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Post Purchase Consumer Behaviour

  1. Performance risk
  2. Physical risk (wear-out)
  3. High financial commitment
  4. High involvement level
  5. High social visibility
  6. Discrepant information
  7. Importance of decision to customer.
  8. Difficulty of choosing among the alternatives.
  9. Non-use can indicate:
  10. the perception that the utility of the product has changed.
  11. Consumers use products to fulfill needs - it is not the purchase which generally fulfills the need, but the product use.
  12. It is of importance to know how the customer uses a product..
  13. Satisfaction = Benefits - expectations
  14. To increase satisfaction, it is imperative that consumers receive maximum possible benefits.
  15. Need for consumers to use a product so that
  16. actual usage = ideal usage (to yield maximum level of benefits)
  17. New uses for existing products.
  18. Needed product modifications.
  19. Appropriate advertising themes.
  20. Match product to needs of consumer
  21. Focus on benefits, product, packaging, promotion, warranties, return policies, credit, installations, service etc.
  22. Research, pay attention to advt.
  23. Show purchase to friends to get good response.
  24. Trivializing purchase.
  25. Increase the desirability of the brand purchased.
  26. Decrease the desirability of the brand rejected.
  27. Decrease the importance of the purchase decision.
  28. Physical product
  29. Packaging
  30. Promotional material
  31. When consumer finds items no longer useful
  32. Satisfaction generally occurs when the use of the product fulfills the expectations of meeting instrumental and symbolic needs.
  33. Existing consumers take no action to re-purchase.
  34. Existing consumers switch to competitor brands/stores.