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Cellular Services over WiFi

  1. Proprietary & Confidential 1 Cellular Services over WiFi June 24, 2014
  2. Proprietary & Confidential 2  Mobile Usage Tsunami Continues  Business Case for WiFi  WiFi vs Small Cell  Sample Mobile Operators utilizing WiFi  Cellular Services over WiFi – Seamless Experience Agenda
  3. Proprietary & Confidential 3 Mobile Usage: Continues to Rise Source: StatCounter 5/2014
  4. Proprietary & Confidential 4 Mobile Data Challenge 1000x Mobile Data Growth vs. 37x Gain Source: Qualcomm
  5. Proprietary & Confidential 5 Mobile Data Traffic Behavior Source: Aptilo
  6. Proprietary & Confidential 6 LTE DAS vs WiFi Source: Aptilo
  7. Proprietary & Confidential 7 Small Cell vs Wi-Fi A smartphone application that turns existing Wi-Fi access points into small cells (Femtocells) MNO Core Network Internet Smart Wi-Fi Femtocell Cost/User $Xs $X00s Installed Base >50% of homes 0% Usage Locations Home, Office, Hotspot, Global Home Only Access Point Upgrades Not Required Mirrors RAN evolution All the benefits of a femtocell deployment at a fraction of the cost Wi-Fi Access Point Telephony and SMS/MMS services over Wi-Fi
  8. Proprietary & Confidential 8 The Need for VoWiFi Coverage Capacity Cost-Effective  Over 80% of all mobile data traffic is streamed indoors1  39%-61% of offices have noticeably poor in- building coverage2  Serving in-building traffic from outdoors places a heavy load on operator spectrum3  The introduction of LTE in the macro network will provide only limited and short-lived relief, as traffic is growing at a faster rate than the capacity increment it will yield.4  By 2017, only 40% of data will go over cellular networks5  Residential WiFi networks require no additional expenditure for the operator, and virtually all devices support it.6  Capitalize on existing WiFi network—nearly a quarter billion homes and more than 4 million public spaces offer WiFi.7 Existing WiFi vs. Small Cells
  9. Proprietary & Confidential 9  In a recent survey of US mobile users, almost all had a home broadband WiFi service, and a majority automatically connect to WiFi when they enter the home  The figure below depicts results from a 2013 Informa/Mobidia study about the percentage of Android phone users who use WiFi by country WiFi & VoWiFi: Solving Coverage Issues VoWiFi is the only coverage solution that follows the user wherever they go and can be used anywhere in the world where WiFi is available. 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 %oftotalsample
  10. Proprietary & Confidential 10 Operators Utilizing VoWiFi “T-Mobile is excited to expand our Wi-Fi Calling feature, a unique and valuable service T-Mobile has been offering customers for over three years. Starting today, T-Mobile customers can add Free Wi-Fi Calling to their rate plan – at no additional charge – to place calls over Wi-Fi without deducting from their allotment of minutes.” “Sprint has boasted the benefits of Wi-Fi calling, including enhanced coverage, easy setup and unlimited voice calling and messaging over Wi-Fi. Sprint said its customers "will experience improved voice, data and messaging services in locations that previously had limited or no mobile network coverage." “Our customers expect high quality, low cost mobile service… we can now extend beyond local French cellular coverage, allowing subscribers to enjoy international communication as if they were calling from within France…We eliminate cellular network roaming charges and deliver our commitment to quality-cost competitive advantage even when our customers are travelling worldwide.”
  11. Proprietary & Confidential 11 Sprint Launches VoWiFi with Taqua − Feb. 2014: Sprint announces they’ve selected Taqua’s Virtual Mobile Core to deliver VoWiFi service1 −“Sprint plans to introduce support for Wi-Fi calling in more devices throughout the year.”2 Commercial Deployment − Samsung Galaxy S4 − Samsung Galaxy Note 3 − Samsung Galaxy Mega − Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Sprint VoWiFi Enabled Phones − Superior approach vs. OTT applications − Complete macro network parity experience − Leverages in-place IMS Core & IT integration − Easily extendable to support VoLTE VoWiFi Transition to VoLTE
  12. Proprietary & Confidential 12 VoWiFi Experience Voice/Messaging/Data Via Roaming Relationship Wireless Roaming Partner Wireless Service: Complete WiFi/3G parity – LTE extensible Office/Home Voice/Messaging/Data over WiFi <<<Taqua: Virtual Mobile Core Service Provider A seamless user experience for all services on a single wireless handset.
  13. Proprietary & Confidential 13  How does it work?  An integrated client on the phone monitors the WiFi and cellular signals and uses the strongest for the incoming or outgoing call  Or a downloadable client that uses network IN triggers to ensure consistency and avoid conflicts  Using subscriber same credentials for authentication  Better in-building coverage  Utilize WiFi in home or at work  Cellular often has coverage issues  User experience  Superior to OTT, which has is a separate / non integrated service e.g. Skype, Viber  Integrated calling, messaging, notification – single user interface The Integrated VoWiFi Application VoWiFi Wi-Fi Calling- Status Bar Notification (Optional) Taqua’s VoWiFi solution provides an integrated, seamless Voice and SMS user experience over WiFi “and” 3G networks Not “over the top”, each call is handled by 3G network – all UMTS supplementary, enhanced, and regulatory features, single number, etc. available to the subscriber Allows for introduction of new services (i.e. inexpensive international roaming.
  14. Proprietary & Confidential 14 VoWiFi Value & Use Cases Coverage Improvement  Subscriber Churn Reduction − WiFi can often provide the best quality RF access at home, in the office or in public Wi-Fi coverage − Single number, seamless user experience for voice and messaging − Calls can still be charged – CDRs generated − Tall building coverage challenges - VoWiFi Combat OTTs − Voice and messaging at a lower cost when the subscriber is in WiFi coverage − Reduces the OTT’s price advantage and provide more integrated and an open user group experience Voice & Messaging Offload from Macro Network − Decrease 2G/3G radio network usage for voice and messaging Lower Subscriber’s Calling Cost when Travelling Abroad (But in WiFi) − Fee charged for integrated VoWiFi use when travelling – combats OTT
  15. Proprietary & Confidential 15  Complete service parity with existing wireless operators’ 3G network features and services  GSMA IR.92/94 Compliant Architecture for Voice and Video Services  Pre-IMS and IMS architecture support  Carrier grade and high capacity  Ease of integration into existing wireless network - appears as a MSC/VLR towards CS networks Taqua Virtual Mobile Core Solution MSC HLR IMS/SIP Core Taqua VMC – VoWiFi HSS Mobile Circuit Switched Core SMS-C SCP
  16. Proprietary & Confidential 16 About Taqua Founded in 1998 to develop next generation, core network communications systems and applications. Founded The company has evolved into a leading supplier of products and services enabling a seamless transition into VoIP over Ethernet, WiFi or 4G-LTE. Evolution Today, hundreds of carriers utilize Taqua to cost effectively provide a full array of revenue generating, broadband and mobile applications to all types of communication devices. Experience