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China Consumer Trends 2018 - BlueFocus + Metta

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A BlueFocus International apresentou para as indústrias brasileiras uma ampla visão sobre como pensa e consome o público chinês. O evento foi preparatório para a China International Import Expo 2018. Foi promovido pela Apex-Brasil e Fiesp, em Outubro/2018

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China Consumer Trends 2018 - BlueFocus + Metta

  1. 1. 'Upgrading in Progress' China Consumer Trends
  2. 2. 1. Consumers are still confident but undergoing transformation $25 billion in sales $1 billion in transactions per hour Increased by 40% (YoY)
  3. 3. China's Consumer Confident Index Data Source: National Bureau of Stastistics of China
  4. 4. Household Debt Income Growth Real Estate Price Healthcare Tier 2-3 Cities Tech-driven 'New Retails'
  5. 5. 2. Consumers are living healthier & more environmental friendly lives 65% of the people are seeking to lead a healthier lifestyle 73% of the people feel guilty about lifestyles that damage the environment 80% of the people believe that good companies & brands should be environmentally responsible
  6. 6. What do consumers value in your product? Safety: 63% Healthy: 58% Practical: 57% Environmental-Friedly: 52% Novel & Unique: 40% High-End: 38% Data Source: China Consumer Confidence Survey
  7. 7. Un-healthy Bio Indifferent Active Chemical Natural Petrol Electric
  8. 8. 3. The 'Post-90s' are becoming the driving force for consumption 16% of the Chinese population today. Will account for more than 20% of the consumption growth between now and 2030. 'Digital Natives' - 73% made purchases online
  9. 9. 'Post-90s' are more open to trade up and to try new things 90s 80s 70s 44% 31% 25% 52% 29% 19% 50% 29% 21% Try New ThingsBuy BetterBuy More Data Source: China Consumer Confidence Survey
  10. 10. The 'Post- 90s' Zhihu Knowlege sharing platform Bilibili Video & livestreaming platform Douban Community of interests Weibo Similar to Twitter Douyin Short video platform WeChat With social features similar to Facebook Social media that help to connect with the 'Post-90s'
  11. 11. 4. A blurred line between local & foreign In 2012, Chinese brands accounted for 43 percent of the market in personal digital gadgets versus 63 percent in 2017. In personal care, Chinese brands made up 76% of the market in 2017 compared with 61% in 2012.
  12. 12. Local Vs. Foreign Brands Data Source: Mckinsey Co. 9% Foreign Local 91%Fresh Food 15% 85%Beer 19% 81%Personal Care 24% 76%Apparel & Footwear 42%Fahsion Accessories 58% 49% 51%Color Cosmestics
  13. 13. Be Local for the Local Market Example: BMW's localized visuals combine its futuristic car with elements from traditional Chinese painting and caligraphy and a slogan that is truly localized.
  14. 14. About Us BlueFocus is one of the most recognized communications services group originated in China, employing 5,000 employees globally working in 100 offices in more than 10 countries. The company provides a wide spectrum of marketing and brand management services across disciplines of Strategy, Digital, Advertising, Media, Social, PR, Design, Branding, CRM, Data, E-Commerce and Mobile solutions.
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