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WORKTECH MADRID 2014 by 3g office

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Empieza la cuenta atrás para Worktech14 que se celebra en Madrid el 11 y 12 de junio 2014
La sede de Repsol acogerá las clases magistrales el día 11
La sede de Microsoft acogerá las conferencias especializadas en trabajo, tecnología y espacio el día 12

Worktech14, evento de conferencias internacionales que aúna los conceptos de tecnología y trabajo se celebra por primera vez en España, en Madrid, el 11 y 12 de junio. Worktech se ha celebrado anteriormente en diversos lugares del mundo, Londres, Nueva York, San Francisco Bay, Shanghai, Amsterdam, Singapur, Berlín, Melbourne, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires y Santiago del Chile.
El día 11 se impartirán clases magistrales en la Sede de Repsol en Madrid, que también podrá visitarse como caso de éxito. El día 12 se celebran diversas conferencias en la sede de Microsoft.
Durante los dos días se celebrarán diversas conferencias y clases magistrales a cargo de brillantes ponentes internacionales capaces de debatir, divulgar y enseñar su conocimiento sobre el futuro del trabajo, bajo tres grandes aspectos: cómo, cuándo y dónde, exploración de tendencias internacionales y casos de éxito.
Es un evento pensado para aquellos profesionales implicados en el futuro del trabajo y en el lugar de trabajo, así como en la tecnología y la innovación.
Para Francisco Vázquez, Presidente de 3g office y patrocinador Platinum de Worktech14 Madrid: “Era un reto para nosotros traer Worktech14 a España. Queremos confirmar el fuerte potencial de los ponentes que asistirán y aseverar a los directivos, de la importancia de conocer todos los avances en workplace, que llevan años implantándose en el mundo anglosajón”.
Algunos de los temas y casos que se abordarán son:

• El Espacio Virtual es el nuevo espacio para trabajar y vivir.
• La Innovación en el Trabajo, una revisión de las Tendencias de Workplace Globales
• El Espacio Codesigning: crear un ambiente de aprendizaje y de colaboración
• El Smarter Working Manifesto
• Bienestar: una cuestión de fondo
• Características de un Workplace excelente
• Gestión del Cambio en el Workplace
• El New World of Work

Los interesados pueden reservar ya su plaza para unirse a 200 profesionales de alto nivel en el sector inmobiliario, las instalaciones, la tecnología y la gestión ejecutiva, rrhh, arquitectos, diseñadores, FM y otros asesores profesionales para explorar el futuro del trabajo.

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WORKTECH MADRID 2014 by 3g office

