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Margaret mead presentation

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Margaret mead presentation

  1. 1. Margaret Mead and Education By: Chelsea Ellis
  2. 2. Introduction ANTHROPOLOGY  A new science in the 1920’s  The study of People  Mead’s teacher- Franz Boas Franz Boas  Believed all people basically the same Influences  Freud  Erik Erikson  Gestalt Psychology of Kurt Lewin
  3. 3. Primitive Societies Mead Freud Historically and culturally  Biology dictates one’s place women’s status changed in society depending on their societal condition  Women who go against it suffered from “penis envy”
  4. 4. Coming of Age in Samoa The study of transition from childhood to adulthood Applied to girls who reached puberty  Awkward Age
  5. 5. Gender Roles Boys Girls In charge of work and  4-5 years old planning for the village  In charge of babies and toddlers Learn diverse skills like fishing, building, orating  Puberty  Perform more physical tasks like harvesting crops  No longer in charge of child-rearing  Begin work of making mats and dowry gifts for relatives
  6. 6. Samoan Adolescence Not a period of crisis or stress Develop interests and activities Not perplexed by conflicts, philosophical queries, or remote ambitions Can take lovers until married for as long as possible
  7. 7. Education America Samoa Praises “experimental  The brightest kids have to educators” (Weisberg, hold themselves back 2001, p. 153)  The dullest child is helped  Creates the feeling that all are equally capable  Is this good or bad?
  8. 8. The Manus Culture Education  Physical Training Children never start a feat too soon Children are never allowed to back track How can we apply this to education?
  9. 9. The Manus Culture
  10. 10. Critics: Freeman Mead-Freeman Controversy  Absolute Cultural Determinist  Accused of fitting behavior and cultural patterns into research  Should have been investigating her research problem more  Boas- Mead relationship Result: Other critics believe Freeman misrepresented Mead’s views
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