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Greek Civilization

Η παρουσίαση είναι μέρος της δρώμενου που παροθσίασε το 1ο Γυμνάσιο Αγίας Βαρβάρας στην συνάντηση του προγράμματος Comenius - Eco Europe Citizen στην Ισπανία.

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Greek Civilization

  1. 1. Let’s travel in classical Greece 2500 years ago and dream…
  2. 2. We will go back to 776 BC when the Greeks decided to meet every four years at Olympia, at the sanctuary of the god Zeus and compete in his honor.
  3. 3. During the games all hostilities and wars stopped, so that the athletes and spectators could be able to travel safely to Olympia
  4. 4. These games were named The Olympic Games and are held ​​even today,
  5. 5. after their revival in Athens in 1896 by Pierre de Koumpertain,
  6. 6. when the most popular event, the Marathon Run, took place for the first time.
  7. 7. Apart from the Olympic Games, which are perhaps the most important sporting event, the Greeks created a great civilization, on which the entire human thought of nowadays is based.
  8. 8. They built great works of art
  9. 9. such as temples and statues,
  10. 10. the beauty and harmony of which is unparalleled.
  11. 11. During the Ancient Greek times Literature and Poetry were cultivated,
  12. 12. Theater were developed reaching their highest peak.
  13. 13. philosophy
  14. 14. Significant discoveries were made ​ in Mathematics
  15. 15. Astronomy
  16. 16. Medicine, which were of immeasurable value to humanity
  17. 17. All this could not have been recorded and saved, if the Greeks had not created the first phonetic alphabet, which was the basis of the Latin alphabet.
  18. 18. Most important of all they founded the regime of democracy with the direct participation of citizens at civic issues.
  19. 19. All these are the common heritage of all people that we must preserve and pass on to future generations.
  20. 20. They were passed on to us from Greece with the challenge that we are not only their heirs but also their successors.