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CenPOS EBPP Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment Enterprise Level III Solution

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Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment efficiency CenPOS vs others. Replace paper invoices, improve cash flow. Fully integrated reporting engine with your retail, mobile, and ecommerce payments. Level III processing supported.

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CenPOS EBPP Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment Enterprise Level III Solution

  1. 1. Increase Cash Flow and Reduce Billing Related Expenses Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) Efficiency Christine Speedy 954.942.0483
  2. 2. Christine Speedy, 4/2016 What Is EBPP? •  Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) is a process that enables bills to be created, delivered, and paid electronically. •  E- invoice- send invoice electronically •  EBPP- send invoice and electronic method to pay
  3. 3. Christine Speedy, 4/2016 The Benefit •  Top performing companies save up to 92% of costs and get paid up to 91% faster 0.00% 10.00% 20.00% 30.00% 40.00% 50.00% 60.00% 70.00% 80.00% 90.00% 100.00% 2011 Top Performers Using EBPP Other businesses using EBPP
  4. 4. Christine Speedy, 4/2016 Reduced Costs No more paper invoices! • Reduce Paper expenses • Reduce Postage expenses • Reduce Labor Costs • Reduce Invoice Aging • Reduce Factoring • Reduce Customer Service Costs • Reduce PCI Compliance Burden
  5. 5. Christine Speedy, 4/2016 Why Now? • Purchasing Card increased use • Going Green Good for business • Generation used to paying by echeck
  6. 6. Christine Speedy, 4/2016 CenPOS EBPP Differentiators •  Treasury Management, including routing by currency to avoid credit card cross border fees •  Omni-channel – with level III processing (reduced interchange fees) for purchasing cards US EMV retail/mobile/ecommerce included •  Global payment types including credit/debit, wire, ACH, Paypal, direct debit, more •  No login required to pay invoice delivered via text or email •  Low cost to adopt
  7. 7. Christine Speedy, 4/2016 “Your Order is Ready” email Screenshot- landing pay page from text or email Redefining Express On-demand Payment Customer receives email/text and clicks “Pay Now” for a secure payment portal
  8. 8. Christine Speedy, 4/2016 Commercial Account Efficiencies: Tokenization Save about 42 keystrokes vs. fax credit card authorization form; empower customers to automatically update payment methods
  9. 9. Christine Speedy, 4/2016 PCI Compliance Custom form automatically generated with each token created
  10. 10. Christine Speedy, 4/2016 Simple Integrations CenPOS EBPP integrates easily and securely into existing ERP and accounting invoicing systems.
  11. 11. Christine Speedy, 4/2016 What is the most effective method to control your overall costs of accepting credit cards ? Interchange Management
  12. 12. Christine Speedy, 4/2016 Unmanaged Interchange Environment Processor Fees Assessments Managed Interchange Environment Reduced Processor Fees Assessments Managed Interchange Improved bottom line $$ Businesses saves .10%-.50% in Fees Using CenPOS. How much would that increase your profits? Unmanaged Interchange Costs Interchange Cost 1.39% .11% .15 % Interchange Management
  13. 13. Christine Speedy, 4/2016 CenPOS Enterprise Payment Solution CenPOS is an omni-channel enterprise cloud payment platform that sits in front of your existing financial partners. When you make a change, It’s completely non-disruptive to operations. We simply update where route transactions are routed to.
  14. 14. Christine Speedy, 4/2016 Operations Benefits •  Reduce DSO: example, reduced from 45 days to 15 days •  Standardization across locales •  Replace multiple payment channels- one source for reports, receipt retrieval, reconciliation •  Transparency– view and compare by employees, departments, and locations •  Efficiencies: Example- Customers self-serve invoice retrieval & payment; back office staff reduced 30%
  15. 15. Christine Speedy, 4/2016 CenPOS - No Risk Partnership •  Scalable •  Flexible •  Free to try •  SaaS, Month to month •  24/7 support via phone and email
  16. 16. Christine Speedy, 4/2016 CenPOS Payment Innovation Strategy Drive merchant-centric value daily •  Increase operational efficiency •  Reduce financial expenses •  Improve customer satisfaction •  Optimize existing banking relationships
  17. 17. Christine Speedy, 4/2016 Contact Boost cash flow today - Call right now to learn more Christine Speedy 954.942.0483, 9-5 ET http://www.3dmerchant.com/blog http://www.youtube.com/3dmerchant Resources: 3D Merchant Services, owned by Christine Speedy, is a CenPOS Authorized Reseller and independent company.