  1. 1. Madrid BOOK ONLINE NOW: WWW.UNWIRED.EU.COM/madrid JOIN US #WORKTECH CONFERENCE +MASTERCLASSES 11 & 12 June 2014 Repsol new HQ Microsoft new HQ WORKTECH14 Madrid is the forum for all those involved in the future of work and the workplace as well as real estate, technology and innovation. This is our firstWORKTECH conference in Spain and it will attract some of the biggest and brightest names to debate, discuss and divulge the latest thinking on the Future ofWork and theWorkplace. Join over 150 senior professionals from real estate, facilities, technology, executive man- agement, architecture, design and professional advisors to further knowledge and share expertise. THEMES KEYNOTE SPEAKERS SPONSORS Technology Trends and Future Workstyles that will Transform the Way we Work Global Perspectives on Workplace Innovation GLOBAL Case studies: Microsoft, L’Oreal, Repsol, DNB Bank CONFERENCE CHAIR Erik Veldhoen Speaker, Author and Founder, ErikVeld- hoen For Change Francisco Vázquez President, 3G Office Agustin Chevez Bernaldo de Quiros Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourn Philip Vanhoutte Sr VP & MD Europe & Africa, Plantronics Blanca Gomez Gonzáles, Human Resources Director, Microsoft Oliver Marlow Creative Director, Tilt Media Partners Event Partners Platinum Sponsor Gold Sponsor Silver Sponsor Bronze Sponsors Supported by
  2. 2. BOOK ONLINE NOW: WWW.UNWIRED.EU.COM/madrid JOIN US #WORKTECH MASTERCLASS PROGRAMME Wednesday 11th June 2014, Repsol - Méndez Álvaro, 44 Business & Strategy Executives Real Estate Professionals Facilities Managers IT Directors & Executives Architects & Designers Management Consultants HR Professionals Academics & Researchers Great information for building a business case for change Executive Director, Boehringer Ingelheim As usual WORKTECH exceeded my expectations both as a thought provoking and networking opportunity Director, WPR Europe, Cisco Systems Excellent insights into the trends and ever changing workplace complexities Senior Manager, Strategic Facility Planning, Johnson & Johnson A well-spoken and experienced group of presenters providing leading edge subjects current topics and statistics. A great place to learn about new ideas National Real Estate Program Manager, Deloitte OUR VENUES Microsoft One of the world’s best workplaces*, is host to the first WORKTECH Conference in Madrid. Join us on 12th June at Microsoft’s new Headquarters in Madrid at Centro Empresarial La Finca. * SOURCE: Great place to work survey OUR AUDIENCE REPSOL On 11th June, Repsol, another leading workplace, hosts the WORKTECH Masterclasses. Repsol believes in innovation as an engine of change to create a new energy model. WHAT PAST DELEGATES HAVE SAID 15:00 Registration at Repsol 15:30 Welcome from the host Juan de Amunategui, Corporate Director Real Estate Services, Repsol 15:35 Chairman’s Opening Remarks Francisco Vázquez, President, 3G Office 15:40 Workplace health check: How is your work model? Antonio, Heras, Workplace Innovation Global Lead 16:10 The rise of online working in Spain and Latin America Francisco Aréchaga, Managing Director, Nubelo.com 16:30 Workplace and Education; Challenges and Opportunities Guzmán deYarza Blache, Director, Master in Work Space Design 17:10 Networking - coffee 17:40 Repsol Headquarters: Case Study 18:00 Tour of Repsol Workplace and Education; Chal- lenges and OpportunitiesGiven the growing complexity and interest of working environ- ments, there is a need for a new kind of professionals who are able to tackle the designing and management of the workplace in a way that fosters creativity, collaboration and innovation.The teaching of these skills has to take into account many different fields appart from architecture or design; it has to deal with sociology, technology and business-related aspects. The talk will try to unveil some of the drivers that educators have to be aware of in order to adapt their lessons to the ever-changing conditions of the workplace. Juan played a decisive role in the Campus project especially in the design and implementation of new ways of working. Thousands of SME are now able to bring in the best professionals for a mission while large corporations struggle to hire them as permanent employees. On the other hand ITC labor market has decreased by 50% in the last decade.The battle is here for valuable talent. Therefore, large organizations will need to push talent management beyond their nice facilities and brand to include the new workforce: a global network of outside nontraditional workers. So please come in and learn how to maximize the extended workforce with permanent employees. They are millennials, their job is no longer bonded to a physical place nor one brand. Innovative companies are launching a new working model that improves produc- tivity and at the same time offers the best possible working environment to professionals in which to develop their full potential. This model simply works because integrates the three fundamental pillars: Space, technology and people. During this session we will share the current status of companies today, the barriers encountered and best practices that improve work for them. Qualified and experienced architect and consultant with over 20 years of experience in the management of spaces and the modeling of FlexibleWorking.
