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3 Monkeys and PR Moment present: How brands are creating engagement through humour

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3 Monkeys and PR Moment present: How brands are creating engagement through humour

  1. 1. In partnership with: #lolcomms
  2. 2. Jonny Excell Social Media Manager O2 In partnership with:
  3. 3. Funny business in engagement Jonny Excell @jonnyexcell
  4. 4. What we do… Where it all began and how our approach has evolved… How we get funny when the time’s right… But not too funny…
  5. 5. Across all our channels we probably have on average ten thousand incoming messages every week. All people *seeking solutions *complaining
  6. 6. This is how we do it… Head of social Social media marketing Community management Customer service through social Press team Directors High level complaints Business HR Marcomms Online CSR
  7. 7. Helpful Funny Informative *Our philosophy *borrowed from Twitter Try to be more than one of these at once
  8. 8. It started with a network outage…
  9. 9. What happened when our network didn’t work… 200,000 angry people *seeking solutions *complaining **very  A lot of them were **pretty mean  We didn’t realise it’d be a social media opportunity
  10. 10. How we turned the tide using humour Answer like a human being Judge the situation for what it is. Respond formally when needed Don’t come across cocky or arrogant This was nothing new. It was just done in a more high profile setting
  11. 11. Best. Graph. Ever.
  12. 12. Every interaction is an opportunity to entertain
  13. 13. Enter Tunde Helpful + funny Speaking to people in the way they speak to us Allowing our people to have the freedom to act on the opportunity
  14. 14. Enter Alexa Seeking out these opportunities proactively The whole team looks out for these
  15. 15. Enter Ashleigh We aim to be with you within fifteen minutes Given the public nature, these things happen all the time Customers can come and go because of them
  16. 16. Proactively using humour
  17. 17. Sometimes it’s a dangerous world out there
  18. 18. Knowing when and when not to Gets away with it Doesn’t get away with it Gets away with it Doesn’t get away with it Low post sensitivity High post sensitivity Low post sensitivity High post sensitivity
  19. 19. At the end of the day. No brand would want to be seen as the playground bully. Playful and mischievous, yes. But there’s no need to be mean.
  20. 20. The secret to humour is surprise - Aristotle
  21. 21. Takeaways Give your people the creative freedom to interact in the way they think’s right in the moment Be funny. But be helpful. Try to be surprising and do something unexpected. Don’t pick on people.
  22. 22. Thanks @jonnyexcell
  23. 23. Stuart Yeardsley Creative Director 3 Monkeys Communications In partnership with:
  24. 24. HELLO! #LOLcomms Stuart Yeardsley 3 Monkeys Communications
  25. 25. Brands and banter: The science and art of using humour to engage and entertain Why brands need to get more creative to engage audiences How emotion (humour) kindles the fire How brands are using humour (emotion) to connect with audiences
  29. 29. “Surrounded by unpleasant world events, people are jumping at the first opportunity to escape.” Trends theorist Jeffrey Miller
  30. 30. Satire Slapstick Surreal Surprise Soft
  31. 31. Great examples of humour past and present
  32. 32. And more recently…
  33. 33. Kindling the fire: the science of physiological arousal
  34. 34. “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou
  36. 36. Multi award winning @ Cannes Lions: Humour to communicate a serious message
  37. 37. Humour to make an otherwise dry subject engaging
  38. 38. Real time humour: an alternative perspective
  39. 39. Real time humour: News creation
  40. 40. Real time humour: Engaging with your audience
  41. 41. Driving reappraisal through humour
  42. 42. Turning the everyday on its head with humour
  43. 43. Madame Tussauds hires first tissue attendant Humour: Become an entertainment brand
  44. 44. Humour: Tell your story visually
  45. 45. When humour isn’t funny…
  46. 46. When humour isn’t funny…
  47. 47. When humour isn’t funny…
  48. 48. What are the lessons here? Understand your audience Be careful with humour: most things that are funny can offend someone Quite funny doesn’t cut it – does it pass the ‘banter’ test? Be joined up across communications Be authentic If unsure, chuck it out Remember entertainment can take many forms
  49. 49. Entertain me and I’ll spend time with you