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Webinar: Getting Started with Search Engine Marketing

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In this webinar, recorded on March 28, 2013, we discuss the topic of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). View a recording of this webinar at: http://youtu.be/Mo94ltceeRw

1&1 Internet's search engine experts, Kimberly Walsh and Daniel Young, will provide an overview of what SEM is, and how small business owners can get started with their own campaigns and find success. Some of the topics we cover are:

- Benefits and Features of SEM
- Click Budget/Cost-Per-Click
- Keyword Selection and Refinement
- Ad Text Selection
- Landing Pages
- Geo-targeting
- Conversion Tracking
- Guidelines

This is an informative Webinar if you are interested in expanding your business's reach for your target market, and increasing your website's traffic. Following the presentation is a question and answer period to go over any additional topics that you may be interested in.

If you need a refresher on the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), feel free to watch our previous presentation on the subject at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNdyLC4730g.

For more general advice on managing a Web presence for your business, visit 1&1's Online Success Center at http://success.1and1.com.

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Webinar: Getting Started with Search Engine Marketing

  1. 1. Getting Started with Search Engine Marketing Presentation by Daniel Young & Kimberly Walsh® 1&1 Internet AG 2010 1
  2. 2. Focus Areas  What is Search Engine Marketing?  Benefits & Features  Getting Started  Click Budget/Cost-Per-Click  Keyword selection & refinement  Ad text selection & refinement  Landing pages  Geo-targeting & Conversion Tracking  Guidelines  Question & Answer® 1&1 Internet AG 2010 Page2
  3. 3. What is Search Engine Marketing?  Search Engine Marketing is an inclusive term for all techniques used to market a website via search engines, including Pay-Per-Click advertising  Pay-per-click (PPC) is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, in which advertisers pay the publisher (typically a Search Engine) when the ad is clicked® 1&1 Internet AG 2010 Page3
  4. 4. What is Search Engine Marketing? SEM Apartments SEM® 1&1 Internet AG 2010 Page4
  5. 5. What is Search Engine Marketing?  Select Relevant Keywords Select  Keywords should be ones that are relevant to the searcher, ad text and Keywords landing page  Create Relevant Ad Text Create Ads  Ads should be relevant to their designated keywords as well as their landing page Select Landing  Select Relevant Landing Page Pages  The landing page should be consistent with the keyword and ad text  Landing pages should enable the user to complete the buying cycle® 1&1 Internet AG 2010 Page5
  6. 6. Benefits & Features  Flexible  Make changes at any time  Ad Scheduling  Targeted  Geo-targeting  Users are already interested in product/service  Measurable  Track your ROI  Use historical data to make improvements  Time  Drive traffic to your site quickly® 1&1 Internet AG 2010 Page6
  7. 7. Getting Started  What is the focus of the website?  What are the key selling points?  Does the website reflect the necessary information?  Where are your customers located?  National or Regional/Local?  Who are your competitors?  What is their advertising message?® 1&1 Internet AG 2010 Page7
  8. 8. Getting Started Click Budget / Cost-Per-Click  Click Budget is the total budget that an advertiser would allocate for their campaign  Cost-Per-Click is the cost accrued when a user clicks on an advertisement  Choosing the most relevant keywords can improve the performance of your ads and help you maintain low CPCs  Search Engines often provide keyword traffic and cost estimates so you can make informed decisions about choosing keywords and maximizing your budget® 1&1 Internet AG 2010 8
  9. 9. Getting Started Keyword Selection & Refinement  Match Types help control which searches can trigger your ad  Broad - synonyms, related searches, and other relevant variations (no expression, default option)  keyword  Phrase - a phrase and close variations of that phrase (expressed with quotations)  “keyword”  Exact - an exact term and close variations of that exact term (expressed with brackets)  [keyword]  Negative - results without the term (expressed with a minus symbol)  -keyword  Focus on attracting as many users as possible  Refine keyword list over time  Optimize! Optimize! Optimize!® 1&1 Internet AG 2010 9
  10. 10. Getting Started Ad Text Selection & Refinement  Character limitations  25 characters for the Title  35 characters for each Description line  35 characters for display URL  Display URL is the URL that is displayed within a PPC ad  Destination URL is the actual URL being used (landing page)  Incorporate keywords through ad text – keywords are displayed with bold font  No exclamation marks in the title (one per ad within description only)  No repeated, excessive or unnecessary use of capitalization, punctuation, symbols or characters  No repetition of words  No implied inaccurate affiliation or partnership  Promos must be 1-2 clicks of your ads landing page  No generic superlatives unless verified by a third party  No call-to-action phrases such as click here® 1&1 Internet AG 2010 10
  11. 11. Getting Started Landing Pages The page that appears when a potential customer clicks on an advertisement. The page will usually display product/service content that is a logical extension of the advertisement or link.® 1&1 Internet AG 2010 11
  12. 12. Getting Started  Clear and Concise Headlines  The headline and text within the advertisement should compliment each other  Compel a visitor to click further  Impeccable Grammar  Build trust through professionally written content  Taking Advantage of Trust Indicators  Incorporate testimonials, press mentions, guarantees, partners  Buttons and Calls-to-Actions Should Stand Out  Conversion should be clear and stand out from the other content – Big, Bright and “above the fold”  It is crucial that the user knows what to do next  Go Easy On The Links  Links can be helpful but also distracting  Use Images and Videos That Relate to Copy  Videos and images capture users attention and draws them in® 1&1 Internet AG 2010 Page12
  13. 13. Getting Started Geo-targeting  The geographical location that is targeted to reach specific users  Are you a local business? Regional? National? Online shop? Conversion Tracking  Conversion Tracking is the process of monitoring the interaction between a user and a website  Submitting a form, making a purchase, leaving a comment  Helps identify new customers, leads and the effectiveness of a landing page® 1&1 Internet AG 2010 13
  14. 14. Guidelines  Safety and Security  Users should not be at risk – Spam, Phishing, Malware  Accurate Ads  Accurate claims, relevant content, reliable incentives  Transparency and Privacy  Maintain trust, provide clear policies, preserve user information  Restricted Products and Services  Comply with laws and regulations – Alcohol, Weapons, Illegal products and services  Trademark, Copyright, and Counterfeit  No sale or promotion of counterfeit goods  Authorizing trademarks and copyrights® 1&1 Internet AG 2010 Page14
  15. 15. What does 1&1 offer?  Campaign creation  Keyword selection & refinement  Ad creation & refinement  Free consultations  24/7 reporting  Measure results in 1&1 Control Panel  Ad Extensions  Opt into Mobile Site® 1&1 Internet AG 2010 Page15
  16. 16. 1&1 Search Engine Marketing Service® 1&1 Internet AG 2010 Page16
  17. 17. 1&1 Search Engine Marketing Service® 1&1 Internet AG 2010 Page17
  18. 18. Thank you for your attention! Facebook.com/1and1 Twitter.com/1and1 Youtube.com/1and1 Success.1and1.com Questions?® 1&1 Internet AG 2010 18