  3. 3. BOOK ONLINE NOW: WWW.UNWIRED.EU.COM/madrid JOIN US #WORKTECH 08:45 Registration 09:10 Welcome from the host Fernando Carneros, Real Estate and Facility Manager, Microsoft 09:15 Chairman’s Opening Remarks Francisco Vázquez, President, 3G Office Theme THE FUTURE OFWORK 09:20 The SmarterWorking Manifesto Philip Vanhoutte, MD, EMEA Plantronics 10:00 HANG OUT 10:05 Jelly BeanWorking Philip Ross, CEO UNWORK 10:40 COFFEE Theme PLACE 11:10 Change Management in theWorkplace Jose Luis Sanchez-Concha, Director LATAM, 3G Office 11:40 Wellbeing: a bottom line issue. Beatriz Arantes,Senior Design Researcher and Psychologist, Steelcase 12:10 The future of work is already here Blanca Gómez González,Human Resources Director, Microsoft 12:40 LUNCH Theme NEWWORLD OFWORK 13:40 Working in Etopia: New urban ecosystems of innovation José Carlos Arnal, Managing Director, Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation 14:10 Scenarios 2018 Mark Catchlove, Specifier & Design Director, Herman Miller 14:40 ICT &The DigitalWorld Frans van der Reep, Senior Professor, Inholland University of Applied Science 15:10 COFFEE Theme PEOPLE 15:40 Trust me! Agustin Chevez Bernaldo de Quiros, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne 16:10 Codesigning Space: Creating learning and collaborative environments Oliver Marlow, Creative Director ,Tilt 16:40 You-Topia Erik Veldhoen, Strategic Consultant, Speaker, Author And Founder Erik Veldhoen for Change 17:10 Chairman’s closing remarks 17:25 DRINKS CONFERENCE PROGRAMME Thursday 12th June 2014, Microsoft - Pozuelo de Alarcón Philip will examine the way we work, whether we are engaged and energised in the office or whether days are dominated by process and technology. Reimagining business is about waking up to a new environment, based on collaborative and flexible working, with technology that liberates rather than constrains. The workplace is a learning environment, a dynamic and collaborative place, for both high energy interaction and solo contemplation. So it is about people, and about transforming their relationships with one another. Using space as a way to transform these relationships is at the heart of a such an environment: It needs to be open, inspiring, collegiate and creative. Virtual Space is the new space to work and live. Erik will explore You-topia and describe the new playground, rules for work and the work-life balance you create based on your energy and way of life. Technology development, gen- erational change and current economic climate are not only redefining the concept of trust in the workplace, but bringing it to the forefront of workplace discus- sions.Trust me! discusses a research collabora- tion project between Swinburne University and Geyer in collaboration with Great Place toWork. The project aims to explore relationships, if any, between the way we design the workplace and the level of trust in an organisation. Searching for a new personal perspective in a new environ- ment around the ICT of the Future…Internet changes men- tal models, business logic and even impacts the concept company itself. Frans van der Reep shows us the very heart of these changes, and clarifies why happens what happens in the business world and what will probably be the next shift. 10 commandments of how to build the best workplace and free staff to choose the best place and time to do their most effective work. How feeling good at work drives business performance: CEOs value employees who are collaborative, communicative, creative and flexible. But only recently are leaders realizing that fostering these skills requires a new strategy: a rigorous focus on employees’wellbeing. New Steelcase research and insights show how the workplace can help organizations attain employee wellbeing and business results they desire. Review the scope and speed of change that is playing live. What are the skills needed to succeed in this new environment? Urban strategies to foster innovation activities and new economy industries are evolving towards networks of a new sort of facilities where companies, entre- preneurs, technologists and nomadic professionals share time, knowledge and work. Scenarios 2018 Scenario planning is one way in which Herman Miller tries to under- stand and learn about the changes in the workplace in the future.Through formal research methods, protocols, and tools such as scenario planning, companies are better able to anticipate change, respond creatively towards those emerging user needs and problems, and be better prepared for the future. In this seminar we will share some findings from Herman Miller’s most recent Scenarios project. Qualified and experienced architect and consultant with over 20 years of experience in the management of spaces and the modeling of FlexibleWorking. Fernando is the Senior Real Estate Portfolio Manager for Microsoft across Spain, Portu- gal and Italy Global companies often have a global approach to workplace strategy. Flexible or agile working programs aim to improve productivity and work-life balance of people, together with the ability to quickly adapt the physical space to the multiple changes of the business. However, it is in the application where we often find problems: change is difficult to accept and requires a comprehensive change management strategy. REGISTER NOW! Ensure your business remains cutting edge: Three ways to register Register online: www.unwired.eu.com/madrid Email us: registrations@unwired.eu.com Call us on: +34 912 960 600