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  1. GENRE Research
  2. MUSIC GENRE Music genre - or simply genre - refers to the style of music. There are many different types of genres but some of the most popular ones are: Classical Jazz Rock Punk Pop Rap Hip-Hop.
  3. SIGNIFICANCE OF MUSIC GENRE Understanding genre is also key to understanding audiences. Genres - or more specifically, sub-genres - tend to have a culture all their own. Fans of a particular sub-genre of music may tend to flock to the same kinds of venues and same kinds of shops, listen to the same radio stations, watch the same movies and use the same websites. This kind of information is invaluable when it comes to promoting and marketing music and putting together live shows. If you're in or representing, say, a punk band - a sub-genre with a very clearly defined culture of its own - then you can increase your chances of success by understanding where punks fans go for their music in any given area. It will help you reach the right listeners every time, increasing your chances of success. In fact, understanding the identity of a sub-genre can even help direct the design of your cover art and merchandise - or dictate whether you need these things at all.
  4. Identifying genre will also help musicians and their representatives choose the right labels to approach with their music and can even help them decide if they need a label at all. Whereas music in the pop genre benefits from having a major label behind it, indie rock can thrive on an indie imprint - and can be self-released much easier than a record by an unknown pop artist.
  5. MY SONG For my music video I have chosen ‘Shut up and dance’ cover by Twenty One Two which belongs to ‘Pop-Rock’ genre.
  6. POP ROCK As the song I have chosen belongs to the genre of ‘Pop Rock’ so I will be focusing on this genre in my research. The origins of the pop rock genre come from the early 1950’s where the guitar and bass guitar accompanied such singers as Elvis Presley and chuck berry. This music was popular and catchy to the public yet had the original hints of rock which has changed ever so much over the years. As time moved on so did the pop rock genre although now it had became that umbrella term over many bands and sub genres. Mainstream rock went into soft and hard rock. Soft rock involving Fleetwood mac and rod Stewart and hard rock being led zeppelin and the punk scene which had by now developed into a massive scene with the Ramones, the clash and the sex pistols leading the way.
  7. The bands from America which made the new scene of pop rock as we know it today with bands being male fronted with the iconic style and somewhat childish nature of partying. Blink 182, foo fighters, red hot chilli peppers and green day being on the horizon in this era. This style echoed across the us and uk. The style was a mix of punk rhythms with a mix of catchy pop culture which seemed to speak to the masses. Even groups could mix grunge with pop to make post grunge under the pop rock banner In the form of nirvana. Pop rocks resurgence continued into the early 2000’s with new upcoming bands who were really just teens playing for the fun of it yet getting a lot of public attention. Yet, rock as a whole took a serious blow and was almost swiped from the top 40’s. The bands worldwide knowledge was selling but not selling in masses. Bands image became one of rebellion and linked to skating. Blink 182 lead this style of pop rock into the new century.
  8. TWENTY ONE TWO Twenty One Two is a band consisting of two members Mikael Olsson and Rickard Lindvall.They are also youtubers and upload covers of different songs. I am using their cover of ‘Shut up and dance’ by Walk The Moon.To use this song I contacted them and asked for their permission which they granted me through an email. They do many different covers of different songs because of which they do not have a single genre of music but still their music revolves mostly around ‘Rock’ genre as one member plays guitar and other plays drums. As of right now they have 78,000+ subscribers on youtube.

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