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Joe killen Tunstall #MWC14 #mHealth

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Joe killen Tunstall #MWC14 #mHealth

  1. 1. Evolving Fixed Line Telecare to Chronic Disease Support Using Mobile February 2014 Joe Killen, International Business Director
  2. 2. 1. What is standard Telecare? 2. Introduction of mobile Telecare solutions 3. Strategic shift to combine chronic disease healthcare support with telecare = Telehealthcare 4. Mobile Telehealthcare Contents
  3. 3. Fall Detector Pull Cord Zone trigger CO2 Detector Pressure Mat Movement detector Trigger Alert trigger Natural Gas Detector Flood Detector Smoke Detector Temeperature Extremes Telecare What is Telecare?
  4. 4. SERVICES  Automatic identification of user calling  Activation by waterproof trigger anywhere at home  Data base record of any relevant health issues, family members, keyholders  Emergency resource mobilisation  Live monitoring of emergencies  Outbound calls to reduce social isolation  Advanced telecare – smoke detectors, fall detectors  Flu vaccination and heatwave campaigns Traditional Fixed Line Telecare
  5. 5. TYPICAL USER PROFILE  Female, average age 82 years, lives alone. Sample number of users by country  UK 1,85M  ES 0,75M  D 0,50M  FR 0,50M Traditional Fixed Line Telecare
  6. 6. SERVICES TCC or TeleCareChat facilitates the integration of elder people with hearing or people suffering communication disorders to the telecare service. People with hearing impairments not traditionally covered by telecare services. Mobile Telecare Solutions
  7. 7. Interface Flexibility Usher Syndrome, Color blindness or sign system necessity. • In order to adapt the user interface to the different disabilities it is possible to enable a low contrast interface, special color blindness interface or pictograms.
  8. 8. Bilingual Dialogue Option
  9. 9. Objectives  Lack of coordination between Social and Health Service  Duplication of services  Insufficient economic resources  User discontent Today Social Services Health Services Tomorrow Social Services Health Services  Health and Social Care data exchange  Coordination between services and better prioritisation  Efficient services  User satisfaction  Political gains Health and Social Care Convergence
  10. 10. 10 Health and Social Care Coordination - Telecomms
  11. 11. Doctors Nurses Health Authorities Patients Support Infrastructur es Etc… System Admin TelehealthCare PortalThirdParty Telehealth Data Telecare Data Agenda DataRuns Reports AssetMgt Etc… BI Web Interface Tunstall Telehealth Platform Third Party Data Telehealth Users Tunstall Telehealth Users Telecare Platform Telecare Users Web Interface Health and Social Services Agend a Telecare Referrals Telehealth Referrals CRM Regional Health Service Health and Social Care Coordination – Back Office IT
  12. 12. Telecare Users are also Chronic Disease Patients Average chronic diseases per person Key Facts • Telecare population presents a much higher health cost for the total population • The average number of chronic diseases in Telecare population is considerably higher • Linking clinical and social data from the information systems for health and social services (betiON), provides an overview of the population, useful to clinicians, social service professionals and researchers. Source:- Basque Health Authority Blue = general population Red = telecare users
  13. 13.  Medication adherence, Smartphone bluetooth link to dispenser  Vital Life Sign monitoring, data transmitted via Smartphone peripherals to Telehealthcare platform  Personalised notifications to Smartphone, configured from Telehealthcare platform  Personalised notifications and advice, vaccinations, treatment improvements  Carer support to Smartphone. Incidents, advice New Mobile Functionality from Smartphones 1
  14. 14.  Management of doctor and specialist appointments via Smartphone  Social networks according to chronic disease category  Control and orientation post hospital discharge  Rehabilitation support  Fall Detection New Mobile Functionality from Smartphones 2
  15. 15. Fixed Line Telecare Services Summary Mobile Telecare Services Health and Social Care Convergence Mobile Telehealthcare
  16. 16. Thank you © 2013 Tunstall Joe Killen International Business Development Director e: jkillen@tunstall.es