  12. 8. In washing factory garments are received as per shade wise bundle.
  13. 9. Then garments are sent to dry process.
  14. All dry process done by shade & Size wise
  15. All dry process done by shade & Size wise
  16. 10. After dry process garments are sent to 1st wash.
  17. 11. After completing 1st wash garments are sent for destroy / PP.
  18. 12. After then garments are segregated shade wise and then sent to 2nd wash.
  19. Always maintaining shade label during washing
  20. 13. In finishing garments quality and measurements are checked.
  21. In finishing garments check quality & shade then keep in bean as per shade label
  22. 14. Finally shade wise bundle are sent to delivery section of washing factory.
  23. Shade wise bundle ready for delivery to Finishing
  24. 15. After wash complete garments are received in finishing as per shade wise bundles.
  25. 16. In the finishing input area garments shades are segregated in the shade box.
  26. 17. After finishing complete garments are send to CTPAT according to shade labels.
  27. 18. After metal pass garments shades are checked as per packing ratio to maintain 1carton 1 shade.
  28. 19. After that garments are kept in carton and before keeping shade label must be removed from garments.
  29. 20. Finally carton are sent to carton ware house with proper identification.
  30. Keep in ware house waiting for Inspection