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10 Powerful Tips for an Effective Brainstorming

If I were to ask you what brainstorming is, how would you describe it?

Perhaps it’s better to see what it is NOT first by looking at common myths about it:

Myth #1: Brainstorming is just a free flowing building of ideas.

Myth #2: The goal of brainstorming is simply to come up with a solution to a problem.

So what is it then?

Fact #1: Brainstorming is not just free form; it requires structure, planning and an active participation of each member in a fruitful dialogue.

Fact #2: The goal of brainstorming is not just to solve a problem; it’s to expand each other’s ideas and explore possibilities.

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10 Powerful Tips for an Effective Brainstorming

  1. 1. A powerpoint presentation design by asl ides From wwv/ ,24slides. com/ blog
  2. 2. aislides A; Q 1 ow would you define I n rm I n @ An out—of—the—box. free-flowing building of ideas? L l t ‘newts L , ‘l I ® Done with the goal of drawing up a solution to solve a problem?
  3. 3. Abig N0 N0!
  4. 4. 24S| ides The goal of brainstorming is NOT to solve a problem. It's to offer PUSSIBILITIES. That is. brainstorming: ‘ requires all participants to actively engage in a dialogue ‘ expands one another’s ideas that may result to unexpected possibilities
  6. 6. 24S| ides Not quite right. / Rather. brainstorming demands structure and plan to be effective.
  7. 7. 24S| ides And why should brainstorming be done effectively? According to experts, much of the issues with idea—generation sessions are linked to: T 9' Q‘ Lack of focus Lack of structure Lack of discipline When done effectively, brainstorming gives you a goal to pursue. This will result in more creative ideas thanjust a free form discussion.
  8. 8. 2|S| ides l , , . ,. g I‘-. = i i i ' l I iv 1
  9. 9. 24S| ides I 1. location motters pick a Comfortable’ , Use clear visible materials quiet area for writing and sharing (e. g. x/ hiteboards). Bring along coffee, food, comfy chairs, and/ or anything playful. Allot a specific time ‘ and duration 4 (e. g. 1-2 hours).
  10. 10. ?4S| ides I 2. Set and agree on expectations . pr' Have a designated team leader to: Bundgukflngrwes Seekthesuppon and expectations of the team to agree on these
  11. 11. 24S| ides — Example of guiding principles — What problems are we trying to solve? (e. g. increasing sales, improving customer service) What scope and limitations do we need to consider? (e. g. limited budget or human resources) ‘ Is anyone allowed to speak/ suggest freely? (e. g. yes but only one at a time)
  12. 12. ?4S| ides I 3. Define the problem Expound and understand Avoid quicklyjumping Researching ahead the issue first into possible solutions aids to define the problem to address the problem and set the parameters
  13. 13. 24S| ides llays to frame a problem 7 Example: ' Ask "in what ways can we make customers feel more valued the first time they approach us? " Ask open-ended as opposed to “what are the things customers like questions to hear from us? " Q Example: _ Ask "how might we talk to potential customers lde"_t'fY °b5taCle_5 who have fears about letting others do design leading to the pain work for them the first time? " or issue These will encourage ideas, inspire solutions and offer possibilities.
  14. 14. 24S| ides I 4. Break the ice challenge to warm them up their creativity and problem Have the team do a Conduct activities that use at the start solving skills
  15. 15. gt! /_ Create something new using only the items on your desk " s . ” ‘O O X Create a game based on what you can literally reach from where you are. It must have rules to decide the winner and loser Find out how many words you can make using the letters in your name In 3 mins, write down as many items as possible if you are to smuggle items to your loved- one in prison. These are to be hidden in a cake 24S| ides - Examples of challenging activities: —
  16. 16. Draw what you see/ hear/ feel/ smell during breaks ‘ ‘ See a difficult task differently by sketching it out 2|S| ides Doodle or write stories Draw something unrelated to clear your mind
  17. 17. ?4S| ides Z Habits to boost creativity: Z REA D lleading: A ‘ Exercises your working memory ‘ Stimulates your imagination L" T ‘ Allows you to see situations from various angles
  18. 18. 24S| ides Z Habits to boost creativity: Z IEEEZ ‘ Spend time to imagine while listening to music, voices or white noise. Then picture a cover art for your favorite album based on what you visualized. How would you describe the color red to a man born blind? What does the sight of ocean waves smell like? 0.0. HEFLEBT 0|] YOU! SENSE
  19. 19. &| S|ides I 5. Remove judgement 7 Ideas, even crazy ones, flow X/ elcome even silly or “stupid" freely when people know they ideas by rewarding those who can share without fear of are creatively bold criticism, ridicule or self—doubt
  20. 20. 24S| ides Z How to remove judgement from brainstorming: As a result, everyone feels empowered to share.
  21. 21. 24S| ides I 6. Expect a lull 7 C~'_~‘C C Find ways to say something Break the lull by changing unexpected, "stupid" but will perspectives create more ideas
  22. 22. a| S|ides I 7. Ditch the script Offer lots of writing materials Gather these and use them for every member to write on to produce something or draw their ideas creative
  23. 23. I 8. Don't brainstorm as a whole ‘rave :99 V’ #3‘ ~. gt. ~. a r Limit the members in each brainstorming group (e. g. 3-4 people) ('3) F :5) ll? ‘ :5‘ V3‘ " K‘, K" K’ lfyou have a large group. break it into smaller pods ?4S| ides
  24. 24. ?4S| ides I 9. Separate generation and evaluation Generation 7! Evaluation Again, brainstorming is all about idea generation, not evaluation
  25. 25. 2/_1S| ides Sample Case Walt Disney's Three Steps of Creative Process: A group huddles in a huge room with a chalkboard and round table to freely come up with ideas for an hour. Another group (some members from the old group and some new) in a smaller room with chairs arranged in a semicircle break ideas down and narrow the list to two or three solutions. In a small room with three chairs, any idea that survived the “Kill Room" would be developed.
  26. 26. ?4S| ides I 10. Gather the right team I seek diversity 5.’) I (‘i ) L/ L‘? Q r 0 x2 — Embrace diversity of experience and expertise ‘ Keep an open mind ‘ Don't be afraid to get silly Encourage others to share offbeat ideas Have people who will say “stupid" things
  27. 27. &| S|ides SDHHEES CREATIVITY EXERCISES AND INSPIRATION — HOW SPECIAL COLLECTION 8 WAYS TO BRAINSTORM BETTER — HOW SPECIAL EDITION http: //99u. com/ articles/5685/thInk—inside—a—self—constructed—box http: //99u. com/ articles/7262/nevenbrainstorm—with—a—blank—slate http: //scottberkun. com/ essays/34—how—to—run—a—brainstorming—meeting/
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