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Birmingham Airport Case study

Birmingham Airports website was not achieving its full potential. 3Sixtys rebranding created a website that significantly increased revenue.

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Birmingham Airport Case study

  1. 1. The old website was notachieving its full potential.
  2. 2. It all beganwith questions.
  3. 3. What do you want the website to do? What do your customers want?
  4. 4. Commercialobjectives were set.
  5. 5. Customer servicewas placed at the heart of the strategy
  6. 6. Drawing onbehavioural economics as well as design andtechnology innovations
  7. 7. 3Sixty re-engineeredthe website from thecustomer’s viewpoint
  8. 8. The result: A site that acts asa friend to the customer.
  9. 9. Commercial uplifthas exceeded targets, as have measures ofcustomer satisfaction.
  10. 10. Useful,Beautiful, Digital.