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Pick1 - Know Your Customers

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Know Your Customers - Individual Opinions meet Real-time Targeted Marketing

Pick1 merges an individual's opinions with their entire social media presence, enabling brands to efficiently know, understand, and successfully target their customers.

We are building the biggest database of opinions, an Opinion Graph (Big Data for Individual Opinions) accessible via API to the world.

1 - Hi! My name is Armando/Paolo, I’m co-founder of Pick1, an enterprise solution enabling brands get closer to their audience.
2 - if you are a brand like American Express, which is one of our clients you have two big needs.
3 - On one end need to understand your customers. this is done through Market Research, which has been unchangd for the last 50 years
4 - On the other end you need to reach out to them, and this is done through | Advertising, one of the most rapidly changing markets ever.
5 - They’re both part of the same process. But they have different approaches and they don’t’ efficiently share information with one and other. So enter Pick1… the sweet spot between the two.
6 - At the beginning we enriched the opinions information coming from the market research industry with social media and contextual data, for Brands to really get to know their customers as individuals.
7 - then something interesting happened. The brands we’ve been working with asked for ways for their advertisers to use this knowledge efficiently, in an [automated] way. On top of their CRMs, to better personalize the content of their mailing lists, on top of the cookie based display advertising.
8 - So this is what we’re giving them. And the results of this more efficient engagement are amazing, with a dramatic improvement in the pageviews, in the users’ time on site and their bounce rate.
9 - This is the future. where market research and advertising finally come together in a streamlied process. And these brands, our clients, already know that. Toyota, Ikea, [Nutella], and of course American Express. Among others.
10 - last year we made $135k revenue, growing 100% quarter over quarter over the last 5 quarters. with clients renewing their contracts and increasing their spending (Swtich 8 with 9?)
11 - And we built the perfect team to be at the intersection of the two markets, in fact we're able to pull from both the types of budgets. +pipeline [+founders]
12 - we also already raised $1M from these amazing guys: and we are going for another $1M [from you amazing guys] to be able to address our sales requestes. marketing is changing for ever. if you know the space, and want to be part of this change. let's talk.



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Pick1 - Know Your Customers

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